Dec 21, 2006

Sachin's unwanted/unintentional influence

I still remember reading an article written 8 years ago in India today's cover story "Zen and the Art of Sachin" in Dec, 1998 issue. In that article, the author wrote about the Sachin as a person and pointed out how Sachin is so 'un-middle-class-like' despite being born and raised in a middle class environment. One of the points he mentioned was about his age difference with his wife, Anjali.
Recently, I was reading somewhere about Abhishek-Aish courtship and Bachhan's family's approval to it. Apparently Amitabh, when someone asked him about Aish being >5 years elder to Abhishek, points to Sachin-Anjali's case and said "they are a very happy and successful couple.. so it really doesnt matter if the gal is older". Even in the movie 'Vallavan', Simbu gives the example of Gandhi-Kasturba and Sachin-Anjali and justifies his dating Nayan.
I have heard similar opinions from some of my friends too.. Sachin being an idol for most of India's youth, all what he does are followed quite keenly by both media and public alike. He is one of the true 'role models' for us, but it better stops with his on-field performance and public life. I am not saying that it is wrong for guys to marry someone older.. it is very common in the Western world but for India, I feel that the ageold-practised system is the best.
When parents fix the marriage, seldom they choose an elder gal, rite? Such things happen only in love marriages. IMHO, a girl can be upto a year elder to the guy but beyond that, it would add only further complications to the already complicated marriage life. I dont wanna dwelve upon what they are, but, just to point a few, ego clashes, decision making, and even normal family crisis take an ugly turn when the new dimension of the woman thinking her hubby being younger to her and possibly less experienced/mature arises. Well.. it all depends on the attitude of the individuals, but, if the thought of the -ve age diff. keeps lingering in the minds of the couple, it aint gonna be a smooth life.
The usually conventionally thinking Indian male would hesitate a lot before falling in love with an older girl but, to convince himself, that girl and also the parents, he can simply point his fingers at Sachin and ask "if he can, why not me?". This, to me, is the only negative influence Sachin has had/would have on we Indians.
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Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said... me me 1st 2 comment... :D

Very true! Sachin--negative influencce.. And if this gonna continue then ethukkum oru varambey illama poidum.. Like... Lady teacher having affair with school or college student.. Ithellam sagajama poidum..
Under the title "Negligence"--ter is a related story in my blog..Aprama paarunga if u find time.. :)

Raju said...

Ponnarasi, first comment pannadhukku pidinga parisu.. :)

Though I feel that Sachin's decision was his personal choice, it unfortunately created/is creating some risky repurcussions in our society.. I read ur post.. that incident was shocking indeed..

Princess of Arabia said...

Sachin has proved that despite marrying a girl elder than him , he's living a happy and terrific married life. It's not fair to point at him when one's married life fails.

Raju said...

Princess, wow.. what a surprise.. Welcome welcome welcome to the blog!!

True his married life is happy.. but, unintentionally, some get 'spoilt' by that.. He is an extraordinary human being indeed.. I am not pointing at him.. just wanted to say that some celebrities' acts have quite deep repurcussions in some commoners' lives.

Me too said...

I still wonder how Gandhi-Kasturba's case happened in those days! Btw, I hadn't seen any pics of Anjali Tendulkar before! Wow and thanks!.

Kittu said...

naanum adae daan maa solla poraen. idu celebrities senju justify panra vishayamaa irukka koodaadu. everyone gets their fate in life. but ivan senjaan avan senjaan nu solaama romba romba true love la vizundha OK. illana namba usual culture la poradhu daan better. yaedho naan solvadhu..

Raju said...

Aparna, yeah.. though Gandhi's case is surprising, the difference is only 5 months; so probably it wasnt any issue at all. thats why I mentioned only Sachin's case in detail. But, I have heard Gandhi-Kasturba example quite a few times..

This foto of Sachin-Anjali, taken after Sachin's operation in the US post-Worldcup in 2003 is among my favorite ones, both wearing matching dress.. :)
Kittu, neenga solradhu correct-dhampa.. Naan enna solla varrenna, evvalavu true love-a irundhalum, namma oorle konjam thayakkam irukkum - parents ethukkuvangala, othu varumaa appadinnu.. So, friendship love-a aaguradhukku munnadi konjam ella angle-leyum yosichu decide panna andha relationship-ai sariyana trac-le kondu poga mudiyum.. illenna dead end-le poyi ninnu muzhikka vendiyadhudhan..

