May 17, 2005

Kamal's Next Film in Kannada

Kamal is acting in Kannada after a long time.. It is going to be the remake of "Sathi Leelavathy" and he is going to replay the Doctor role. Ramesh Aravind would try his luck in direction with this one. He is joining Balu Mahendra and David Dhawan, who directed the Tamil and Hindi versions resply.

Kamal has said it is his first Kannada movie since Pushpak in 1987!! I think he had some pun intended.. Coming to think of Pushpak, it is a nice blend with its lead stars being Tamil (Kamal, Amala and Pratap), Director and few supporting actors being Andhrites (Singeetham and the unforgettable 'begger' actor), movie being shot in Windsor Manor, Bangalore and some hindi actors too (Tinnu Anand and the captive).

If you watch the movie now, just see the location around Windsor Manor and the traffic of 1987.. Man, what a huuuuuge difference...!!


Zero said...

Yeah! Kamal has this habit of telling Pushpak as a Hindi/Kannada/Tamil movie based on to whom he is talking to. Why not? Isnt that what he had achieved by the settings of the film and with no dialogues.
And, did Pratap have a lead role in the movie? He had a very small role.
Sameer Khakkar's (the rich drunkard role) was one of the other significant roles, besides Tinnu Anand.
The cast was decidedly diverse and not from any particular region (which Kamal adapts in many movies - like in Hey! Ram). Even, Amala was never the all-tamil actress with quite a filmography in Telugu as well.

Nice post. Guess, teh Kannada version is not goin to be as excellent as tamil turned out. But gonna definitely better than the inane remake "Biwi No. 1".

GP said...

Yeah Zero.. I was pissed off by Biwi No.1. The whole reason behind the husband cheating on wife is her being no more 'attractive'.. but Karishma looked nothing of that sort. And Anil Kapoor did a poor man's Kamal job.. I am wondering whom Kamal would pair this time around..

In multilingual films, I dont see a problem with Kamal choosing actors from different languages. Even 'Indian' had the lead heroines from Hindi so that it would be easy while releasing the dubbed hindi version.