Aug 24, 2005

My favorite interludes

OK.. it is time for a movie/music post.. and something to list too.. This is about some awesome interludes that I love listening to again and again.. That, to me, is what comes to my mind and what makes me crave when I start hearing the song.

IMO, AR Rahman is a master in setting up interesting interludes. His style is soo unique, it has added a new dimension to tamil film music. He seldom brings them abruptly.. if they stand out, its more because they are different and nice rather than intrusive.

1) Malargalae.. malargalae.. (Love Birds): A nice song to listen anytime anywhere.. the fast interlude before the second stanza is just mind-blowing.. Started by flute, it slowly picks up speed.. Sounds like Mandolin, but could be computer-synthesized.. (4:14 - 5:05)

2) Songs from 'Duet'. Each song had a unique master-piece.. Kadri's saxophone interludes were just out-of-the-world.. especially "naan paadum sandham".. (1:32 till end).. And in the beginning of Kathirikka (0:28-1:01), what string instrument was it, guitar? Superb..

3) Veerapandi kottaiyile (Thiruda thiruda): Listen from 2:18-2:48 and from 4:40-5:32 for the violin-flute jugalbandhi..

4) Oruvan oruvan (Muthu): First 50 seconds and the last seconds.. Symphony-style orchestra.. I think it is an under-rated song..

5) Vidukathaiya (Muthu): The last 60 seconds of veena-tabla combo.. classic..

6) Mellisaiye (Mr. Romeo): This nice song (screwed up badly in picturization) has two beautiful interludes from 1:45 to 2:24.. and from 3:45-4:20, the former with violin and tabla and the latter with flute..

7) Manamadurai (Minsara Kanavu): A surprise twist in the otherwise smoothly going melodious song comes in the form of a nice drumsbeat from 3:42-4:18

8) Aadi paaru (May Madham): A short bit.. but nevertheless very good between 3:16-3:36. Finely modulated guitar blended with the female humming..

9) Thendrale (Kadhal Desam): In this best-ever lullaby I have heard in tamil films, Rahman has enjoyed himself from 3:23-4:35 with his trademark innovations imprinted all throughout.

10) Pudichirukku (Samy): Shortest of the ten but still cute flute from 2:52-3:08. Surprise gift from Harris.

The other thing I have noticed about Rahman is his use of beats in songs.. In over 90% songs, there is only one beat and it remains throughout the song. Even the best struggle to do that.. they lose it at some place or other to add variety.. One example is Rangeela.. In all the songs, you can find one beat around which the entire song is woven.


Ram.C said...

very minute observation GP...

didn't you observe anything of this sort, in few of my favourites - 'katre..' from 'Rythm' - 'Anbe..' from 'Jeans' - 'Vennilave..' from 'Minsarakanavu'?

gp said...

Ram, IMO, the first two had 'normal' interludes.. (Songs were great, no doubt.. but they didnt have a 'standing out' type interlude) 'Vennilave' (which is my all-time favorite) had a terrific interlude before the second stanza (When Prabhudeva and Kajol dance with hands behind their back).. but, the interlude itself was not the highlight of the song for me.. it was the singers, the lyrics and the music throughout, or to put it otherwise, from the beginning to end.

tt_giant said...

wow man. pretty acute observation there. if you like interludes (or as i call them, sweet spots) in songs, you should probably start listening to trance or ambient trance (not techno). its full with them.

6) Mellisaiye (Mr. Romeo): This nice song (screwed up badly in picturization)-- LOL!!

oh btw, my tube light brain finally glowed.. B and P..

GP: idhu anyaayam.. ;-)

Raju said...

Thanks for the info, Deepak.. I will check out..

About the other matter, naandhaan appove sonnene spoilt-nu.. enna panradhu..

Nitin said...

all the songs from thiruda thiruda have nice music.

Raju said...

Nitin, yeah.... I love all the songs from TT.. but, in this post, I focussed only on the best interludes.

tt_giant said...

paravaala.. i thought i was superemely spoilt.. but now i agree that there are superior beings above me!!

Raju said...

Deepak.. hahaha.. u can always count on me in this matter... :-)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

nalla list pannirukkengal, ippo pudhu pada pattu ellam kettangala?

Raju said...

Vatsan, thanks.. Pudhu paatu ellam kettenn.. Oru padathule kooda ellaa paattume hit-nu latest-a edhuvum ille.. so, Ah AAh-le 3 songs, Oru Kallooriyin Kathai-le 2 songs, Kanda naal mudhal-le 2 songs (Kanda naal mudhalai.. is an awesome song.. too good), Ghajini-le 1 song, Thotti Jaya-le 1 song latest-a iPod-le add panniyirukkenn... Ippo irukkiravangal-le Yuvan-dhaan best in form..

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