Jan 2, 2006

'Best of 2005' Poll Results

Let me start the new year with heartful wishes to all of you for a wonderful and positive new year 2006!!! A year from now, when you look back, this should be one of those 'glorious and memorable years'.

The voteboxes for Tamil cinema's 2005 are officially closed, after 20 days. The results are out.. (hold ur breath).. :-)

Best Actor: It was a two-horse race, with the fortunes swinging like pendulum.. Of the 61 votes, Sanjay Ramasamy edges past Ambi/Remo/Anniyan 23-21. Surya's efforts as a cool millionaire and as revenge-seeking STML patient were well appreciated. I think the ladies' votes mostly went in his favor. :) In hindsight, I should have added Rajkiran. Cheran has to be applauded for allowing him to steal the show; but, I was not sure under which category Rajkiran would fit in - Best actor or best supporting actor.

Best Actress:

This was again a predominantly contest b/w Asin and Jothika. The last few minutes of Jo's performance in CM, including the famous 'lakalakalaka' act, helped her cause. Of the 47 votes, Jo has got 21, that is 45%.

What a coincidence that the best actor and best actress awards go to JoSurya.. ;-) Hope and wish they star together in Kaakha Kaakha-like movies.. (of course w'out Jo dying plz)...

Best movie:
While the audience like the performances of artistes doing fantasy roles or the 'disordered' characters, when it comes to quality, Cheran's realistic portrayal of the story of a father has won the hearts of the majority. Thavamai Thamirundhu got 19 of the 44 votes, with Ghajini the next with 9.

Though the movie might not do as good business as its other competitors, its decent show in box office would and should encourage some others to try on such down-to-earth simple, strong performance-based movies.

Best director:
Again, Cheran.. Like in Autograph, he managed well with the twin responsibility of acting and direction very well. He gets 19 of 41 votes; Shankar and Murugadoss equally share 16 b/w them.

Best music director:
A year with only a handful of movies with 'All-good' songs. In his year of marriage, Yuvancomes up with some memorable scores, getting 19 out of the 42 votes, just winning the race ahead of Harris (15). Pudhupettai's songs are a good start to the new year; and I eagerly await a possible Kamal-YSR project. AR Rahman, who was the top music director for so long, has to just score music for more albums to get back his place.

Thanks to all of you who voted..


ada-paavi!!!! said...

raju its sad that RAJ KIRAN hasnt gotten ne award :(, his performance deserved to be mentioned up there, probably a special award or something, his role in TT is awesome, the movie becomes watchable coza his acting only

susubala said...

Hope this year, the real best ones are selected ! That's nice to know and even coincides with my choice.


Prabu Karthik said...

except for rajkiran, i think ppl who deserved got the most votes.

hehehe idhu natioal award vida better. atleast jokers like saif dont get any votes here :D

Barani said...

Nice to Know that the final results match my choice :-). Hope Atleast in 2006,Kollywood gives us more options to choose from .

Happy New Year Raju !!

unknown said...

Hey Raju,
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:: The Protector :: said...

Tag panchiye pola..... Wish you and your family a happy and prosperous new year which brings more happy , peace and good health..... :)


வேதா said...

hi raju,
i wish i had cast my vote if known earlier. anyway very good selection, especially thavamai thavamirundu is a good movie,apart from its length.

Nallavan said...

hi raju,
gud 2 see dat the deserving candidates got the award.
however i voted for Asin. 2 bad dat she didn't win. next time naan kalla votu poda poren

Raju said...

Vatsan, I was still editing the post after a quick-post.. I agree with you on Rajkiran.. TT was more of his story rather than Cheran's.. Hindsight is 20:20.. but while writing the post, I was wondering how many would agree with me on him being the real hero.
Sumi, thanks for ur wishes.. Do you or do you not agree with the verdict? Among the five results, only one coincided with my choice; but thats bcos I was highly subjective.
Prabu, mm.. Rajkiran-ai naan add panniyirundhirukkanum...

Saif getting the award had everything to do with one Mrs. Tagore-Pataudi being the censor board chief; angeyum politics.. If he had got this year for Parineeta, not many would have whinged (but yeah, that would be a huge disappointment for Vikram and Surya fans.. one of them or Rajkiran, if projected as the 'main actor' should get the award this year). Since the selection committee changes each year, a few in the last year wanted to please the madam and get some benefits.

Raju said...

Barani, thanks for ur wishes.

Good, that the final results match ur choice. 2006 looks a bit bleak now.. nobody to pin hopes on for the first few months atleast. Pudhupettai is the only hope.
Ammu, welcome here. Ur poem is nice.
Vishnu, tag answer panniyachu.. no pending tag.. :-(

Thanks for ur wishes..
Veda, mm.. the votebox was opened for 20 days.. May be I should have invited lot of my bloghopping friends..
Sarathy, I voted for Asin too.. Though she didnt have any particular scene like the 'lakalaka' one, I thought she showed the many faces of a playful girl, cute and understanding lover and a social worker.

TamilPonnu said...

"JoSurya" - lol nice like Bennifer & Brangelina

Raju said...

Priya, LOL.. Are Bennifer and Brangelina common? I havent heard before.. :-)

Ram.C said...

that's a good awards list.... probably we can organise an event soon -- for bloggers cine awards!!!

Raju said...

Ram, yeah.. that would be interesting.. I am waiting to match these poll results with Filmfare awards. Let us see..