Sep 25, 2007

Congrats, India !!!

It was a memorable win indeed by the Indian team in the inaugural T20 Cup.. I hope that the tournament is not played every year, to dilute its importance.. Once in 2 years is OK.. I wish I had subscribed to the telecast on DirecTV when low-profile notices were distributed last month. Anyway, the last two weeks gave a glimpse of idea about what to expect when the 'Big Three' of Indian cricket retire in a few years. I see a lot of promise..

Some tidbits to give u glimpse of my suddenly busy schedule:

* I have driven over 6,000 miles in less than 3 months, which would translate to over 100 kilometers per day.. Poor car..

* While desparately house-hunting near my new workplace, I saw an ad posted at 5:45 PM, and when I was there at the property at 6:45 PM, one more person had already arrived.. and the landlord was getting phone calls too.. Luckily for me, she was an old Alumnus of my new university, and having a PhD degree at last helped to impress someone. At last, I have got a house in an area which is like "A Europe in US".
* My landlord has a dog (which looks dirty) called "Poker" !?! and she (I mean, the dog) almost 'kaatti-koduthufied' that I was shoo-shooing her away from my room by barking to her owner and running around my legs..

* One landlord's wife told me that her husband's name is "Tuna, as in Tuna fish".. and he too happily introduced himself to me thus.. :) Enna perumaiyo...

* Since my last post, there were many a times when I really wished this city called "New York" was far far away and not affecting my daily life as a tenant, as a commuter and as an employee. Now, I have learnt to live with it.. it is all about finding the city's pulse and acting accordingly..

* Finally, on movies: Yuvan, after watching Satham Podathey's songs would have felt how a great artist would have, upon seeing his fine paintings hang on the walls of a dirty store-room.