May 11, 2007

Time of the Siblings

1980's saw the emergence of offsprings in Tamil cinema - Prabhu, followed by Karthik created their own magic and survived long enough. The recent times has seen the arrival of siblings.. first, it was 'Jithan/Jerry' ( ;) ) Ramesh following his brother Jeeva's footsteps, supported ably by their 'Can-waste-all-my-hard-earned-money-to-make-my-boys-into-heroes' R.B. Chowdhary. Jeeva didnt do much to attract attention in his first few movies before 'Raam' but since then has hardly looked back. Will there be any 'Krishna' for Ramesh? Only time can tell..

Then there is Karthi, who, in his very first attempt, has given a bigger blockbuster than what his elder bro Surya could manage in a career spanning almost a decade. Haing a good mix of acting skills and looks, he is surely here to stay.

Now, about some 'expected' cases.. After a successful transformation from 'Baby' to 'Kumari' Shalini, her younger sis Shamili is rumored to make a (re-)entry into Tamil/Telugu industry. I wish she is re-introduced by Maniratnam, who has an excellent track with her family, in Anjali and Alaipayuthey.. but, my foresight tells me that I would prefer to think of her performances in Anjali (and even Durga) rather than as a heroine in the future.

And then there is 'Kuralarasan', who is chubbier and hence believed to be cuter than Silambarasan(!?!?). With the dad Vijaya TRajender having been re-energized after 'Veerasamy',and wishing to make more movies with him as the hero, the fate of Tamil rasigars is on the hands of his family.
The downside of such a thing is a possible rivalry between the siblings.. inspired from politics (two MK siblings' recent fights fuelled by two united brothers comes to mind..). Reminding of the good old tamil proverb "Rendu Aadunga sandai pottaa ...."

PS: Time to change my 'Favorite Video'.. Doesn't mean that the previous song has lost its sheen... The new favorite song is a very special one for me, especially since last Wednesday.. :) It is from my all-time favorite movie, Anjali.. I am sure most of you would have watched this many times. A beautiful song involving some of the cutest moments.. Shamili was just awesome.. especially when she is sitting on the bench holding a leaf, or when she is wiping the cheeks after receiving a kiss.. so artistic yet so natural.. Njoy..


i think therefore i am said...

hey raju,
nice blog post.. u sure shamili is acting again.. she looks para normal donno if she will make a gud heroine..

Nagesh said...

any body from rajinikanth family is going to come to industry?

Me too said...

Does VTR have 3 kids? Never heard of Kuralarasan before!

Siblings have ruled movie industry at every stage(Padmini/Ragini/?, Nutan/Tanuja, Nagma/Jothika). Guess, the brothers trend is new now!

Raju said...

Cogito, thanks.. I saw in a few websites that she is being lured by a few people to act as heroine. True she doesnt look dashing as his sister but, who knows.. a good makeup might do the trick.. :)
Nagesh, I think neither of his daughters would come to act, but they might be associated with the industry in other ways..
Aparna, yes.. moonu muthaana pillaigal.. :) Silambarasaan, Ilakkiya (now doing her MBA) and Kuralarasan.

In case of sisters, yes.. add to the above list Ambika-Radha and Radhika-Nirosha as well.. :)

J said...

Ah, new post :-) different thoughts'la post podareengha. nice :-)

tt_giant said...

wow.. paruththiveeran was bigger than kakha kakha? then that is some entry for Karthi!

Anonymous said...

Any hero with the character of Paruthiveeran would have made an impact. So it remains to see if Karthi can mesmerize the audience in other characters.

Shamili is not a bad looking girl. She is pretty, but does not have the Kollywood necessaries. It is not the time for genuine talented actresses. So I feel that she would be a misfit if she entered.


Raju said...

J, :-) Thanks..
Deepak, yeah.. KK was an A-center hit, whereas Paruthiveeran is being liked by throughout the state..
Kajan, well, though the real hero of Paruthiveeran was the story itself, Karthi gave a commendable performance, especially for a newcomer. And he has got some interesting movies with good directors.. Let us see how he fares in them..

As you said, Shamili isn't the conventional heroine material. Hopefully she still has her childhood acting talents when her re-entry happens..

raj said...

yaaruppa adhu Radhika_niroshangaradhu. Appadinna Naanga Bhanupriya-Nishanthinnu kooda solvom. Not to forget Simran-Monal and Nagma-Roshni
Here's another pair whichprobably only Raju can decipher - Rama-Latha. Kandupidinga paarpom?

Raju said...

Raj, I know I know someone would pull my legs.. For some reasons, I like Nirosha.. (I mean Nirosha, Part I, in movies like Agni Natchathiram, Soorasamharam and Sendhoorappoove).. :)

Latha - The fav heroine of MGR in his last movies, who acted opposite to him in movies like Ulagam Sutrum Valiban, Nam naadu, etc.

The only 'Rama' I know is the heroine of Bharathiraja film 'En Uyir Thozhan'. I dont think she is Latha's sister. Sorry donno of any other Rama.. or any Latha who acted in late 80's or early 90's.

raj said...

As I thought, you caught Rama quite correctly. Latha her sister is not the 'Selvi' and 'Arasi' Latha, the erstwhile MGR and Rajni favourite(Rajni ended up in Hospital after Ramavaram thottam gave him 'special attention' for being close to her :-). This Latha acted in some obscure movie just released after Ennuyir hozhan and infact was the elder sister of Rama. I dont remember the movie name though, which is a dampener but I certainly remember the obsucre fact :-) said...

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