Oct 25, 2006

Meendum Billa?

The following discussion came along when I was talking to my friend: Now that Shahrukh has reenacted Amitabh in his latest 'Don', who will step into the shoes of Rajini's 'Billa' in tamil, in case it is remade? Vijay will be the first one to raise his hand.. but does he have the charisma that Rajini possessed in 'Billa'?


mitr_bayarea said...

Although, Shahrukh has his own charisma, looks like Don isn't a big hit. As for Vijay wanting to do Thalaivar's remake movies, maybe it would go well with the masses. Personally, I am sick of seeing Vijay's remakes and hi stereo typed roles, its high time he picks up some more acting prowess and does different roles like the new comers Bharath, Jeeva etc.

aruna said...

little superstar-a eppadi marakalaam. kadum aatchebam therivikiraen.

Anu said...

It will be nice to see sharukh in don, but the original will always be special .Same way no current actor can take the place of Rajni, but I must say Vijay will be my fav to play role...atleast to see the deva kuthu song:)

tt_giant said...

hmmm.. difficult to pick the tamil counterpart. defly not vijay. SURELY not ajith, maybe vikram?

oh, wait a min.. thalaivarey nadichaalum hit dhaan! ;)

Anjali said...

i'd put a vote in for vishal... he may be new on the block, but he's a hot property right now for the masala movie market.

ram said...

Moved to beta mode and I could not log in and post a comment in non-beta mode..

I don't have very good idea on movies, but still I think vijay is not a substitute for rajani...

raj said...

why not superstar himself? would be nice to see him without his usual "pombalaina..." and "naan nallavanukku nalalvan" type dialogues. Just a no-holds barred Don and a simpleton. Might go well with fans, too. Nobody else can carry it off even today - vijay's fine for the simpleton role but Don? No way, Proof: Bagavathy.
Ajit's ok for Don provided he has no dialogues or has a dubbed voice but not enough joie-d'vivre for the other role.
Vikram a strict no-no for both roles
Vishal? Too much! Guy has a sum total of 1.75 expressions.
Simbu? sombu is good only for bedding-fat-women roles.
I'd vote for Rajni himself to remake Billa.
OTOH, Thee, I guess can be remade with Ajith(the angst in the role suits him) and maybe Arya or Bharath(Shahsi kapoor is almost pappu saadham so Bharath would be a good fit)

Me too said...

Vijay illena Chimps dhaan!!! ;)

Ram.C said...

I would bet on Vishal... next to Vijay... definitely not on Silambs

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

I hate hindi actors :(

Raju said...

Mitr, the new 'Don' appears to be a very stylish movie, but, as you said, it cant be compared with the old one. I agree with you on Vijay. It has been long time since I enjoyed watching his movie, without him acting as Rajini's clone.
Aruna, 'little superstar'nu thaaney pattam vachukkitta podhuma? why do you think Vijay has named/been named 'Ilaya thalapathi'? 'Oru' idathai pidikkathan.. BTW, neenga lil' one-oda fan-a, ille chumma kindal panreengala? :)
Anu, mm... how about a high pitch 'Vethilaya pottendi..' song by Vijay? He dances good, but, does he have that shine on his face to act as a one-man army?

Raju said...

Deepak, Vikram is an interesting choice.. but u think he would suit a rich Don's role? My friend says Vikram sucks in rich man's role, e.g. in 'King'..

About Rajini himself doing it, yeah.. thats a cool one.. bcos, unlike Amitabh, who is no longer a sole hero, Rajini continues to be at the top now.. C'd be nice to see him again.. but how about too much of a deja vu?
Asin, sorry, Anjali, welcome here.. :)

Vishal-a? mmmm.. to me, he appears as Vijay's clone. Do you think he could be a versatile actor? Too early to predict, I would say. I think anyone with a rugged look can try the 'angry young man' role, but would they do it with elan?
Ram, oh, is it? I was about to convert my blog to beta-mode.. Luckily, some of my long posts prevented that from happening.. A blessing in disguise.. I know that switching back to non-beta mode is impossible.. and people complain about glitches in the beta-mode. If you dont mind, you can send me your blogger ID and password.. lemme fiddle around and try to solve the problem..

Raju said...

Raj, welcome here.

