Apr 11, 2006

Good Bye, Florida..

Left Florida yesterday; I have heard from myfriends who moved out that they missed
a) the vast beaches
b) the fine weather
c) the beautiful fauna and flora
d) the calm, cool and slow life
e) Orlando & Miami - two of the best tourist spots and
f) the unique (!) good-looking girls... :-)

Let me see how I feel...
a - probably not much of a problem, since the new place is NYC, that too an island with a couple of beaches.
b - cold here.. Sniff..
c - Have to wait for the Fall
d - I am looking forward to the fast life
e - I will surely miss them.. esp. Orlando
f- May be!! :-)

Anyway, it is hi hi to New York !!


mitr_bayarea said...

Raju-wow, quite a shift from FL to NY city, so will you guys be living in Manhattan, NY or will you be commuting from NJ. Whatever be it, NY has definitely got its plus and minuses.

Pluses: Fast paced life, great subway system, lots of places to visit like Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, downtown Manhattan shopping, Empire State, Saravana Bhavan etc. and accesibility to NJ, Washington DC and Virginia.

Minuses: Crowds everywhere, chilly and snowy winters and cold weather for long periods, cost of living, high raise expensive apartments.


NaiKutti said...

have fun in NY raju!

tt_giant said...

All the best Raju!

We are almost parallel.. well.. almost. I have no answer when someone asks me what the weather is like in seattle, say, right now!

Enjoy your stay in NY, and stay safe. Remember, they city might look huge and bustling, but at the end, we just live there, not own it!.

f) part - amen to that!

ram said...

Moved to Newyork.
What it exactly mean.

Munimma said...

What I miss most about Orlando is the weather. Only a tad bit milder than chennai (Miami comparable). Indian varieties of fruits/veggies/flowers that grow well in Orlando, friends had a jackfruit tree too.

All the best. It is not going to be easy to adapt, but will eventually get there.

Raju said...

Nag, thanks yaar..
Ram, Nagesh knows the info.. get the finer details from him. I will start my work at CUNY at CSI next week.
Munimma, yeah.. totally agree on ur comparison of Central to South FL with Chennai weather ..
Thanks for ur wishes..I hope to adopt sooner.. I tried my best to ensure that. Car is here; all the stuff have arrived.. only a few visits to furniture shop and things should be OK within a week, I guess (and hope)... :-)

aruna said...

Enjoy the change !

Paurna said...

hope you have a pleasant stay at ur new house.did u change for professional or personal reasons.

ram said...

All the very best.

Nyneishia said...

All the best :) and enjoy the place..

Adaengappa !! said...

Vaanga !! Vaanga !!

Dr.Raju wud be singing.."yaarum illatha theevu ondru vendum"..

Raju said...

Prabhu, nandri..

Yaarum illadha staten Island? Yosikkavey bayama irukku.. :-)