Oct 25, 2005

Happy B'day Asin !!

(Pic adopted from 123kerala)

Asin turned 20 just few minutes ago. Many many happy birthday wishes to her!! Waiting for her Diwali releases, Majaa and Sivakasi.

For Asin fans/worshippers, some links:

Our fellow blogger friend, Arjuna is the proud creater and owner of a yahoogroups called "Goddess Asin".

A cute video interview of Asin from indiaglitz here.

A text-only interveiw from Indiaglitz here.

A text-only interview (Post-Ghajini) from Sify here.

Asin's chat-transcript from Sify here.

"As in" Ghajini, let her look gorgeous, sweet, cute and lovely in all her movies... :-)


Nitin said...

wat, ur kidding me, she just turned 20. i didn't know she was that young, i thought she would be in her mid20s. so whos the man, sachin tendulkar is the man against srilanka first odi, Raju, did u watch the match on that online site? wat is that online site by the way?

Raju said...

Nitin, no kidding yaar.. Why so surprised? The directors catch new heroines young, in their late-teens..

Yeah, IMHO, Sachin is the man.. His shots were breath-taking.. He reminded me the Sachin of old.. though I loved the knocks of Irfan and Dravid.. With Sachin back in full swing, I hope, wish and pray that our team's fortunes in ODIs change for good.. :-)

I did watch the Indian innings LIVE (though with lotsa disturbances.. yesterday the feed was unusually poor.. :-( ) The site is http://www.sportingstreams.com

About 6-7 bucks a month is a good deal to me..

mitr_bayarea said...

raju: didn't know that you are a fan of Asin's....cool links. Helped me know more about the new comer, watched her on Ullam Ketkume yesterday and she does look nice.

TamilPonnu said...

unnaku sonia agarwal pudikuma illa Asin pudikuma?

Celebrity boxing match: SONIA VS ASIN
who will win?

Raju said...

Mitr, I was impressed with her first two movies.. two totally different kinda roles.. In 'Ullam Ketkume' review, I wrote "Asin looks gorgeous as an Iyengar girl". Then came 'Ghajini'.. and I was blown away.. I am not a fan of Asin alone... I like Trisha too. And, when time comes, I will put up the fotos of the other two favorite heroines. :-)
Tamilponnu, Sonia Agarwal? Nay.. I had to put up her pictures just coincidentally.. Ippo Asindhan pudikkum.. Boxing- ellam vaicha Asin-ku dhan enn support.. :-)

Nitin said...

yeah, she was also great in M.Kumaran s/o Mahalakshmi. cant wait to see Maja, i dont care much for Sivakasi, it will be the same typical Vijay movie.

Nitin said...

Irfan Pathan proves to be a great allrounder. It was good decision to put him up on the batting list, doesn't he usually go at 6down or 7 down. Good batting lineup, hopefully this keeps continuing, and Sehwag needs to start contributing.

Me too said...

October seems to be starry(birthday) month! mmm.... ensoy celebrating one after another!

Ram.C said...

hi guys, chk out my post here... One more interesting link there.. Joining you guys in wishing her...

Raju said...

Nitin, I too feel she would have got more screen time in Majaa than in Sivakasi.. let us see..

Irfan surely has the qualities of the alrounder.. Hope we make another Kapil Dev out of him..

If Sehwag fails in the next game too, I can see him being rested and Ganguly being brought back to partner Sachin..

Aparna, yeah.. I got to know of this just today... Nothing more to celebrate after this, hopefully... :-)

Ram, that was nice... I didnt know about her official homepage... she looks so different in some fotos.. (seems like she has done a plastic surgery to her nose..)

Slice Of Life said...

so now we have asin maniacs too

she ofcourse is cute

Raju said...

Uma, yeah of course.. She has a magnetic presence about her on screen.. Cant take eyes off her.. Terrific and cool.. :-)

karthy said...

Hello asin happy birthday.Many more wihes of the day!!!

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