Dec 21, 2005

Sea World visit - 1

Last Friday afternoon, I suddenly decided to visit Orlando and Seaworld was decided as the destination this time. A few hours later, I invited a couple to join us, and since they had a kid, we decided to drive in their car and me the driver.

Seaworld was better than Epcot. We enjoyed a lot more here, despite covering little over half of it. The ticket is valid for 5 days, so we are planning to visit again in a few hours today. Here are some fotos.

This was probably the 'whitest' bird I have ever seen..

A major highlight was the Dolphins' show at 'Blue Horizons'. It was mesmerizing, to say the least. A difficult shot at a descending Dolphin and a standing one.

Managed to catch the fella horizontally in the air. Reminds me of Jonty Rhodes. :-)
This was the best shot in the trip by me..

Was excited to see the Penguins in a warm land. Contrary to my expectations, they were short!!! Each was about 2 feet tall.. could catch them walking, standing, swimming, floating and jumping.. Cool folks really... ;-)

A real tall X'mas tree beautifully lit and decorated..

There was this musical fountain show after dusk. The colors were good.. On synchronization with music, it was OK.. We felt the 'dancing fountain' on Sankey Road, Bangalore was better.

Anyway, there were several firsts for us: Dolphins, Penguins, Killer Whales, Lagoons, and Manatees. I even managed to touch a dolphin in 'Dolphin cove'... sooo soft.

Will come up with more fotos after today's trip.


ram said...

Took me to the place you visited. Fantastic Photos. Thanks a lot. Eagerly waiting for more photos.

Raju said...

Ram, thanks. today's trip was good too. More fotos later.. :-)

NaiKutti said...

glad u had a nice time... i always felt that brindavan gardens musical fountain is the best... that was just awesome!

Vanathi said...

Wow...Wonderful pics...

Raju said...

Karthik, yeah, we had a nice time yesterday too. And on musical fountain, u know what, we felt that the one I mentioned in Sankey road, Bangalore (have you been there?) is better than the Brindavan gardens' one. If you havent been to the Indira gandhi dancing fountain on Sankey road, i strongly recommend you for an evening visit with roasted corn.
Vanathi, thanks.

tt_giant said...

My parents enjoyed sea world the most in their trip. Did you see the Shamu show (killer whale)?. That is the best of all..

Damn! its already 1 year since I went to sea world.. somebody stop the time!

Nitin said...

Raju, nice pictures man. Good, series wrapup by India, but only regret, they couldn't play in Chennai. See any new movies Raju?

Raju said...

Deepak, yep.. on both trips, we saw Shamu shows. the first was the X'mas special at 6 PM and the second was the normal show. I agree with u.. that really was the best.

I also felt that the year 2005 went pretty fast.. I can remember almost all of what happened in 2004 now.. and it looks so near.
Nitin, yeah.. the series result was heartening.. Nice to see the two matches producing results, that too in our favour. There are 10 matches to be played by us in the next 7 months in 3 series.. Hope and wish most of them too.

No new movies after Thavamai Thavamirundhu and Kanda Naal Mudhal.

Paurna said...

hey raju.what has happened.3 days since u made a unlike u.i always started my browsing by visiting ur blog.but am surprised to find nothing new.hope everything's fine and that ur back to blogging soon

Raju said...

Paurna, holiday time yaar.. So kinda busy. Feels good to know of a friend who starts with visiting my blog. I will post one soon today. :-)

Anonymous said...

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