Nov 19, 2005

Blogger Love: Part 2

From her blog, he knew where she studied and when she graduated; he contacted a Private detective agency in Chennai, passed on her college info and her foto, and asked them to give him her parents' address. Within few days, he got it. He called up his brother in Chennai and somehow managed to get the contact number of the marriage broker. He talked to him, explained him the situation and asked him to help fix the alliance. He lured the broker to pay double the commission money..

The broker went to the girl's house in the pretext that someone had told him they have a daughter to be married. He gave them our friend's info and some other 'soplangi cases' too. He praised our friend, saying he is also working in US, good family, blah blah.. He got her 'jaathagam' and quickly got it matched. Porutham besh besh.. and that was conveyed to both the homes. Our friend was constantly calling the broker and he was very happy to hear that one major hurdle got cleared. The parents then met and decided that they will ask their children's opinion.

One morning, our friend woke up and gets this e-mail from his parents. He knew that she would have got it too. The parents had provided both with the phone number of the other person. And he calls her up one fine day: (He is X and she Y)

She: Hello...
He: Hi.. this is X.. Is it Y?
She: Yeah.. speaking
He: Hi.. uhm.. I got your foto and number
She: What?
He: umm.. hahn.. my parents had sent it; they said you should have received mine too..
She: Oh.. you are talking about that case?
He: *DUH* case-a?
She: I mean, some alliance.. yeah yeah I got it too..
He: I thought I will give you a call and talk to you about it..
She: Do you know Tamil?
He: Yeah, of course, sure.. why?
She: Tamil-leye pesalamey..
He: yeah sure.. mm.. pesalamey..
She: So, neenga 'XYZ' city-le work panreengala?
He: aamam.. neenga '... blah blah..
they talk about where they work, their education, life, future plan, etc.. and our friend is getting very nervous now..

They decide to meet someplace.. She asks him to come and meet for a lunch on Saturday, in a restaurant..
Each minute passes as if it is a month and, then came the saturday.. he dresses up his best and goes to the meet-point.

They share a warm hand-shake and start to talk again..
She: Enakku idhudhan first time indha madhiri meet panradhu
He: hehehe.. enakkumdhan..
She: Unnai idhukku munnale engeyo partha madhiri irukku..
He: hehehe.. ennoda muga vettu appadi..
She: ?!??!

He knows her food interests, and he orders exactly those items..
She: Wow.. these are my favorites too..
He: Really? Enna porutham ille... I mean, coincidence..
She: mm... unnoda hobbies enna?
He: books padippen, movies, cricket aduvenn..etc.. , appuram, blogging pannuvenn..
(Tells himself 'YEHH'.. solliyachu)
She: enna sonne, blogging-a?
He: amam..
She: Really??? Naanumdhan.. Un address enna?
She: What?
He: Enn? enna achu?
She: Neeyaa 'athu'?
He: 'Athu'va? enn?
She: Hey, enna surprise.. naandhan 'jklm' Y..
He: (Shows lots of surprise) Reallllly??
She: Ennaley nambavey mudiyaley.. poyum poyum unnoda alliance-aiya enga veetlerndhu anuppichanga?
He: (aiyayyo enna idhu) enn Y? Appadi sollitte.. World romba chinnadhu, ille?
She: appadi edhuvum illey.. Hey, needhan ennoda foto-vai blog-le parthirukke ille? unakku koodava ennai adaiyalam theiryale?
He: hehehe.. . enakku kooda doubt vandhuchu.. but nee naerla romba azhaga irukke.. so sariya kandupidikka mudiyale..
She: Nijama?
He: Nijama enakku un profile foto gnabagam varaley..
She: adhu illey.. naan nijama naerla innum azhaga irukkena? (oru dhideer vetkam on her face..) :-)


NaiKutti said...

enna mudinjudha??... enna, naan sonne mathiri mudichitinga but the "setting-up" of arranged marriage was good :-) aprum oru He-She dialogue add pannitinge... was fun reading :-)

LOL @ "case-a???"

Prabu Karthik said...

Kadai nalla irukku raju.
oru chinna suggestion
innumkoncham details add pannunga. realistic a irukkum...

nalla effort.

regarding cricket. ontong's fielding was brilliant. especially pathan's runout (which i saw)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

nalla long story a shorta a sollittengal, nalla irukku,

enjoyed the arranged kadhal kalyanam bit

kalai said...

kudos naikutti ku!!! andha private detective naikuttiyo nu enakku doubta irukku!! :))))

one shmaal koshteen. private detectives indha velai kooda panna arambichutangla??? ;)

dialogues were nice...hehe! :)

Ramana Siddharth said...

just read modifiable endings..interesting post.i will certianly change the ending of uyire...but i will pretty much leave the rest alone...kurudipunal, mundram pirai and all...they would be lesser films if they had a happy climax so 2 speak.punagai mannan is a film where i would change the climax.

