Oct 26, 2006

Kamal's first wife syndrome

While talking about Kamal, my friend stated “In many of Kamal’s movies, the first wife/lover dies.. donno why he has to choose it that way”. We started counting such movies and it was really surprising to find quite a lot of them. Then I remarked that, his so-so relationship with his first wife in real life had something to do with it. Look at the list below.. quite unusual number of movies..

Wife/first love dies:

1) Ullasa paravaigal
2) Ilama oonjaladugiradhu
3) Sattam en kaiyil
4) Sigappu Rojakkal
5) Japanil Kalyanaraman
6) Oru kadhiyin diary
7) Vikram
8) Punnagai Mannan
9) Nayakan
10) Vetri Vizha
11) Mahanadhi
12) Paasa valai (Subha sankalpam)
13) Hey Ram
14) Virumandi
15) Vettaiyadu Vilayadu

Lover dies:

1) Ninaithaley inikkum
2) Chanakyan (Malayalam)
3) Guna
4) Maro charitra/Ek duje keliye

I cant think of any other actor who has such a ‘dubious’ record.. If I had missed any other Kamal movie, or if you feel about someone else having some such unique trend, shoot..
PS: Oru douttu: Indha madhiri reserach panna oru 'B.Phil.' degree-yachum yaravadhu koduppangala? :)


மு.கார்த்திகேயன் said...

Hey Raju..

Good report too irony also.
May be some more movies will be there, where we really dont know all of that..

How you ppl are thinking like this :-))

tt_giant said...

u've pretty much covered them all!!

On the other extreme, thala and MGR may have the record of films where they don't die.

Anu said...

When the trailer for Vettaiyadu Vilayadu came out,there were bets going on as who was the gal to die -jyothika or Kamalini .But isnt that true of any 2 heroine movie - one has to die..great listing btw :)

indianangel said...

//indha maadhiri researchkuellam B.Phil degree kudpaangala

LOL, freeya udha vena kudpaanga!

Nag said...

Cooling glasses!!! nice photograph raju. After long time i got to see you atleast in photo.

Sundar Narayanan said...

oru book podunga.. appo kuduppaanga..


finally a face to the name.


aruna said...

Just this list wont be good enough to print a gundu book for thesis. You should add few more lists like this. Let me help you with the next one:
Movies where kamal relieves himself in the bathroom (lol..I've heard he likes to include this scene himself):
1. Sathileelavathy.
2. Nammavar
3.Kuruthipunal ?
..(Theres actually more to this list, I just dont remember the names right now)

KK said...

Another subject that I could think in addition to aruna's is
End of a heroines career after acting with Kamal :)
1. Gautami after Kuruthipunal
2. Rekha after Punnagai mannan
3. Sukanya after Mahanadi
4. Simran after Panchatantiram

Nothing wrong with kamal but its just a coincidence you see...
Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope to see you around :)

oliveoyl said...

adhula thappichadu namma jo dhan but she got married after VV.

Also include Sneha in the list after VR MBBS....

Infact real lifela kooda yaarum nilaikkala.. heroinesku aagara adhey gadhi dhaan!!!

sks said...

that is a good photo of yours raju (however, you should pot the cantenkerous lab chemist photo in there somewhere too). And this is surely an out and out of the box thinking about heroines dying. Man, scares the hell out of me what you are going to think up next.

vibhor said...

you seems to be hassan's fan...
nice coverage..

Janani said...

Wow.... How come you list sucha huge list.... OMG!! Ungaluku Degree kidaikutho illiyo romba ve informative :-)

BTW nice blog. Can I blogroll U?

Meenu said...

:) u seem to b kamal hasans fan .. so am i .. and a nice 1 too anyways am seeing ur blog jst now .. and THANKS A TON 4 HAVING READ MINE .... DO KEEP READING .. :)

Raju said...

Kartik, How you ppl are thinking like this :-))
LOL.. chumma velai vetti illama irundha ippadi ellam kannaapinnannu thoughts ellam varum.. :)
Deepak, mm.. I saw Kamal's movies from Wikipedia and wrote this list..
'Thala' hasnt yet died in his movies, but MGR couldnt escape in 'Madurai Veeran'..
Anu, mm.. I was also thinking of the same after I came to know of Kamalinee's presence in VV.
It is one thing to kill a heroine in a 2 heroine-movie, whereas having two heroines in many movies is another, right? Annathay seems to be famous in that aspect.. ;)

Raju said...

