Dec 18, 2008

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

Lemme try to review it the way Suhasini would do.. ;)

The director of this film, Aditya Chopra, rewrote the trend in Hindi films in 1995 with his blockbuster 'DDLJ' which is still running in Mumbai. He brought life back to a precariously placed Yash Raj films which is continuing to make 3-4 films a year. DDLJ was the first among a series of films with an NRI as the protagonist. Aditya followed DDLJ with 'Mohabbatein' 5 years later. Romance was the backbone for that movie too, but it wasnt even half as good as DDLJ. While the movie had good songs and an impressive star-cast, its story was very weak, and its scope pathetic. He took a long hiatus from directing movies and now is back with his favorite hero and a newcomer Anushka Sharma as the heroine.

The story first. Surinder (a geeky SRK with shirt, pant and specs), who works for 'Punjab Power' in Amritsar gets to marry Taani (Anushka) whose fiance dies on their wedding day due to an accident. Taani is very unhappy with the marriage and hence they both live separately in the same house. Taani joins a dance class and prepares for a competition. The introverted Suri wants to somehow win her love and undergoes a total change in his make-over, personality and everything, which make him totally opposite to what defines Suri. When Taani meets him in the dance class, she is unable to identify him as her husband. Afraid that he might not get a chance to spend time with her, he introduces himself as Raj to her and reverts back to his normal appearance at home.

Taani and Raj are assigned as dance partners. She slowly starts to like the vivacious Raj. He starts flirting with her, which meets with her resistance at first. Gradually, as they have to spend time together practicing their dance, she begins to like him. Her behavior is bittersweet to Raj, since he knows that she likes not her husband but the bubbly Raj. He goes to the extent of proposing to her and she agrees to elope with him. The movie ends with the events surrounding the final of the dance competition.

Rab ne.. walks on the edge of a sharp knife for the most part, without trying to compromise on the Indian culture and values. Though the climax is somewhat predictable, I wanted to see the way the events lead to it. After already having starred in a controversial movie like KANK, it is a risk for Shahrukh to enact a similar role. Can't say that his role comes out unscathed. His Raj character crosses the limit in 'testing' Taani by alluring and wooing her. Her anger in the climax is ridiculous, to say the least and is stereotypical of an Indian woman.

The movie suffers from huge lack of logic, which is its next major problem. First is the inability of Taani to distinguish between Suri and Raj, especially since they are the only two people with whom she interacts in Amritsar. Suri's total change in character resembles a multiple-personality disorder, only that in his case, both the personalities are very much aware of each other. Suri's reasoning for creating and sustaining Raj character is very weak, especially since he doesn't do anything to express his abundant love to Taani. 'Seeing God' in a loved one is all too much. This kind of story would have been apt for the era of previous generation only.

'Dance pe chance' has some nice lyrics and good dance; 'Phir milenge' is interesting, but the novelty in OSO's 'Om Shanti om' is missing. Shahrukh's body language is funny and entertaining in places. Anushka is just little more than a pretty doll. Her costumes - both the traditional Punjabi and dance suits are the only ones which add color to the movie. Overall, the movie is a yawn-fest most of the time; better luck, Shahrukh for the next 'My name is Khan'.


tt_giant said...

We saw the movie - my eyes were set on the subtitles first and then to the characters on the screen.

Liked it in parts, but yea, some logic flaws definitely. For example, if "21"s did not match, then what would have happened?

Anonymous said...

Nice review. You have covered most of the points.
It was extremely predictable and somewhat boring.


Raju said...

Deepak, :) yeah, the 21's have to match. Thats the Bollywood rule.. One scene that I liked but forgot to mention was the 'biryani dinner' and its effects.. :)
In fact, this movie requires a sociological point of view of our system of marriage. Lemme see if I can write about it in the near future..
Ajeet, welcome here, and thanks.. :) Yeah, while most movies are predictable to some extent, this one was boringly predictable, as u said.

i think therefore i am said...

I am waiting for your post on the sociological point of view.. However, I would like to point out that most movies these days are without logic. I remember watching a recent Tamil movie where certain extremely poor villagers see Dolphins in the lake near their house!!! Now how does someone who has never stepped out of the confines of their village even get a dolphin in their imagination.

However, I do agree that Suri doesnt show his love in too many ways before switching to Raj, however his frnd (barber) keeps reminding him of it..

vm said...

i think therefore i am,

The dolphin thing is not even secondary but some tertiary stuff..more of an accessory..though it's not logic, it doesn't affect the crust of the story but srk's logic ( wife couldn't recognize him ) involves the story.

Anonymous said...

agree with you.
when he gets hit in sumo fight there were marks on his face but with in an hour gone, That’s like taking the viewer for granted!
RAB NE BANA DI JODI brings back memories of the MAIN MERI PATNI AUR

i think therefore i am said...

ah well..tat was just one instance of the top of my head.. However, if really necessary to drive my point I could start listing some more.. But to each his own..wat say..

Raju said...

Cogito, managed to write that post on socio view of marriages.
It is so frustrating to see how moviemakers don't mind skipping logic nowadays. I too had a hearty laugh when I saw the 'dolphins'.
I too remember the barber reminding him of that. I felt that he should have built on the goodwill shown by her when his colleagues come to their home.
Anon, very valid point indeed about "Main meri patni aur woh". Thanks for bringing that up. That movie dealt with the subtle complexes of a husband who feels himself inferior to his wife in most qualities. Though the story of that one too was on the knife-edge for sometime in the second half, the director ended the movie superbly. I especially liked the scene where the boy and girl have the first talk in Bareli. I felt that was more realistic.. but then when Aditya Chopra wants to showcase all of his good friend's talents, what can one do?

shashi said...

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