Aug 10, 2005

Constructive Politics plz...

This is my first post on politics.. Hope I dont receive unwanted guests in taxis (u know what i mean...)

As you move away from Delhi, the state of politics gradually deteriorates.. In the center, there is no 'born-enemity' shown between the leaders of rival parties.. but, in states, it is literally tit-for-tat and many rivals wont like to see eye-to-eye.. You can see bloody fights in Bihar, West Bengal, Andhra and Tamilnadu from time to time. In TN, our ex-CM Mr. Karunanidhi will never go to the assembly even though he is an MLA, just b'cos he cant see the coveted seat occupied by his rival.

And our CM is no less too.. There was this inauguration of the major project, Sethu Samudram, last month.. Its a good one for TN.. we dont need an Einstein to tell the advantages of a hot sea route.. But then, since it is supposedly a central government-sponsored project, our PM and central ministers attended. Every party wanted to get the lion's share of the fame.. so there was some petty politics among the coalition itself. Anyway, all were there, including Mrs. Gandhi, Mr. Karunanidhi and Mr. Vaiko, all of whom dont hold any post in the government and also have something to make our CM angry just seeing them.. So, she didnt attend the function, claiming that the central government is acting too fast, without addressing the concerns of the fishermen..

In that process, IMHO, she did poorly. If I were her minister/assistant/secretary/consultant/friend, I would have told her to attend it. For many reasons.. first of all, you want to break the terrible animosity that has been created over the years and show to the people that certain conventions have to be respected. Secondly, it could have made the other leaders on stage a little uncomfortable. Third, a signal that the project is welcome by the state machinary.. Fourth, a chance to even steal the show.. I would have advised her to focus on the following topics while speaking at the function:

a) A loud declaration that the state government would take care of the concerns of the fishermen and that suitable measures would be taken to study the -ve impact, if any, and methods to overcome them..
Effect: That would please the fishermen community that she does worry about them..

b) She or her mentor, Mr. MGR would have mentioned SOME TIME about this project in the '90s or before.. Quote that and say that she is proud to have it started in her tenure..
Effect: That would take away some of the credits claimed by others for this project

c) Suggest to the central government for more patrolling on the international border, so that smuggling and infiltration would be checked. Remind that Mr. Rajiv Gandhi was killed by someone just across this border and how she wishes it could have been avoided by some careful security measures..
Effect: This would make Mr. Karunanidhi and Mr. Vaiko uncomfy, and sentimentally touch Mrs. Gandhi.

d) Use the stage for reinstating the requirement of another major relief to TN fishermen: Re-acquisition of "Kachatheevu".. the disputed island gifted away by Mrs. Indira Gandhi to SL.
Effect: Removes some shine of the clout from the current project and puts another demand.. another to-do stuff for the central government..

e) Talk something like "this has been a while the central and state governments join together for organizing a event together, despite their political differences.. This should hopefully be a precedent.. I request our central ministers to act as a bridge between the TN government and central government and take care of the state's needs... They should act responsibly to get the trust of the state government for approaching them... They should also participate in the state's major projects' functions in the next few years...
Effect: Shows the confidence of the CM that she would come back to power.. Some confident remarks like this would stun anyone.. To the people of the state, it shows her conf. levels rather than an act of arrogance.

f) Praise the PM nicely.. say something to the tune of " When Mrs. Gandhi was offered the top position after the tragedy of her husband, if she had chosen a scholar like Mr. Singh, it would have made our country a super-power by now"...
Effect: Would please both the PM and Mrs. Gandhi.. Would put the ball of our country's progress in the center's court..

Several of the points might sound unconventional, but, what the heck.. our CM had everything to lose before the function.. at the end of it, no matter who would have spoken after her, she would have stolen the limelight and run away with all the points..

This is no way to say that I am ADMK supporter.. As a party, I like DMK more, for the last 12 years or so (rather, it is like, who is lesser devil).. Ever since the parliamentary election, the DMK and ADMK are putting up projects to try and please people.. they compete to serve.. which should be the way it is.. (Desalinization, Sethu samudram from the center, and the Veeranam, anti-piracy law and other good measures from the state). Just a point to mention that by this means of constructive politics, atleast the public will benefit to some extent..


Balaji said...

well said gp sir. those were all practical ideas that would've improved J's image and been good to the state. but then again, if she had good advisors and actually listened to them, we wouldn't be in the state we r today. indha madhiri petty politics marandhaa thaan namma naadu uruppudum!!

Raju said...

mm.. Balaji.. 'sir' vendame.... naan innum shorts pottuttu dhaan school-ku porenn.. :-)

Actually, she being quite short-tempered puts her down a lot.. Even her staunch political rivals admire her inner strength and will to fight.. The way she came back from '96 defeat was a phoenix act.. Her rule this time has been better.. but of course there is still room for improvemnt.

tt_giant said...

Nice points there GP. Dharma in politics is something which we have to learn from the north.

Yea, JJ and MK are always trying to outwit each other. So, reasoning goes out the window. If some neutral person gets a chance to go to the maanaadu's of these 2 parties, he would end up laughing his way out - ellam thudhi paadal..

sen said...

you are right.I disagree with u on the advantages of sethu samudram, it is not all advantage Tamil Nadu.We do stand to loose a lot.But i do agree that both the major political parties are just childish when it comes to politics.These stupid guys dont get it in there mind that, they are in the post for the welfare of the people.They dont seem to agree on one single project.Pathetic..

Raju said...

Thanks, Deepak.. the point is, the politicians do far better politics than they are doing now..

Sen, I read quite a bit about Sethu Samudram project before making that point.. What did you mean by "we stand to loose a lot"? The fishermen have some restriction in that they have to be bit away from the way the ships take.. Infact, the fact that the sea is hardly deep in that region doesnt help fishing much.. so, after the project, the population of fishes is in fact expected to go up..