Syam said...

Wish you a Wonderful New Year!!!

tt_giant said...

So true! Sachin would not have realized that his case would be taken as an example! Perhaps he would have used Gandhi's case to make his point?

MotoRama said...

You gotta fall in love..really in stupid..parameters like age,race,religion,height,etc. are!

மு.கார்த்திகேயன் said...

இனிய புத்தாண்டு வாழ்த்துக்கள் நண்பரே..

இந்த வருடத்தில் கிடைத்த உங்கள் நட்பு எனக்கு மகிழ்ச்சியை தருகிறது. பரந்து விரிந்த இந்த உலகத்தில் நம்மை சேர்த்து வைத்த இந்த பிளாக்கருக்கு நன்றி.

இந்த புதிய வருடத்தில் ஆண்டவனிடன் நீங்கள் வேண்டும் யாவும் கிடைக்கப்பெற்று, நல்ல ஆரோக்கியத்துடன் நீங்களும் உங்களும் குடும்பத்தினரும் எல்லா வித இன்பங்களும் கிடைக்கப் பெற்று வாழ வாழ்த்துக்கள். தாங்கள் பணிபுரியும் அலுவலகத்தில் மேலும் மேன்மை அடைந்து சிறக்க வாழ்த்துக்கள்

Raju said...

Deepak, welcome back, after the long break!!

yeah I agree about Sachin.. Being a true follower of his heart, he might not have thought much.. His being a larger-than-life celebrity probably makes a huge difference..
Motorama, welcome to my blog!

True.. cant agree more. LOL on ur addition of 'height' as a parameter..

Raju said...

Syam and Karthik, Thank you so much for your advance wishes. May this new year be your best thus far and I hope and pray for all the great things to happen in your life..

G3 said...

Wishing you a very Happy, Prosperous and Successful New Year :-)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Alo..time for next post ;)

Happy new year! :)

KK said...

Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!! :D

Raju said...

G3 and KK, Thanks a lot and wish you too the same..
Ponnarasi, next post ready-yayitttu irukkumbodhey ippadi oru comment.. Thanks for putting pressure.. ;)

Happy new year wishes to you too.. Thanks..

Anonymous said...

The idea of males marrying females younger than them has nothing to do with our culture. I believe that it is just a practice that is common throughout the world for various reasons, including the structure of family life. But we don't live in such a world now. It's not accurate to use examples of teachers and students. For that matter, growing up in the west, I find the concept of marrying cousins disgusting, but it's a norm in India. It is hard for a lot of people to let go of pre-concieved notions that we have been fed for years.

Basically, men marrying older women is not such a new phenomenon. There are a lot of factors that come into play. Though Sachin is a famous persona, Anjali, from what I have read is her own person. So maybe, they are happy without hierarchy structure. Likewise, many other guys are happy with someone who is intellectual and independent, and giving respect to that. Egos will be there, whatever the age of the couple. For example, most marriages do have older men and younger women. But lots do divorce. So the argument doesn't hold.


Anonymous said...

Abhishek DOB - Feb 5, 1976
Aishwarya DOB - Nov 1, 1973


Raju said...

Kajan, well.. I believe that we still do live in such a world, the changing family structure and western influence notwithstanding. I didnt use the example of teachers and students. It was more of a specific case.. Though the concept of marrying a cousin is a lil weird, if you think about it, the families know the boy and girl for so long, and even the concerned boy and girl would have known the other since childhood.. so it would be easy to accept, if satisfied. From the view of understanding too, it works better, rite?

About Abhi and Aish, yeah.. I found the DOBs from Wiki.. Incidentally, his first love, Karisma Kapoor, was elder to hm as well..

Swapna said...

Well guys...May be when you are not into something like this then may be you feel weird. My parents were married by their elders and my Mom is 7 yr older than my dad. They are leading a very happy married life after 41 yr of their marriage. I have never seen any problems at home or between my parents (Me being very attached to both of them). Please don't blame celebrities as being -ve influence. If anybodies marriage fails then it is bcoz of the couple or people / environment around them. It is not right to blame others.