Oct 14, 2006

Loyal Cars

Have you ever wondered why the cars/jeeps in tamil movies commit suicide by flying several metres high in the air and crashing down, if its driver is shot? Viswasam, eh? ;)

PS: I was watching 'Narasimha' of our Gabdon, after a 'strong recommendation' from a friend.. Sema comedy within the first 20 mins of the movie itself.. I am celebrating my weekend with our blue-eyed, current-resistant, self-nail-plucking, ice-bathing 'Dravidan' saar.. ;)


ram said...

maattram mattummae maaraadadu..

The page is nice. Why black background for the about me section and white background for my recent posts section.. Any specific reason..

Sundar Narayanan said...

that is an interesting observation..

have you also noticed that in recent movies including VV, they show that the stunts are exaggerated.. you can see in most places that the guy who is hit is leaping in the air even before the blow lands ! this little anomaly doesnt seem to bother today's directors!!

Raju said...

Ram, "maattram mattummae maaraadadu.." .. LOL.. made my head reel.. worth thinking for atleast 10 mins, I guess... ;)

No specific reason for the black/white contrast.. still working on it..
Sundar, romba naaaaaaaalaikku appuram varreenga... vaango anna.. :)

Exaggerated fights.. true.. Too dramatic.. yeah, the directors want some 'new' action everytime.. next, you can expect villains flying when the hero blows hard with his mouth.. ;) udaney oru paattu "Un vayilirundhu Tsunami vedikkum.. un kaiyil 100 erimalai kodhikkum".. ada pongappa..

Nitin said...

more than the exaggerated fights where villains fly just by one touch from the heroes. i dont know how people can accept someone like ajith,dhanush,simbhu,vijay fighting all these tough guys, these guys weigh under 100lbs, and have no muscle, but just by one touch, three or four villains fly at a time, and then followed by a punch dialogues. kamal,vikram i can understand, they are both well built, but simbhu & dhanush, just thinkin makes me laugh. so Raju, what diwali movie are you waiting to see? india seemed to have a tough time scoring 123 against england, and srilanks and pakistan are becoming stronger, India better start playing carefully.

Nag said...

so back to old look

aruna said...

athenna self-nail-plucking??

Raju said...

Nitin, u r right.. In fact, movies like Sullan and Pudhupettai werent accepted by the mass bcos Dhanush cant be believed to handle more than one person in a fight, his comparison with Bruce Lee notwithstanding. And, well, I am sure they would be weighing more than 100 lbs but guys like Dhanush and Simbhu are too thin to make us convinced at such fight scenes.

My favorite Diwali movie would be Vallavan, for its being the debut film for Simbhu the director. Sarakku ulla aalu madhiridhan theriyudhu.. parppom..

India's performance in the first game was far from satisfactory.. a repeat performance against WI or Aus, and we will be out of the touruament.
Nag, yeah.. after some negotiations, old seemed to be like gold.. ;)
Aruna, I really wish I could give you the link to that particular scene that I am talking about.. Anyway, click here for another hair-rising bit, which incidentally follows the 'nail-plucking' scene.

Well, what happens is, the CBI guys try to make him speak by resorting to third-degree tortures... they threaten him with his nails wolued plucked, blah blah.. and our gapton does that himself.. I was laughting badly at the scne when he plucks his nail himself using his teeth and throw it on somebody's face and SMILES, with a BLOODY (not scolding him.. actually face becomes bloody) face. ayyo.. chance-ey illa..

Me too said...

It's been ages since I watched those Gaptan comedy movies. LOLed at this recently.

Syam said...

LOL....is that the same movie where gabdon says "I am going do gunduct damilnadu elecjan"

Nitin said...

im hoping varalaru to be good, ks.ravikumar usually makes some good flicks that run well, so lets hope this comes as a good break for Ajit, although I hate simbhu, lets see how vallavan turns out, i could tolerate manmadhan, so lets hope it turns out better than that. great game between wi & aus yesterday.every team is trying to perform well other than India, they need to get their act together.

aruna said...

I got it now. However, hard to believe nails come out when you pull them by teeth....only in kollywood.

Raju said...

Aparna, the thought of watching Vijayakanth never stuck me until recently when i realized that it is a good way to have a hearty laugh.. i am sure u wont repent too.. ;)

I saw Keerthi's post and had a good time reading it..
Syam, no no.. I think it is 'Thennavan', which is the last Gaptan movie i saw on big screen.. I swore to never visit a theater for his movie again. :)
Nitin, I keep my fingers crossed for 'Varalaru', since the previous Ajit-KSR combo 'Villain' was disappointing. Hope this movie brings a new lease of life to both these talented and presently-unlucky artists.

Simbhu better shies away from his 'finger tricks' and 'Rajini mimics' and comes up with a perforamnce a la Manmathan and 'Thotti' Jaya.

I was thrilled after following the Aus-WI game y'day.. It would be great if ind defeats WI and Eng loses all its matches.. Then, in all probability, Ind-Aus game could be a virtual quarter-final. Mouth-watering contest...
Aruna, ya ya.. Kollywood-le ellamey nadakkum.. I can never forget the line "currend-ai thotta sadharana manushanukkuthan shock adikkum.. Naan Narasimma.. Ennai thotta currend-ukkey shock adikkum" and his showing big big eyes, leading to the shorting.. LOL.. sema comedy..