Jan 20, 2007

From Madurai to Manhattan

Yesterday I had a chance to see the first snow fall of my life. So, this long overdue wish was over atlast.. :) Night temperatures hover sub-zero, so atlast, this is like "Welcome to Northeast!!". I was just remembering the evolution of my adaptability over the past decade or so. Having lived all my young life in South Tamilnadu, where the climate anytime of the year can only be defined as 'Hot, hotter or hottest', my parents hesitated a lot to send me to Bangalore. And, my first couple of winters in Bangalore were terrible. Imagine a guy who would shiver at the approx. 20 C evening temperature of Madurai being brought to approx. 10 C of Bangalore.

Those of you who used to visit my blog in my early days can recall the name 'Sinusitist' that I used to call myself. My sinus in the final year in Bangalore was real bad, so I was worried about the cold West. Luckily I came to Florida. Another 10 degrees change.. During the first winter, without the car, it was lil difficult but it wasnt bad. The next move was to New York. Add another 10 degrees in the wrong direction but surprisingly the body has shown good signs of adoptability. Now, I can walk freely without any jacket, at temperatures of > 7 or 8 degrees. So, the moral of the story is, always try to make a graded change.. I wonder what would have happened if I had made a direct transition as in the title of this post..


Nag said...

so enjoyed the snow fall?

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Gr8 2 know tht u r doing well...

Bytheway there is a tag in my blog. I felt you might be interested 2 write the tag :)

Pls have a look and feel free 2 ignore if you are not interested to write :)

Raju said...

Nag, yah.. I did.. Stood outside with stretched hands, with head towards the heaven and felt the snow fall on me and melt slowly.. Nice feeling indeed.. :)
Ponnnarasi, yeah surely getting used to the cold.. its all about adaptability..

Oh, a tag after a long time.. Sounds interesting.. I have to really think hard about it.. Lemme see..

PRABHU said...

Enjoy the winter..
Naan NY-la irunthu appeeetu !!

As NewYorkers say :

tt_giant said...

hmmm.. seattle is not that geared up for snow fall, it seems!

this was my first time too. I enjoyed it as much as I could - as long as I was not on the road!

priya said...

Thaz a sweet little cartoon hmmm very funny. Welcome to winter weather from the land of hot sun.

Awatts said...

If you have time, watch the movie "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore...its sad that NY where its supposed to be snowing crazy in winters, feels like this for the past 2 years...snow is rare to see these days..global warming for sure!

Raju said...

Prabhu, oh, appeetta? Ippo enge irukkeenga? Incidentally, 2maro is gonna be the coldest day for me thus far.. 12 deg F.. Thangathai budam poduramadhiri enn udambai naan indha madhiri kulirukku expose panni pazhakka paduthikkiren.. ;)
Deepak, hmmm.. the story is pretty much the same for much of the US, except, may be Chicago last month when there was a heavy snowstorm.. I feel that weather god is playing kind for me.. :)
Priya, welcome to my blog..
Someone told me that the cartoon on the left actually looks like me, thin and grumping.. :) Glad u liked the cartoon..
Ajitha, I have indeed watched the Al Gore movie.. I think he has done a good job. Though the weather is certainly warmer this year, I dont have much complaints, global warming or whatever.. :) Hope there is no scenario like 'The Day after 2maro', in the forthcoming years.. :)

Me too said...

புது வெள்ளை மழை பொழிஞ்சிடுத்தா? :)

I was worried when My Dad who starts gargling every time it drizzles in Chennai came to visit me in fall and surprisingly enjoyed a healthy vacation!
My daughter's pediatritian shocked me when she suggested I take my daughter, then just a year old, out in the cold to relieve her stuffy nose if shower steam doesn't work!!

priya said...

Raju: Cartoon and you... C'mon you believe that. Don't take everything to heart coz this world here is different.

Raju said...

Aparna, pudhu veLLai mazhai ippo ellam frequent-a pozhiyudhu..

About parents, I am a lot sceptical too. My father is ultra-sensitive to cold as well. The pediatrician's suggestion sounds peculiar, but there is something to cold weather that takes care of the runny nose..
Priya, LOL.. I dont believe it, obviously.. and the person who commented so is my best friend.. it was pure leg-pulling.. After I have lost quite a lot of weight, I look a lot thinner, that was the reason why I got such a 'compliment'.. :) I didnt obviously take it to my heart..

Thiagu said...

1) Nice Blog
2) i was searching for "Thamarai's " Songs and landed in your place
3) able to feel at home
4) seems to be active blog
5) all the best

Raju said...

Thiagu, Welcome to my blog..

Thanks for ur kind words.. Plz do visit often..