Aug 12, 2006

Sathi Leelavathan

I was talking to a friend .. he said he has promised his wife that he would buy for her - hold ur breath - $2000 worth of dresses if one thing happens..

And I heard from another friend that her hubby has promised to buy her a diamond ring if the same thing happens to her.

Any guess what it is? Clue is in the title. Paavam... some guys are driven to desparation.. :)

PS: Sorry guys.. I couldnt blog for the past few weeks since xtremely busy.. I am leaving to India next week so had so many things to do.

PS2: Why did I choose this title?

It reminds one of 'Sathi Leelavathi', doesn't it? The husband-wife relationship in that movie is affected, as per the husband's remarks, by the wife's putting-on-weight after marriage. No justification for his flirts, but he cites that as the reason. So, a fat wife is not the same as a slim one.

Secondly, I think Kamal chose that title for the movie not bcos 'Sathi' means wife. In fact, most of the audience wouldnt have known that it was the meaning. 'Sathi', as per the modern slang, would remind one of 'conspiracy'. Actually, the wife does some good 'sathi' in the latter part of the movie to get her hubby back. So, it was a good double entendre.

When I thought of this title, I had to change it to Leelavathan, though that word doesnt seem to exist, atleast on the web. But, it didnt sound too awkward to me, so I chose it. And, since this kinda promises/rewards were like cute sathi, I felt it was double OK.

Enna, naan romba yosikkireno??


tt_giant said...

hmm.. could be either losing weight or stop watching serials? ;) LOL..

have a nice time in india and do post from there!

Balaji said...

welcome back... and bon voyage :)

and what is that one thing????

Nag said...

happy journey GP.
Happy independence day.
sorry i dont have any guesses for ur riddle!

sks said...

obviously your clue sucks man, i have broken my head over it and this backed with the presumption that i had been very good with 'the hindu' crossword.
Meanwhile have a good/safe/uneventful trip to india, saw your missed calls. my september trip to NY has been cancelled and will be there sometime later. Will keep you updated.

aruna said...

onnum puriyala...unga hint

mitr_bayarea said...

Hmmm....yes, I think its the blogger flu, with several of the bloggers not posting as regularly as they used to with other stuff going on.

I join the list of folks that couldn't fathom ur clue.

Anyways, have a great India trip and will surely expect to see some interesting blogs after your return.

Nyneishia said...

my guess :P stop blogging about wives..


Have a lovely trip

Anonymous said...

Just thought of you :
read this as time permits..

sks said...

hey raju,
i have been coming back to the blog hoping that you would have posted the answer man.
first job as soon as you land in india ... set my mind at peace .. other wise there will be hell to pay.. there will be cryptic messages in your blog everytime you post ... stay warned ...

Raju said...

Deepak, yes.. ur first guess itself is absolutely right.. When I saw the right guess in the first comment itself, I thought that my code was weak.. but from what others wrote, it is not.. I will write my thought process behind the title as a PS..
Thanks for ur wishes.. Forget posting... I hardly have time for replying to the comments.. :(
Balaji, that is losing weight.. usually like "If u lose weight and become how u were 'x' years back", I will gift u ---..." sort of deal.. x is a variable.. :)
Nagesh, Thanks.. the answer to the riddle is 'losing weight'.
Sanjay, i am sorry.. the title is in tamil, so I was mean to have chosen such a title, without considering my readers like u.. U would get the explanation for the title in the post as a P.S. but the answer is 'losing weight'.. And, u know the people whom I mentioned.. ;)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Did u miss 2 type anyting.. Onnumey purila.. Or part 2 poduveengala???

tt_giant said...

All rightt!!!!

Hows India doing?

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Aloooooo Long time no c???

Raju said...

Aruna, will very soon write the full explanation.. konjam poruthukkunga..
Mitr, thanks for ur wishes. Yeah, it was a good trip. Just landed a few hours ago, and certainly looking forward to more frequent blogging..
As said earlier, the full explanation follows..
Nyneishia, ennadhu, wives pathi blog panradhai nippattanuma? appo swarasyamey irukkadhey.. ;)

adhu enna naduvule 'jk'? Puriyale..

Thanks for ur wishes..
Anon, physics more damaging than drugs? mmm.. interesting.. Will read in full soon and reply..

Raju said...

Sanjay, hey, i am really sorry yaar.. I didnt think that I would be this busy during and before this India trip. Now that I am back, the answer would be out soon..
Ponnarasi, Part 2 ellam onnum illey.. Naan enn appadi oru title vachu clue koduthennu explain pannuven.. really very soon..

Was visiting India for 4 weeks, so busy.. Mannikkavum..
Deepak, India is doing gr8... But very badly in need of some innovative and hard-working measures to combat rocketing rise in the number of vehicles on road..

tt_giant said...

enjoy the trip! dont even try driving...and post soon.

Nag said...

did you see tendulkar century?
It seems its was a very good knock.

Nitin said...

hi Raju, long time no see, how was ur india trip, 4 weeks is great, where all did u go? im planning to go for a couple weeks in december. please share ur trip experiences with us in ur next post. post soon.

Raju said...

Deepak, i enjoyed the trip.. thanks.. No attempt to driving.. I realized that a higher level of skill is required for driving there. When I was talking to my prof. about it and said that that could be a reason why so many people have drivers for the car, he said that once you get driver here, you are finished. You can never learn driving and wont have the confidence of hitting the road. And that could be detrimental in emergency situations, making the car useless at that time.

He is right, and if and when I move to India, the first thing I have to learn is to 'actually drive a car'.. :)
Nagesh, i didnt see it but yeah, u r right.. great knock, but ended in defeat unfortunately. Hope he gets that kinda form against Aus and helps us reach the final.
Nitin, good to see u here after long time. Yeah, the trip was good.. been quite busy, sorry for not posting. I will, from today.