Oct 10, 2006

X-Y coordinates

Recently, I couldnt help but literally do a 'ROTFL' act when I heard this incident from my friend.. only that instead of floor, it was my bed, since I was talking while lying down. "X-machi, Y-machi" song is being played on TV and, you know, the deadly 90-thara is scaring the hell out of us.. My friend's grandma gets up slowly from the sofa and asks "yaar adhu.. Mumtaj-a iva, ivlo gundayitta?" (Is it Mumtaj? She has put on so much weight) and the people around started laughing like anything.. Oh boy.. how I wished I was there !! Enna nilaimai.. :)


1) Lage raho Munnabhai: A brilliant concept.. Blending Gandhian thoughts with those of an underworld don.. Despite having a good share of lumped-throat moments, it is an enjoyable movie, bcos the LOL moments were always around the corner, thanks to the courtesy of Arshad Warsi. Sanjay Dutt is more of Gandhian and less of a dada here.. The romance of the old couple, and the take on 'Manglik' dhosham were the surprise packages. A must-watch movie.

2) Perarasu: There is this diro Perarasu directing 'Dravidan' (dont confuse with the movie 'Dravidan' starring Satyaraj) Vijayakanth for 'Dharmapuri' in Dharmapuri, but this 'Perarasu' was not directed by that 'Perarasu' but by a debutant 'Udhayan' (No no , not 'Udayan' - the rehabilitation home of Kolkata, which Steve Waugh is associated with). mmm.. something happened to me after I watched not one but two Vijayakanths.... First half was OK.. second half was the usual boring stuff.. Anandaraj kalakkittar.

2 actresses, 2 coordinates, 2 friends, 2 Munnabhai's, 2 Vijayakanths and hence 2 tiny reviews.. 2 busy also.. ;)


mitr_bayarea said...


LoLed at your friend's grandma's statement....X-Y thaan rendu perum!

Anurama said...

ha ha.. perarasu tiny review super.. lol.. :)

Anu said...

I loved munabhai... and i still dont know how any body sits through a vijaykanth movie :D

Syam said...

//yaar adhu.. Mumtaj-a iva, ivlo gundayitta//

this is really ROTFL :-)

I heard gabdon is acting as a G.B.I aapicer in perarasu :-)

Raju said...

Mitr, :)
Anurama, thanks.. :)
Anu, Perarasu, to be honest, is his best movie since Ramana, but that doesnt necessarily guarantee a great entertainer or something. The first half was OK, without so much of his trademark monologues and songs and 'parakkum' fights.. second half-le second Vijayakanth vandhu sudhappittar.. :)
Syam, :) I had at a hearty laugh at ur 'GBI Aapicer'.... When my friend asked what comment I received, I was reading urs and it took a while for me to stop laughing and tell my friend what u wrote.. that was hilarious..

tt_giant said...


Havent seen Lage rago.. (ha! paatha mattum purinjida pogudhu!)

LOLed at patti's comment.

Super ending!

super post pongo!

Me too said...

Where did you find that slim mumtaj picture? :)

2 bad that you had to put up that clip!! Drishtiparigarama?

Raju said...

Deepak, I recommend u watch Lage Raho.. English sub-title irukke namakkaga.. no probs.. ;)
Aparna, Slim-a? LOL.. ellam 'relative'... ;)

Sollitteenga ille.. andha paattu out.. en blog-ku drishtiparigaram ellam venam..

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hahaha yenna oru analysis!
Nayanathara paatu thaanga mudila engayumey :(

Syam said...

raju, I too coudn't control laughing when gabdon pronounced CBI in a clipping... :-))

Nag said...

New Look to the blog!!

Raju said...

Ponnarasi, pullarikkudha... ;)
Syam, LOL.. in 'Narasimma', I was laughing so much when he said "let us start the mison".. and so many other 'vaira varigal'..
Nag, mm... felt bored so changed.. still working on it./.