Jun 27, 2007

Lose neck, risk life

When I woke up y'day, I was shocked to see the sad news about the sudden demise of Jeeva, the noted cinematographer-director. First, my deep condolences to his family and friends; may his soul rest in peace. Cardiac arrest at the age of 43? Initially I thought that the extreme weather of Russia was a factor but it is summer there. Now, the reason looks like a combination of stress and lack of fitness.

When the credit started rolling at the end of 'Unnale Unnale', one can see Jeeva directing a few scenes. His appearance was stocky. I was wondering why a reasonably good-looking director, who choses fit and handsome heroes for his movies doesn't take care of his own appearance. Just this monday, I was looking at a recent foto of director Shankar. Sorry to say, but his face is getting unrecognizably swollen as time passes by. I understand that, with age, the skin won't be as tight; but making the neck disappear with a double chin is a bad symptom.

Nowadays, it is getting common for men in India to die of heart attack at an earlier age than women. I have heard the relatives saying "he was so good in his habits - won't even consume tea or coffee". But, they were overweight. Just a cursory look at the remedy for most diseases would reveal the presence of the word 'exercise' in every column. A guy doesn't need an Einstein to tell if he is fat or not; I would say that one just has to stand in front of mirror and look at the neck. If the Adam's apple can't be seen, it is time to exercise and watch out the tasty fried stuff in ur food.

One can't do anything with the hereditary passage of some diseases; but weight is something which is controllable. Prakash Raj, in 'Vyabari' says: "Oruthan ezhaiya pirakkuradhu avan thappu ille; aana avan ezhaiya setha kandippa avan thappu" (It is not one's fault that he is born poor; but it is definitely his fault if he dies poor). On a similar note, I extrapolated it to "Oruthan chinna kuzhandhaiya gundaa vazharradhu thappu ille; aana saagumbodhu gundaa irundha avan thappu" (It is not one's fault that he is nurtured well at the young age as a chubby kid , but it is definitely his mistake if he is fat when he dies).


J said...

ippa dhaan naan post poatu, ungha blog vanthen..same here. seriously, it was a shock. and completely agree with what you said abt exercise. probably a coincidence, I too thought of Sankar yesterday. Jeeva kae ivlo stress irunthu irunthaa, Sankar elaam inum big banner and more risky la..avangha elaam evlo pressure handle panuvaanghalo...hhmm

Anu said...

I was shocked,, liked his movies,loved his song picturization (esp 12 B) and his movies made me think.. its sad that someone so creative is lost because they dont have time to look after themselves..! this is a red signal not only to other directors but to thousands of employees, with high stress level , no exercise and zero family time

Siva Jayaraman said...

Life is just unpredictable.. what a untimely death for Jeeva especially after his recent success of U2.. very sad.. however.. there is a message in your post..very important to be taken note of...

Raju said...

J, hmm.. sharing the same concern.. I think everyone in the entertainment industry should approach movie-making as their most favorite hobby, as Kamal does. Being professional is one thing, but getting tense or pressurized is bad for any age, any job, as Anu said.
Anu, me too liked all his movies. He showed good level of maturity while handling human relationships. Very unfortunate to have lost him.
Siva, hmm... I had this stray thought that those who rubbished his movies might feel sad about it and wished they didn't do so; but then criticism is common for everyone, since all of us have to die one day anyway..

tt_giant said...

That was a sudden end to the growing director.

You are correct about fitness in India in general. If you don't possess a thoppai, then you are considered underweight. If you have one, then you join the club.

Abstaining from Tea/coffee ellam andha kaalam. Avaa ellam (naama kooda!) dying breed.

Main culprit is rice, stress and sedentary positions. Podhaa koraikku, cool aa irukken perVazhi ntu alcohol. kekanuma?

Diet, excercise.. no other short cut.

Socrates said...

I was distressed by his death :( Huge lost for Tamil Film Industry.

If it wasn't for the fact that my campus is far from the bus stop, I wouldn't get exercise at all.

Raju said...

Deepak, yeah the thoppai matter is true.. Being healthy invariably means konjam poosunapla irukkiradhu..

I am taking rice regularly for a year now but I think understanding the limitations of its consumption is important..
Socrates, hmm.. I was listening to 'Poove vai pesumbodhu' from 12B and Unnale Unnale songs y'day and felt that his knack of getting good songs from HJ was good.. Can't forget his movies...

Socrates said...

True Raju, all his movies have nice songs.
Poove vai pesumbodhu is one of my all time favorite. Listening to that song brings back my sweet memories of 2001.

Which song(s)do you associate with your memories ?

Sundar said...

Your concluding sentence makes whole lots of sense.
I hope his dhaam dhoom would be carried by someother director.

Raju said...

Socrates, :) Most songs have some memories attached to them..

For me too, there are many such songs..
Rangeela (Pyar ye), Mr. Romeo (Mellisaiye), Minsara Kanavu (Vennilave), Kaalamellam kadhal vazhga (Oru mani), Nerukku nerr (Aval varuvala), and SOK (Munbe vaa) are some that I almost always associate with some memories.

Raju said...

Sundar, yeah.. I wish either KV Anand or PC Sriram take up Dhaam Dhoom and complete it, in memory of their beloved friend.

Anniyan said...


Juz realized that in the 1st snap of Shankar, he resembles KS Ravikumar. What you think ?

Raju said...

Anniyan, KSR? KSR, with hair, may be?