Nov 2, 2005

Happy Birthday, Shahrukh!!

Hope you all had a good Deepawali.. :-)

Today is Shah Rukh "King" Khan's Birthday!! (40th). Wish him many many happy returns of the day!!

He is undoubtedly Hindi cinema's biggest super-star after Amitabh. The first Shah Rukh movie that I saw was "Pardes" in '97, and I liked him in that movie. I have faint memories of having watched him in 'Circus', a TV serial of early 90's. My wife is his BIG fan of Shahrukh, so we have watched most of his movies.

He is good as an actor, dances extremely well, looks dashing, is full of energy and has been lucky to be associated with some big names early in his career.
Some of my favorite movies of his are
Baazigar (Energy)
Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (For his dancing and spontaneous acting)
Yes Boss (Good sense of humor)
Pardes (Style, dance and romance)
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Youthful exuberance) and
Kal Ho Naa Ho (His comic timing and romance).
Wish you a very happy Birthday, Shahrukh!!


TamilPonnu said...

Well.. Happy B-day to Ka-ka-ka- Karan.

He did a good job in Swades, didn't overact. Thank goodness!


Nitin said...

I remember when I was a kid, he was in a tv serial called Fauji, loved that serial, but didn't expect him to be a big bollywood star. My first movie of his was Baazigar, I think that was his big break. But I dont think of him as a good actor, when I look back at his movies, i see his character is almost the same in every movie of his, he doesn't try to do something different. I respect aamir khan more than shahrukh for trying something different time to time. Anyways, happy 40th birthday to the guy, he still looks like he is in college.

mitr_bayarea said...

thanks for your posts on birthdays of actors and actresses. I am one among several Shahrukh fans and join in wishing him a Very Happy 40th Birthday.

Just wish he doesn't become so lean as to see the lines of age etched on his throat.

Raju said...

Tamilponnu, hahaa.. u wished to Shahrukh or to Juhi?

In Swades, I got a feeling he was sleep-walking through the role.. so not that much impressed..
Nitin, mm.. my wife also mentions Fauji. She said she found 'something' in him and felt that he would make it big in movies.. She was a fan of his since then.. :-)

I agree with you, he tends to get monotonous.. but compared to pretty much any Bollywood actor, (except Aamir and may be Hrithik) he is far better overall, isnt he?
Mitr, you are welcome.. My longtime hearthrob Aish's birthday was missed out due to Deepavali.. :-( And this is only my second 'Happy B'day' post..

Lines of age cant be hidden... He is nowadays mostly seen in roles of ~30 y.o. Hope he chooses good stories and continue to entertain us.. :-)

Nitin said...

I haven't seen a good hindi movie in years to tell you the truth. All the movies that bollywood comes up nowadays,they are all modernized, or hollywood style, and themes that do not go well with indians. The Last movie i liked was Lagaan, and Dil chahta hai. I think shahrukh is actin in karan johar movie, hopefully its different from the earlier movies they did.

kalai said...

hmmmm...modhella asin...ippo shahrukh...vara vara sun tv la varra b'day program maathri ayitu varudhu unga blog! ;)

Vanathi said...

What kalai says is right Raju...

Raju said...

Nitin, thats true.. 95% Hindi movies are total crap... Apart from the movies you mentioned, other movies that I liked were Devdas, Kal ho na ho, Ajay Devgan's Bhagatsingh, Munnabhai, and Koi Mil gaya. Yeah, he is acting in Karan Johan's "Kabhi Alvidana Kehna". Hope it turns out good..
Kalai, hehehee.. Asin and SRK are our home's hearthrobs.. Adhan appadi.. Ok.. break koduthurrenn.. :)
Vanathi, mm.. no more birthday wishes for a while.. Ippo trupthia? :)

NaiKutti said...

i third kalai (seconded by vanathi)... ithellam konjum toooooo much!!!!!

Raju said...

Karthik, okey dokey.. your point noted...

TamilPonnu said...

agree with me.. SRK overacts Y/N.

He does a good job in comedic roles- but once he starts crying and starts shaking.... ughhh!! FFWD. adhu romba..

Raju said...

Tamilponnu, yeah he tends to overact and also get monotonous..

Crying and shaking... mmm.. he was awful in Devdas while doing so..

narayanan said...

nee yein Aishu'va marandhu pone :-(

Raju said...

Aish nammalai (Indians, esp. Tamilians) marandhuttangaley,.. Let us act again in Hindi movies frequently.. then I will.. :-)

Anonymous said...

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