Balaji said...

very sweet. hero sariyana 420-aa irukkaane. ipdi edhavadhu thillu mullu panni thaan mrs.raju-va pudichingalo?? ;)

visithra said...

so ithuku peragu after marriage truth vahruma? ;p

tt_giant said...

...and they lived happily ever after!.

Nice one!!!. romba anubavichu ezhudineenga pola irukuey!.

* what is this?. my commenting skills have toned down a lot *.

BTW, for thanksgiving, seems like you both would be busy. I thought maybe we can meetup sometime. Its ok, lets meet sometime in dec. Irupeenga illa?.

Raju said...

Karthik, neenga sonnadhu kadhai-nna ennodadhu thirakadhavai.. Ippo ellam kadhaiyai yaar parkkuranga.. Thiraikadhai dhan ellamey.. ;)
Prabu, thanks. Ippovey romba weekly serial madhiri ayiruchu.. Details add panna megaserialdhaan.. :-)

Cricket: I heard about Ontong's efforts too from Prem's post.. Our batsmen better treat like him a Jonty..
Vatsan, kashtappattu short-aakkinenn.. evlo logic cover panna mudiyumo avvlavu..

This 'arranged love marriage' concept came to my mind long ago.. Strange I havent seen it in movies.. Has anyone seen/read anything similar to this story? If so, plz. let me know.. I would appreciate very much.

Raju said...

Kalai, haha... naikutti pathi enakku theriyathu..

Enna appadi kettutteenga pvt. detectives pathi.. Avanga range-ey theriyadha ungalukku? Idhuvum pannuvanga, idhukku meleyum pannuvanga.. Namma naadu nallaa munnerittu irukku.. :-)
Sid, Punnagai mannan is an interesting mention. I think there were two versions of the movie when it was released.. The other one was in which somehow the bomb is removed and they escape.

If I remember right, the ones you and me saw were from the version screened in big cities (A centers), whereas for B and C centers, the other version was sent. Can anyone throw more light on that?
Balaji, enna, 420-ya? hahaha... Pyaar ke liye kuch bhi karsaktha hai..

LOL on ref. to Mrs. Raju.. adhellam Chidambara ragasiyam.. Indha madhiri 'Thillu mullu'dhaan kaadhal-le swarasyama irukkum.. :-)

Raju said...

Vis, I posted the appendix just to answer you.. Ungalukku truth-a mukkiyam? :-)
Deepak, hopefully.. adhu ellam enn kaiyile illey.. ;)

hahahah.. anubavichu ezhuthina madhiri irukka? romba nallathu.. No comments.. ;)

Ur commenting skills.. multiple effects of jetlag, homesickness and loss of touch.. poga poga sariyayidum..

About 'thanksgiving', yeah.. we had hatched a plan for Orlando trip on Saturday; Geeta has a presentation on 6th so she felt its better we go after that.. When you asked, I knew you are asking regarding our meet..
If everything goes well, we will visit Orlando on 10th.. Let us think about it.. And we will be in Florida till March End.

Ramya harish said...

hey nice one... Oru velai ipdi aairndha..(like 12b)..

She: What?
He: Enn? enna achu?
Here begins my version...

She: hey naandhan jklm.blospot...
He: Reallyy..(before he completes)
She: appo u must be knowing rstu.blogspot also.. ennoda list la iruppane??
He: Aaama.. Nallave theriyume...avan posts ellam padichirkene..very brilliant for a while and asks)...avunukenna ippo..
She: Naa kooda yaaro alliance nu bayandhute vandhen..nee dhan na odane ippo romba nimmadhiya iruku..
He: Ippo enna ma solla vara..
She: Adhu vanthu.. naa.. naa.. avana dhan love panren.. nee dhan epdiyaavadhu engala sethu vekanum.. please da ..please da..

Raju said...

Ramya, aaha.. ippadi oru twist-oda yosikkireengaley.. Neenga director Kathir-ku sondhama?? Aanalum twist super.. Kalakkitteenga

Ramya harish said...

he hee:) thanks.. ellam cinema influence dhan..

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