Oct 22, 2006

6 Weirds - Wired by tagging

Ponnarasi tagged me (again!!) 6 weird qns. thrown at me.. and here are my quick, but not necessarily short, answers..
1) Psycho in me: Me??? Psycho?? neyyyy...... hey, wait.. (Psycho music playing) Well.. i am not gonna chase you with a knife in my hand. I do some crazy stuff... Almost everytime I cross a road, i get this feeling that an ultrafast vehicle is gonna hit me.. doesnt scare me or something, but gets me philosophical at times.
2) Thinni pandaram: Ullen aiya!! Suuuuper saappadu kidaicha kannu pidhungura varaikkum saappidama endhirikka maatten. My PhD guide said I 'eat well', so usually no need to worry about 'excessive ordering' during our dining-outs.. Once I declared shamelessly that I live to eat.. :)
3) Kids: I sometimes feel they are angels, bcos when God sends then to this world, he stays with them for a few years to make them feel secure. I luv kids and they luv me too. Firstly, my height attracts them and, may be most jovial kids feel special if I approach them. I dont mind doing kiddish stuff to keep them glued to me, and after that, they never forget me.
4) Dreams: I dont remember whether I mentioned about them earlier, but my favorite weird childhood dreamm was a fox sitting in our house's 'oonjal' stylishly, and not allowing me to play in the oonjal. Then, there was another one where I would be atop a slope and i jump... I dont touch the ground at all.. i keep flying in the air for a looong time.. This dream keeps appearing even now. Another irritating dream: If my work doesnt progress well and I get tense, I dream that I am gonna face an exam (mostly English, or sometimes maths) in my college, or at times, school and I am totally under-prepared. My agony during those few hours of of doing badly in the exam is undescribable. The irony is that, I scored first class in all my subjects in college.. just that I have forgotten what I studied for the English language in my second year. Duh.. what a punishment for that..
5) No weird: ????
6) Bore factor: If I hear some stuff from the same person second time, I immediately feel it is a waste of time and get bored. Bored with people who dont talk much. And I feel bored when think of the household chores waiting for the weekend. Bored if my co-passengers during a long journey just keep sleeping.
Thank god.. done with it.. I am not gonna tag anyone bcos I feel that getting tagged is a pain.. it adds pressure to the already pressurized minds of ours.. It is like a stone pressing us all the time until we write it.. It is soo dumb bcos one has to write only on the 6 given subjects.. It is a waste of a post bcos you have to write abut YOU, YOU and things dealing only with YOU. but, but, but, it is fun tagging someone after writing it... ;) so I merrily tag Ram, Sanjay, Aparna, Mitr, Aruna and Visithra. :) hehehe.... cf. the weird point #1.


Badri said...

@ one has to write only on the 6 given subjects.
Actually this tag is like you have to write about any of your six weird facts ! Mutation of tag ;)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...


This is u have 2 write some weird things about u.. Athey sub headings irukanumnu ila... :-/
Seri naa thaan olunga sollama vituten pola...

Hahaha Raju comedy paniteenga ponga

Anyway it was 2 gud 2 read :)
Thanku for writing..

Raju said...

Badri, 'ovvoru manithanukku ulleyum oru week point undu.. Adhu iyarkaiyin niyadhi'.. ;)

Welcome here.. I just read only Ponnarasi's post and misunderstood.. BTW, had it been on any of my 6 weird facts, it would have taken a lot longer time.. eppadiyo, thappichen... :)
Ponnarasi, enna, sodhappittena? mmm.. paravalle... Miss-understanding.. ;)

Ippadi ellam pannaathan inimey ennai tag panna yosippeenga ellarum.. :)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Athu sari!
Inimey tag'ey panna koodathu'ba
Onnu pannama scene'a podranga..illa panitu scene'a podranga..

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Anyways thanks a lot for writing :)

Me too said...

I had read some of these weird tags in other blogs and when I saw yours, I thought 'Oh, adhukulla format maathitaangala'! Thank God, you all clarified it here!

Badri said...

I had been to ur blog many times.enna athigama comment pannathu illa ;) I have even blog rolled u.
check http://gpwebdiary.blogspot.com/2006/02/one-help.html
same Badri..

Blessy said...

Hi Raju,
Regarding kids...how do u know that God stays with them for few yrs?

Raju said...

Ponnarasi, LOL.. I was just kidding... this '6 weirds' tag is actually my sixth.. :) As I said earlier, I dont hate tags at all.. Chumma sonnen.. so, take it eeeeasy.. :)

Idhu enna chinna pullathanama thanks ellam sollikkittu.. loose-la vidu.. :)
Aparna, mmm.. looking forward to ur tag post..
Badri, ooops.. my bad. I am sorry, I forgot you totally. I have also blogrolled you.. so, *FRIENDS!!* :)
Blessy, welcome here.
I said "I sometimes feel they are angels, bcos when God sends then to this world, he stays with them for a few years.. Lemme explain what I meant.. The infants are so cute.. they laugh, they cry, they seem to live in a world of their own. For the first few years, all that they do - like learning to crawl, sit, stand, walk and talk have an artistic touch... as if someone is actually telling them to do those things.. a divine force guiding them. After a few years, God leaves them and so some of the kids turn into 'monkeys'.. :) thats the time the role of the parents, esp. that of the mother becomes very important.

ram said...

I am not able to put up any more post in my blog, I don't understand what's going on...

Raju said...

Ram, oh! Sorry to hear that. Blogger-beta sucks! May be it would be a good idea to create a new blog, since urs has only a few posts.