What is the guarantee that such dialogues wont be there in 'Don'? :) I havent watched 'Bhagavathy', but I believe that he has a long way to go to catch up with Rajini.
LOL'ed on ur remark on Ajith's voice. yeah, tooo soft to be a ruf-n-tuf don. Considering that Ajith is yet to act in a full-time comedy role, I agree with you again.
About Vishal, LOL.. adhu enna 1.75 expressions? 1.0 Anger + 0.25 happiness + 0.25 romance + 0.25 sorrow huh? :)
LOL'ed on Simbu.. 'Fat women'.. :)
Had another hearty laugh on 'pappu saadham' comment.. esp. for a Police inspector role.. :)
Aparna, r u sure? Appadi enna kandeenga Chimps-kitte?
Ram C, really surprised that Vishal is discussed here in the same breath as Vijay.. just after 3 movies. Or, r we expecting too much from him? I didnt get much impressed by him in 'Chellamey'.. Let us see how he choses his next few movies, esp. in 'Thamiraparani' of Hari.
Ponnarasi, emma? Enna kovam Hindi actors mele?

Anonymous said...

Vijay and Vishal are discussed together because today's media projections are like that. I doubt popularity in anywhere close in range between the two. Vishal's the new media pinup boy. Like Arya was a year back. Times have changed, we need something new always.

I think films of the 80s are so different from the taste of today's youth. A lot would need to be altered to suit us.

Personally, I will put in a star like Surya. Because he always surprises you. I would never have expected him to do a Sanjay Ramasamy. But he surprised me by doing it with class. Likewise, Simbhu, even with his bloated head, is a good actor who can mould himself if need arises. The trouble is, Simbu is weaker on looks department.

Anyhow, I will watch Billa and see. Came before I was born, so haven't checked it:-)


raj said...

raju, glad you LOL-ed at my comments. Seriously, that Vishal is even being considered to be a *hero* is an insult. On top of that, he is considered the next superstar? What rubbish!
Ah! How did I forget Surya - Surya might actually manage to perform the job.
raju, vishal's expression breakup is this:
1.74 Anger+.01 half-smile.

oliveoyl said...

konnutinga! even i had the same thot in my mind after hearing about Don!!! but in Tamil no wonder it might again be Rajini!!!

Raju said...

Kaajan, welcome here..

About Vishal, I see some excitement not only in the mainstream media but also in the blog world.. Will have to keep in the 'Wait 'n Watch' list.. Success of some recent and simple movies like Kaadhal, Chithiram Pesudhadi and Emtan mahan tells us that may be the directors are trying too hard to please the youth..

Surya is certainly versatile. For the past 3 years, he is one actor who has impressed/surprised me the most. Simbhu??? mmm.... too young for such a heavyweight role..

Came before I was born.. idhu nalla irukkey.. Sun TV-le pottappo ellam parkkalaiya? ;)
Raj, LOL'ed on ur 1.74+0.01 equation.. what do you mean by defining a particular expression with a number greater than 1?
Oliveoyl, welcome here..
Great people think alike.. ;)

Me too said...

Onnum kaanalai, adhanaale dhaan!! ;)
All (3 of them)empty vessels, IMO!!

Raju said...

AA(d)ha.. ippadi thaakkureenga.. Chance-ey illa.. I wish this comment was made far earlier.. Would have loved to see Rajini/Vijay fan's reactions.. Now, only I can say "Hats off" to you for making such a bold (and very very true) statement!! :)

Anonymous said...

It's time for the next generation
star to take off billa ;) ajit himself has got enough guts to give it all i bet my vote for Thalla..

Anonymous said...

It is all been decided . Rajini it self accepted that only AJITH can do that Role So he gave the PErmision Als o.SO NO THARUTHALA ViJYA , No Simbu ,No Vishal ,No Vikaram, its one and only Thala Ultimate Star AJITH AJITH AJITH

Raju said...

Anon, yeah, I saw that news.. Surprising that many who commmented in this post didnt have much hope on Ajith, so he looked like a very unlikely candidate. May be the success of 'Varalaru' has helped him tremendously..
Anon, Oh, Rajini himself has accepted, huh? Cool.. hope he doesnt disappoint his and Rajini's fans..

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