Jun 8, 2005

Congratulations, Prof. Rao !!!

Hearty congratulations to Prof. CNR Rao for being awarded the prestigeous Dan David Prize of Israel. It is Israel's highest prize, given to eminent scientists in various fields under three categories Past, Present and Future. Prof. Rao has been awarded in the "Future" category for his pioneering work in materials science.

Prof. Rao is 71 years old but his enthusiasm for science is still that of a young scientist. Couple of by-pass surgeries and age have not slowed down his progress one bit. He is easily India's most productive scientist ever, with over 1100 scientific publications in reputed journals and over 100 doctorate students. He got his Ph.D. from Purdue university when he was only 24 and became a full professor at 27!! Even now his memory power and novel ideas are driving the fast growing Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Scientific Research, which was his brainchild.

His students have told me that he was nominated twice for Nobel Prize, which by itself is a huge honor, off-the-record. His publishing rate is amazing.. I calculated that he publishes a paper every two weeks.. !! Not many in the world can do that.. His products serve all over the country in IIT's and other reputed institutions.

Congratulations to him once again and Wish him many more years of service to Science and India..