Nov 7, 2005

Love is in the air !!

Last weekend, we had our usual monthly pot-luck. The hosts organized an interesting game, which is similar to "Jodi porutham". It was fun.. there were 6 couples. First, the host couple conducted it for the 5 couples and then one couple conducted it again with fresh set of questions for the other 5 couples.

The questions that were asked were like favorite movie, best friend, fav. dish, pastime, the thing each of us hate to do, fav. actor/actress, pastime, fav. color, fav. place to visit, etc. Surprised that not many got most of them right (especially the second round, which had some tricky questions and where some couples were really off-resonance).

A few points to ponder (or take-home message):

* It is not necessary that those who are long-married know the best about each other. The couple who fared the worst, were in love for 6 years before getting married 7-8 years ago. When the host commented 'you have least love between you', our poor friend had to say 'I used to love her once upon a time !!!'.. Dont know what he exactly meant.

* One should not take the spouse for granted. Getting to know his/her small wishes is always important and it helps iron out so many minor problems that could arise.

* Identifying and knowing what the spouse likes/dislikes the most is not enough.. making sure that he/she gets what he/she likes and gets the least of what he/she dislikes will help.

* Many husbands don't do the house-hold jobs to help the wife.. and they think the wife enjoys doing that. (one said his wife's favorite place to visit is the veg. supermarket and her favorite pastime was cooking.. obviously both were terribly wrong.. His wife's expression when she heard this was "What?????").

PS: Happy Birthday to Kamalhaasan, my favorite filmstar!! (But among WORSHT in relevance to the current post).


kalai said...

ahem ahem....marupadiyum bday wish aa? ;)

Nitin said...

happy birthday to the best actor in the universe.

Raju said...

Vatsan, thanks..Brahmachari vaazhkkaiyai nalla enjoy maadi.. :-)
Kalai, idhu gnayama? Ivlo long post-le oru vari birthday wish pannadhukku ippadi kekkureengaley.. Post-ai muzhusa padicheengala illey just last line mattum parthu comment panneengala? :-)
Nitin, best actor in the universe? mmm.. idhu konjam thookkaldhan.. irundhalum I second you.. :-)

Me said...

Happy Birthday to Kamal ...
He's one of my fav....

Raju said...

Mitr, thanks.. the third pointer is for us too.. esp. my spending time with laptop...:-) For patting myself, I need to pass some more tests.. innum 2-3 varusham pogattum..
vee-jay, welcome here!! Thanks to u too.. Once when me and my bro conducted a Jodi Porutham during a cousin's marriage, the couple who came first were 70+ !! and the second prize went jointly to our parents and to my another cousin/his wife who were married for just 4 months.. So there are always rules and exceptions.. :-)

The lady whose husband mentioned those horrible wrongs is also a working woman (Ph.D.) and theirs was a love-marriage.. but paavam, all their recent time is probably spent on their 5-y.o. son.., I think..
Aparna, thanks.. I can correlate a lot with the kind of incident you mentioned.. Telling something about the spouse and hoping it would happen that way.. mm..

I would have written a dedicated post to Annathey's birthday.. but Kalai, Vanathi and Karthik last time kalaichuttanga.. Ippove parunga.. oru line PS mention pannadhukku Kalai ippadi kekkuranga.. Moreover, I had told my wife that I would post on the Jodi Porutham.. Somehow couldnt do it on sunday due to cricket match.. so had to club both together.. Next year hopefully I will write a good post for Annathey.
Avik, welcome here!! Kamal has acted in a few Bengali movies also, right? Have you seen them?

kalai said...

raju....fulla thaan padichen...aana ellam jodi porutham, kalyanam nu periyavanga samaacharama irukke nu silent ayiten!

congrats! eppadiyo sandhoshama irundha sari..nalla irunga! :D

ada-paavi!!!! said...

raju, AOKK, is a breath of freash air in current scenario, stand alone partha it isnt gr8. i got bugged of punch dialogues flying villians and forced romance scenes, in that light AOKK was a welcome break. on a stand alone basis i wud agree that it inst gr8, its big disappoinment.(especially the forced sleaze, thevaia?).

Raju said...

Vis, thanks..
Kalai, mm.. neenga ennai kalaichadhukku naan ungalai kalaichuttenn... avlodhann.. :-) Nandri..
Vatsan, you are right about AOKK.. Esp. after watching the other two Deepavali flicks, AOKK is surely better than them.. Similar to Ponniyin Selvan, it was devoid of heroism and pretty realistic.. Even if the director had put at the climax, a slide similar to Kadhal (that this is a true story), I would have believed it.. That sleaze and the last 4 mins of climax were needless.. But, frankly my heart stopped when shanmugarajan stops the vehicle b'cos I remembered the climax of 'Seevalapperi pandi'.. That would have made his famous sishyan (Bala) proud of Balu..
Karthik, theriyumae.. Ungalai madhiri critics irukkiradhaledhan naan I have to think a lot before writing the birthday posts... :-)

Thanks.. Sun TV Jodi porutham ellam ippo varradhilley.. I think it stopped about 8 years ago itself.. When it started, it was very good, thanks mainly to the VJ.. (I dont remember his name) But when Major Sundarrajan took over as VJ, it turned horrible.. He was 'adhattifying' couples, making fun of their mistakes, etc.. It lost its popularity soon and then disappeared..

TamilPonnu said...

Raju, u r right on the money! the other couples should go home and work on their relationship/marriage on how well they know eachother .. communicate etc.

"Fav place : supermarket
best gift: a cooker
Fav pass time: cooking & cleaning after my husband "
LOL.. Is the husband in the doghouse??