Jan 2, 2006

Florida Indi-Bloggers' Meet

Yeh, it happened at last. I and Deepak met for the first all-Florida Indian bloggers' conference at the Disney Magic Kingdom, Orlando. We were looking forward to the meet for quite sometime, and it was worth the wait. We immediately started interacting as if we had known each other for ages. It was a fun time being among tens of thousands of people on New Year's eve.

Thanks to the huge crowd everywhere, our mobility was restricted; we spent more time on the lines than at the events; walking a few hundred feet had to be accompanied with dozens of 'excuse me's and we even discussed about the necessity of both of us having a cellfone so that we dont get lost.. LOL.. thiruvizha-la kaanama pora maadhiri irundhadhu.. To me, it looked like the park needed a Feng-Shui expert; there were small buildings everywhere and not a single signboard for directions. The map was also pretty bad.

The famous castle, the symbol of Walt Disney Magic Kingdom.

The castle at night

Ocean of people just minutes before midnight.

The fireworks at night on the 'main street USA'

We were sandwiched between fireworks in front and behind us.. this is the view when I turn around.

Look at the clock on the left.. Fireworks during the birth of new year..


San said...

looks beautiful :)

all lit up and wow ...

Happy New Year :)

Sundar Narayanan said...

happy new year to you and your family raju


tt_giant said...

nice selection of fotos Raju. The castle with the white light is amazing!.

Nitin said...

Hi Raju, nice pictures, must have been magical night at disney world.

Yours Truly said...

Looks like you had great fun at the stroke of new year :) Nice fotos!! And regd the famous castle, naan Chennai Kishkinta theme park-la idhoda so-called copy dhaan paathu irukken :-P
Happy New year 2006!!

Raju said...

Sangeeta, yeah.. Disneyland in the night was better than in day.. thats why I posted many night fotos.. Thanks for ur wishes.
Sundar, thanks so much, Sundar.. :-)
Deepak, mm.. the castle pic amazed me too, when I downloaded and viewed as slide-show.. a near-perfect black and white combo..
Nitin, yeah.. for the first time, we were in the middle of over 100 people at New Year.. :-) and the difference in the order of magnitude is huge.. a straight giant-leap to a value of close to hundred-thousand.. :-)
Yours truly, yep.. 10 minutes before new year, there was a busy shopping; and then when the count-down started, there was this huge uproar, which was more deafening than a Cricket stadium.. Before coming to US, I havent seen any theme-park.. Thanks for ur wishes..

visithra said...

oh wow what a new year ;) so much fireworks - photos are pretty

happy new year btw ;)

RandomThoughts said...

Lovely photographs! It must have been one memorable gettogether!

May 2006 be memorable & wonderful for you!


Raju said...

Mitr, welcome back.. Thanks a lot for ur wishes. mm..we had a good time there.

Oh, Disney and Universal in LA too? Interesting..
Vis, yeah, twin fireworks.. at 8:30 and at 11:50 PM. It was cool.. thanks again for ur wishes
Rashmi, yep.. it was a memorable meet with Deepak.. Thanks to u too so much for ur wishes.. Wish you too an exciting new year!!

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