Indian angel, Welcome here..
Pudhusa varra virundhal kodukkura first comment idhudhana? mmm.. :)
Nag, yeah, got bored of the monkey-mad scientist picture, so thought I would scare my friends with my real foto.. ;)
Sundar, mmm.. indha madhiri useful-ana niraiya karuthugal ezhudhuna koduppanga ille? Evlo, oru 100 podhumille? ;)
Having added a face to the blogger, I have joined the elite list of bloggers who arent anon anymore.. Veliye oor suthumbodhu yarachum blogger friends parthu sattaiya pidichu sandaikku varama irundha sari.. ;)

Raju said...

Aruna, yah.. Thevai oru gundu book.. so adhukku thevai ideas like yours..
Ada ada... enna idea... chance-ey illa..
The scene in 'Sathi Leelavathy' is soo funny.. So, even if someone had asked me "who's the actor to appear in max. loo scenes?", the first name I w'd have thought is Kamal.. ;) Dubious distinction..
KK, Welcome here..

What? End of career, huh? Let me see..
Gautami in KP - I was frankly surprised to see her in KP.. bcos I thought her career was long over... I thought Kamal was kind enuf to give her that role, her acting prowess before and in that movie notwithstanding..

Rekha in PM - How can it be? Punnagai Mannan was her very second movie.. way back in 1986.. and she continued to act till early 90's.. remember Annamalai? and another useless movie with Arjun "Annan ennada thambi ennada?".

Sukanya in Mahanadhi - True.. but may be after 'Indian'.. 2 years after Mahanadhi..

Simran in Panchathanthiram - She went on a high, boss.. ille? She could have very well acted in 'Chandramukhi' (she did, initially) if not for her pregnancy. So, it was her marriage which curtailed her career, rather than Kamal..

Nevertheless, I wrote such a long reply, bcos i am a strong Kamal fan and dont want anyone pointing finger at him (other than me, of course..;) ) for any wrong reason.. this, despite u mentioning "nothing wrong .... coincidence u see".. hehehehehe..
Oliveoyl, Jo 'thappikka' ellam illey.. she is now acting opposite Sarath.. ;)
Sneha acted in a number of movies like ABCD, Chinna, Bose, Ayudham and Pudhupettai after acting with thalaivar..
Real-life storydhan paavam kashtama irukku..

Raju said...

Sanjay, LOL'ed at 'Cantankerous'... I thought my old foto resembled the chemists shown in movies and all..
You should thank my friend for this 'out and out of the box' thought... :) I also dont know what all ideas my friend is gonna throw at me.. :)
Vibhor, welcome here..
Yep, a Kamal fan. Can add 'hardcore' before that.. ;)
Janani, welcome here..
hey hey.. before praising me, I should say that, me and my friend got 10-11 movies by thinking and the remaining came thanks to Wikipedia. Edho, ennale mudinja oru informative post.. ;)
Blogroll-a? Dharaalamaa.. kaasa panamaa.. pannikkonga... I'll blogroll u too..
Meenu, Welcome here..
Yeah, I am indeed a great Kamal fan. Nice to meet one more Kamal fan.. :)
Plz dont mention thanks for reading ur blog and all.. the pleasure is always mine..

Ram.C said...

May be that's one way of showing enormous love on the second lover / wife...

Just leave apart single heroine subjects, for the above view.

Nitin said...

umm, never thought about it Raju. I think most of the movies which are drama, action, have this. its either, wife/first love dies, or he loses his first love, and ends up alone like in Anbe Sivam. btw, India is performing very poorly in this tournament, adn I think the fault is with the toporder batsmen especially sehwag, i haven't seen him perform to the best of his ability in ages, he just throws away his wicket carelessly, hopefully he gets a better start against Australia, its do or die for them.

Me too said...

Aahaa, enne research!!
In mega serials, when Actors schedule ends(and is not renewed)they'll kill the character or send them abroad. Adhu maadhiri aarambichu irukkumo?

