Aug 30, 2005

Sachin in Guinness Book

(Pic adopted from indiantelevision)

Well.. the title might be surprising to almost all of you, since you know very well that Sachin holds the world record in batting for various things, not now, but for the last 7 years atleast.. But, nevertheless, it was surprising to me NOT to see his name in last year's edition of Guinness Book of World Records. But, in this year's edition, he is truly rewarded.. His name appears on three occasions on pages 230 and 231, for
(a) The highest ever ODI partnership.. with Rahul Dravid.
(b) The most number of ODI centuries and
(c) The joint most number of test centuries.

Hope and wish he breaks many more records in the coming years and also help India win more and more matches, in tests and ODI's, by bat and ball, in India and abroad..

The cover of the book is very nice, with 3-D holographic images on a yellow background.


mitr_bayarea said...

Hi Gp,
Thanks for the interesting news and hope and wish that he breaks more records and brings India more fame and glory than every before.

Kudos to Sachin and thanks for sharing this info in your blog!!!

Nitin said...

wow, he truly deserves it.but i cannot wait to see sachin come back and play his old form again, the current indian team is boring,especially the opening batsmans are not doing a good job. Dont know how many more games until Venugopal Rao gets dropped,after two consecutive ducks, i dont think they will keep him for long.

Raju said...

Mitr, u are welcome.. Its my pleasure to share the glory of my idol.. :-)

Nitin, yeah.. Did you watch the match LIVE on sportingstreams?
Today's game was terribly boring.. I think this would be the last series for Venugopal Rao before he gets dumped for a while.. He was very scratchy.. If the team persists with him, naturally questions would arise as "Why not someone like VVS or Dinesh Mongia or Hemang Badani?". To me, it appears as if both Raina and Rao are not yet ready for international assignments.. We need to give them some more time.. Dhoni is slowly regaining his lost glory, which is good... I sincerely like his style... He is a good future prospect..

tt_giant said...

thalaivar - thalaivar thaan..

although, i would have preferred if his records were more in tests (arambishtaanyaa..).

indha veththu zimbabwe team oda vey 250 adika mudila.. finals layum odhai thaan.. no doubt.

ada-paavi!!!! said...

he should sit at home and play games wit his clindren, and shud stop playing on the cricket field, hes had enough of cricket 15 years! First person who needs VRS in the indian team is him!

(brickbats i am xpecting, theyve always come when ive said this)

ram said...

hi vatsan,
If sachin is fit then what's your problem. All the other so called young people are playing beyond their expection! (scoring 0 runs). I would like sachin play rather sachin to watch someone play.

GP: Thanks for a very nice news.

Raju said...

Deepak.. wait for a year for some good test records by Sachin.. In ODI's, it is far easier for a single player to turn the match around completely - by either bat or ball.. but in tests, one requires good support from his teammates.. He lacked that support until recently. Now there is a fairly good test team so we can expect improved performance..

Vatsan, as Ram said, you can see the team struggling against all the major test-playing nations... 0-3 vs SL and 0-1 so far vs NZ.. as Deepak said, there is a good chance that we would end up 0-3 vs NZ as well.. IMO, Sachin has a terrific posive influence on the team.. the whole atmosphere in the dressing room undergoes a change.. When he plays, he usually scores a 100+ or 80+ atleast every third or fourth game, so in each series he reminds everyone how to play and keep their spirits up.. The team's performance when he doesnt play is rarely short of pathetic..

ram, u are welcome..

ada-paavi!!!! said...

sachin hasnt done well in the recent past, and his body is giving up, he shud stick to longer version and retire from one day, he has done enough, these otherjokers shud learn to play when he isnt around,

Nitin said...

no, Gp, haven't signed up for sportingstreams yet. I dont know if i will be able to see it anyway, because im at the college throughout the day. Do they just do live streams, or do they even have recorded highlights of the game?

Raju said...

Vatsan, his body is surely struggling due to the overload of playing cricket for 16 years.. But players like Lara have suffered even worse injuries and come back strongly. I agree with ur 'other jokers' part.. But, for India to win consistently against good teams, we do need him even in ODIs

Nitin, OK.. so u study? I thought u work in Ocala.. I havent tried the recorded highlights of any match.. but I just saw that the Ashes highlights were available.. I am not sure about that..

Anonymous said...

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