Jul 2, 2007

Satham Podathey - Songs

Yuvan teams up again with one of the first directors he worked with - Vasanth. This album is like 7G Rainbow Colony; some songs have the same 'haunted' feeling and remind in tunes, of the songs of 7G. Nevertheless, they are very good. I started liking them from the very first time I heard 'em. Na. Muthukumar has recreated the magic with Yuvan. So far the best album of Yuvan in this year.

1) Pesugiren - Neha Bhasin:

After Anushka, Yuvan introduces another member of the famous 'VIVA' group of girls to Tamil. To her credit, she has sung beautifully; despite being from North. The saxophone and guitar bits in the interludes, especially in the second interlude, are great. Somehow the voice can be easily related to that of Padmapriya. Superb song. 95%.

2) Azhagu kutti chellam - Shankar Mahadevan:

If it was 'Aarariraro' as the best song of the decade for mother, this song is for a toddler. The beat of the song, which is a combo of 'Thavil' and some 'kilukiluppai' is surely foot-tapping, and gels well with the mood of the song. The lyrics are cute too.

Unakku therindha mozhiyile enakku pesa theriyale

Enakku therindha baashai pesa unakku theriyavillai

Lots of 'konjalgal' in the song; very well rendered by Shankar Mahadevan. 90%.

3) Endha Kuthiraiyil - Shreya Ghoshal and Rahul Nambiar:

This reminds me of 'January madham' from 7G.. but the fast beats and some catchy lyrics makes the song likable. Shreya is awesome, as usual. After several generations one can hear 'Praananaatha' in a Tamil song.. :) 90%.

4) KAthal periyatha - Sudha Raghunathan:

Yes, you read it right.. After 'Ivan', she is back.. The 'Krishna Krishna' bit used is a surprise piece and Yuvan has blended it very well with the song. This competes with the first song for the my vote for the most favorite song of the album, thanks to the clever innovations spread throughout the song. I wish Sudha sings more songs for Tamil films.. 'Kadalil kulikkumbodhu' part also suddenly pops up and amuses, as does the short punjabi folk bit used subtly. 95%.

5) Oh Indha Kadhal - Yuvan and Adnan Sami:

This song surely sounds familiar, donno which song though.. Adnan manages to pronounce Tamil better than Yuvan, especially the 'La'. Just a routine song, IMHO.. 70%.

Overall, a must-hear album.

PS: Watched 'Koffee with Anu' in which Kadri Gopalnath and Vinayakaram were the guests. Nostalgia time, listening to Kadri's sax.. which made me change my current fav video to 'En Kadhaley' from Duet.. Kadri was just awesome in that, esp. in this song and in 'Naan Paadum Sandham'... An unforgettable song!! Another 'Anjali' memory.. :)


J said...

romba naala intha movie songs kaekanumnu irunthen..review padicha apram kaetae aaganum :-) thanks! listening ..

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Prithvi's next film! :D Yet 2 listen to the songs.. will do it sometime soon! :)

Me too said...

Didn't pay much attention when I listened to it the first time! But I'm really looking forward to the movie!

Raju said...

J, U r welcome... :) songs pidichirukka?
Ponnarasi, Oh, neengalum Prithvi fan-a? If you had liked 7G, you will like this album as well..
Aparna, luckily I was not multitasking while listening to these songs the first time... Sometimes they fail to make an impact while doing something else, and then I conclude (atleast for sometime) that the songs are not good.. It happened like that in case of Chennai 600028.

J said...

yes, liked the album. inum kaetutae irunthaa thaan fav edhunu theriyum :-)
btw, movie quiz for this month please :-)

Siva Jayaraman said...

I did hear about this movie songs but dint get to hear them..but i listened to them two days ago and found them really good.. ana.. ovvoru ppata pathi epdipa ivalo comment ezuthara? porumathaan.. ;)

Raju said...

J, :-) With most of my questions already out in the earlier quizzes, I need to think hard for the next one.. I will post one soon.. Thanx for the support.. :)
Siva, songs pidichirundha comment panradhu kashtama enna? :)

Vikramadithya said...

I haven't listened to the songs. Will do that soon.

Oh yeah, "en kadhaley" is one of my favorite song too..especially when my wife sings it. I don't like the movie though.

Has PC Sriram directed any movie ?

S said...

First: Bumped into your blog today. A nice one.

Second: How are you watching Coffee with Anu? Do you have Vijay TV or is there some other means?

tt_giant said...

Will listen to the songs!

still i think Yuvan shines best when teaming with Selvaraghavan!

Raju said...

Vikramaditya, it is over a week since the post... haven't listened it yet? Ennappa panre?

I dont like 'Duet' either... the songs are gr8, though..

PC Sriram has directed Meera, Kurudhi Punal and Vaanam Vasappadum.
S, Welcome to my blog!!

I get Vijay TV as a part of 'TamilDirect' package of DirecTV.
Deepak, Yuvan-Selva combo is the best, but he has had some good collaborations with others too, such as Ameer, Harshavardhan and Vasanth.

Vikramadithya said...

Am a kudumbastan, no time pa ;)

Raju said...

Vikramaditya, enna boss, appadi sollitte.. Kudumbathodu serthu matha vishayngalaiyum gavikkanum ille.. Oru 'change' venama? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi i was juz surfing through the Net for satham podathey movie.I like Vasanth's picturisation.And happen 2 c ur blog..Ur taste it good & almost goes wid mine :) .Ur tagline is too good boss-> "NRI for Indians and an 'Alien' for Americans.".romba yosipeengalo.....!!(hope u know tamil else never mind)

blue said...

nice songs

Raju said...

Anon, welcome here and thanks..

Me too likes Vasanth's picturization but unfortunately I have to use 'liked' after watching Satham Podathey's songs..
Blue, Welcome here.. yeah nice songs indeed./.

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