Feb 14, 2007

Different stages of Love

On the occasion of Valentine's day, some clips (thanks to Youtube), which are my all-time favorites, and currently playing in my mind.. When I thought about them, I realized that they fitted very well into a nice trend.. :)

1) School Love:

What a song!! A matchstick lightens the room, and he sees the most beautiful thing - her smiling face. The song goes on to show some beautiful interactions between the two youngsters.

2) College Love:

One of the best 3 songs of 2007; well, some consider this to be the best. I won't argue.. Very cute song.. chancelessly handsome Surya, very homely and loveable Bhumika make an excellent pair. The chemistry between them was just perfect.

3) Office Love:

Another beauty.. Simran is so believable when she shows her nervousness in the company of her beloved. Superb melody.

4) Newlyweds' love:

:) Everything is just sooo perfect with this song - the pair, their romance, the choreography, location, cinematography, the singer, music, lyrics.. Literally a dream song!!

5) Mature love:

Another of the top 3 best songs of 2006.. Similar to my fav movie 'Before Sunrise', thalaivar and Jo just keep talking to each other and spend time together, eventually falling in love. Their admiration for each other is shown in a subtle manner.. The backdrop of NYC is another added attraction.

Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone!!


மு.கார்த்திகேயன் said...

Hey Raju..

Happy Valentines Day..

Kalakkal videos Raju.. good collections too :-)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Inga paaru da ;) Vitta class'ey eduthruvanga pola :P
Jokes apart..nice post :)

Me too said...

Wow!! Dhool kelapiteenga!!

Raju said...

Karthik, Thanks and wish you too...
Ponnarasi, hmmm.. oru semester-ku ennaley class edukka mudiyum.. :) Thanks.
Aparna, romba thanks..

Awatts said...

Ella songs choiceum supppper...adhoda classification is apt...ivlo songslendu pick pandradu kastam thaan...good selections!

Nitin said...

good picks, nothing like thalaivar though. i would add valai osai to that list.

Raju said...

Ajitha, Romba romba nandri.. About the song this, I will let u know.. It would be so nice of you to do so..
Nitin, after lonnnnng time.. how r u? Just y'day I was thinking of you.

Valai osai is a good one too.. will include it in some future post soon..

Nitin said...

yeah, its been long time. hows weather there? seems like dada is in good form. good to see him play like this.

Anonymous said...

Good selection Raju, especially the office love

Hell's Angel said...

did u notice the first songs actually end up in love failure and the last one is a different case..the only thing tht fits the V day is the 4th song 4m alaipayuthey..anyways nice selection of songs and a very creative to upload and categorise the songs!!good work..

Raju said...

Nitin, good to see u after long time.. weather was very bad on Valentine's day, when it snowed for a few feet.. I am still walking on ice in front of home..

Yeah, Dada seems to have re-discovered some decent form and everyone is very excited about it.. let us see how he performs in the World cup..
Anon, thank u.. :)
Brinda, Thanks for your kind words..
yeah, I noticed the tragedies after u mentioned.. Romeo-Juliet, Titanic madhiri amara kaaviyangaldhaney makkal manasuley classic-a nikkudhu.. :)