Nov 30, 2006

Enakku oru ummai therinjaaganum...

There are some tamil song lyrics which are quite difficult to understand at times. I am not talking about dubakoor second grade songs, but some top-class songs written in 'good tamil'. If you can throw some light on these, I will rest in peace.. :)
1) 'KanAkANum kAlangaL' (7G RC):
NadaipAthai kadaiyil un peyar padithAl
NenjukkuL EnO mayakkangaL piRakkum
What is the relationship b/w platform shop and her lover's name?
2) 'VeNNilavE' (VV):

VaNNangaL vaNNangaLatra vazhiyil vazhiyil silar nadakkiRAr nadakkiRAr
ManjaLum pachaiyum koNdu peyyuthu peyyuthu mazhai nanaikirAr nanaikiRar
In the first line, does he mean a life that is not colorful? And, in the second, what is the yellow-and-green rain? Rain falling at the backdrop of colored lights? And, what is the link b/w the two lines? Engeyo udhaikkira madhiri irukkey..
3) 'KaNNukkuL nooRu nilavA' (Vedam puthithu):

Aanin thavippu adangividum

pennin thavippu thodarndhuvidum
When I heard this song for the first time ages ago, it appeared as if Vairamuthu talks about something sensual, so I left it like that... Recently, I was discussing about this song with a friend and for sometime, when I think about the lyrics, it means nothing obviuos. Considering the next line (Ullam enbadhu uLLavaraikkum inbam thunbam ellamey iruvarukkum), the above dont sound like anything sexual. What is she trying to convey by such a statement? What 'thavippu' (or quest) does she talk about which is different for men and women?


G3 said...

Yeppa.. Ivlo doubta? sorry.. enakkum answer theriyaadhu.. pesaama paatu ezhudinavangalae vandhu clear panna nalla irukkum :)

KK said...

IMHO, I think the lines mean as follows :)
1) I think he means if he sees her name anywhere he feels elated in his heart.

2) In his otherwise boring, dull black and white life when she comes it becomes colorful.

3) Cant think of any reason :)

Anonymous said...


2) From what I can remember from my Bio class, what Vairamuthu says is biologically true, and is something sexual.


Sundar Narayanan said...

i am glad you are not asking us to explain seenaa thaanaa


Raju said...

G3, mm.. nalladhan irukkum... but avangalai eppadi pidikkiradhu? adhan arivujeevigalaagiya unga ellarkitteyum kekkuren... :)
KK, danks a kOdi for ur answers..
1)in fact, i got this answer from my friend.. it is like, u see platforms having names like 'X fancy stores', 'Y textiles' etc. ille? Thus, seeing her lover's name in such shops' names makes her happy..
2) neenga solradhu porundhamaattengudhey.... konjam yosichu parunga..
3) trickiest, huh? ;)
Kajan, is it 2 or 3?
R u sure? considering the next line? Naanum first appadithan ninaichen but not sure now...
Sundar, as I mentioned in the beginning of the post itself, gaana- paatukkum kuthu paattukkum item numbers-kum doubt ketta that would be one of the longest posts ever written.. ;)

Me too said...

Mannar Shenbaga Pandian range-kku mele irukke unga doubt! Sandegam theerthuvaiporkku parisu unda? Sokka!!! ;)

Raju said...

Aparna, good comparison with Shenbagapandian.. enakkey neenga sonnadhukku appuramdhan therinjudhu..
Sandhegam theerppavarukku aayiram porkaasugal thavanai muraiyil vazhangapadum.. :)

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Alo..enaku serious oru unmai therinjaganum :P
Epdi ipdi ellam think panna mudithu??
Rembr the post abt Kamal 2nd wife syndrome ;) Athuvum chancey ila.. :)
Keep writing.. :)

ms.wise said...

This is what I understood :

1. Similar to Mr.KK's answer

2. No idea

3. I understood thavipu as "anxiously eager". So she says man's eagerness ends while the woman's continues. It could be anxiously waiting for her man.

aruna said...

Did you notice all your recent posts were just about movies? too much movie time, uh??

Raju said...

Ponnarasi, idhu nalla irukkey.. Doubt vandha unga ellar kitteyum kekkame naan vere yaarkitte kekkuradhu?
mmm.. sila samayathule sila friends kooda discuss pannumbodhu indha madhiri 'enlightening doubts' ellam varum... :)
Ms. Wise, Welcome here..

mm.. neengaldhan 'Dharumi'.. Anxiously eager, huh? Looks like it suite well.. This, combined with 'Aanai vida pennukkey unarchigal adhigam', makes sense to me. Romba nandri.. :)
Aruna, Enna appadi sollitteenga? 2 of my last 4 posts were not at all based on movies.. True about too much movies and the discussions..

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Ayayo :O
Kelunga kelunga..Even am glad 2 c the answers ;)

tt_giant said...

#3) fone panni solren!

Raju said...

Deepak, still waiting for ur all-important fone call.. ;)