May 17, 2005

SuBa's entry into cinema

Got to know KV Anand's directorial debut Kanaa Kandaen has been released. I regard him high in my list of favorite Cinematographers and have seen most of his movies. To my pleasant surprise, it was SuBa's story that Anand has chosen.. wow.. that would be great.. I used to love reading those crime novels by Rajesh Kumar, SuBa (Suresh and Balakrishnan) and Pattukottai Prabhakar (PKP). Though the former's stories were undoubtedly great, I found a nice variety in SuBa's stories, in terms of the 'naughtiness' factor, their 'varnanai', unknotting the plots, the duels between their star pair Naren-Vaijayanthi, supported by Ramdas and John Sundar.. I have seen PKP and Devibala's stories being made into teleserials.. And when I used to see some so called 'thriller' movies in Tamil, I was found wishing how it would be if SuBa pen a script for a Tamil thriller... So, looks like my wish has been fulfilled.. Cant wait to watch Anand's Kana.


Chez said...

Hi.. first visit..

First comment: Nice blog
First advise: Give a line's break between every paragraph.. it would to the blog being more clear and neat.. :-)

First Referrer: Chinmayi's Comment section
First Wish: All the Best, Keep Blogging

hmmm, i seem to come across a number of Ph.Ds very recently, am i geting older or the Ph.Ds getting younger.. :-)

Adding u in my new stars list. :-)

GP said...

thanks Anand.. You can see I have implemented your advice already.. Would love to have the individual blogs in different boxes.. dont know how to do.. Learning slowly and steadily....

Anonymous said...

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Siva said...

I used to read Subha novels when i was in school.

One thing... Did you know why K.V. Anand picked Subha?

K.V was the photographer for the coverpage of the "Super Novel" that publishes Subha's novels.

K.V generally writes a foreword about the photographic techiques used to take a particular picture and i used to think...way to go ... Now when i connect the dots, he has reached the heights he deserves...