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Tht was awesome research! :))
2 gud!

Sheetal said...

Hi there..

Just found your blog through a link of a link - you know how it goes!

This was really informative!

Raju said...

Ram, mm.. interesting view.. seems to make sense, actually.. ;)
Nitin, yeah.. but the action/drama movies of other actors arent like Kamal's in this aspect, no?
Cricket: yeah.. very disappointing result y'day.. and that is immediately reflected in the selection of squad for the SA tour. I was prepared to see Sourav in the squad. May be it wont be a bad idea now.. anyway we arent winning, so what the heck..
The tour to SA is the last chance for any experimentation. It is highly worrisome to think that except Sachin, Dravid, Dhoni and Yuvraj, none other's position in the team for the World cup is certain. A far cry from the situation six months back, unfortunately.

Raju said...

Aparna, indha madhiri research panradhukkagathan enakku sambalamey kodukkuranga.. ;)

And, in TV, 'troublesome actors' also get a premature end in the serials, or on a particular day, the serial begins with "this character's role will be played by so-and-so from now on".. Very common in Hindi serials, donno about this in Tamil.
Ponnarasi, enna, vanja pugazhchiya? mmmm...
Sheetal, welcome here..
Informative, huh? Mildest way of pinching me.. :)

Blessy said...

Good analysis..by the way who is that friend of yours? Seems to be guiding you a lot

Raju said...

Blessy, Thanks.. She is one of my best buddies.. Lot of such 'ideas' come out when we talk, since we have a great resonance in our interest on movies and music.. She specifically suggests me to write blogs about them.. 'Anbu kattalai'.. :) Quite a lot of my recent posts were due to her..

narayanan said...

'Thala' hasnt yet died in his movies

By thalai u meant rajini right ? 2 of the 3 rajinis die in Moondru Mugam. Dont remember exactly, I think he died in 6-60 varai. He dies in the mallu version of Dalapathi. The first 'Billa' dies. There might be more, cud'nt recollect it right away.

Raju said...

Narayanan, no boss.. 'Thalai' nowadays is Ajith. About Rajini-dying movies, apart from the ones in which he acted as a villain and the ones you mentioned are, Raghavendra, Dharmathin Thalaivan and Bhuvana Oru kelvikkuri.

Anonymous said...

If any heroine does a film with kamal, her career goes downward.

Sample this :

1. Sukanya
2. Rekha
3. Shobana - 1st film with kamal. Never took off really in tamil.
4. Rupini - disappeared after MMKR.
5. Kiran - gone down after AS.
6. Abirami - After virumandi, where is she?

Not only heroines, heroes also:

1.Arjun - Had a string of hits - jai hind, sevagan, karna, sadhu, did KP, innumerable flops after that.

2. Abbas - NO great shakes, but what little he had disappeared after PKS.

ram said...

u People forget some info, after Khadala khadala prabhu devas career is also in a question mark, rani mukarjee's career after Hey Ram is also to be included
(i am a fan of kamal and i only watch good movies that includes kamal's too but when every body is putting some kind of info, so i thought of giving this)

Anonymous said...

punnagai mannan

Raju said...

Anon, well.. Kamal choses mostly talented heroines, so one cant link the fate of the heroines with their pairing opposite Kamal. Among those in your list, Rekha, Shobana and Abirami were very new faces when they acted with Kamal.

About heroes, Arjun had a mega-hit Mudhalvan 4 years after KP so one cant complain.
Ram, Prabhu Deva was already waning when Kadhala Kadhala was released. And, Rani Mukherjee rose to #1 in Hindi.
yeah, it is there in the list (#8).

Anonymous said...

it's not just kamal,
in many of director gautham menon's movies, the female lead, or one of the female leads, ends up dying (kaakha kaakha, vettaiyaadu vilaiyaadu ( almost every female except jothika), patchaikili muthucharam, and vaaranam aayiram)

Anonymous said...

it's not just kamal,
in many of director gautham menon's movies, the female lead, or one of the female leads, ends up dying (kaakha kaakha, vettaiyaadu vilaiyaadu ( almost every female except jothika), patchaikili muthucharam, and vaaranam aayiram)

Anonymous said...

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