Nov 10, 2006


V #1: VattAram
Story: Dada kadhaidhan. How a henchman thrives for the throne and goes about his mission.
What I liked: The second half. Though this is the 'n'th Dada movie of '06, some scenes stood out. The daredevil attitude of Arya is interesting. He has more than usual greyness in his character, similar to 'Thiruttu payale'. The heroine Kirat looks pretty but not much scope for acting. Something unique about the voice of the girl who acts as the heroine's friend. It is raw but attractive.
What I didnt like: The first half. Was too slow, and far less than convincing. Nasser was wasted. Arya's voice sucks for a gangster. Seems to be sleeptalking. The love angle b/w the pair is quite weak.
V#2: Vallavan
Story: Boy falls love at first sight with a girl; woos her in an inferior disguise; but there are two KBalachander-ish obstacles. But, u know who the hero is, and u know what will happen.
What I liked: Both the issues are handled pretty fresh; but IMHO, it was too much for one movie. He could have handled one of it in an elaborate manner. Nevertheless, there was maturity in his direction/story-telling beyond his age. Heard/saw 'Loosu penney' for the first penney and it was catchy. Simbhu showed glimpses of his acting prowess. Needs a good director to keep him in control.
What I didnt like: Simbhu, whenever he thinks himself as the superstar. Ellarum punch dialogue solla arambichuttangappa.. thaanga mudiyale. And, what did he want to convey in the climax, when he meets Reema Sen? Anniyan hang-over huh?
(All pics were adopted from nowrunning)
V#3: VaralAru
Story: Blend of Deiva mahan, Kudiyirundha koyil and aalavandhan. Actually quite complicated, so I would rather not reveal it.
What I liked: Fast screenplay. And some songs of ARR..
What I didnt like: Too many double-entendre jokes in the first half; some of the tactics of the 'other' Ajith were too cinematic. The way the sexual abuse was handled and justified was pathetic. And, totally damp meaning for the word 'Godfather'.. this wasnt the story I expected for a movie with this title.
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Ram.C said...

Simbu is like that frm the beginning.. as portrayed by his DaD in his ealrier movies.. that hang over remains always in his head...

...damp meaning for the word 'Godfather'...
hahaha.. that was a good one. I too expected something behind that title..

Me too said...

'V' ellam vida 'E' thevala polirukku!

மு.கார்த்திகேயன் said...

//Newly/recently visiting friends can hopefully find posts that are of interest to them.. Have a good weekend //

that's good work raju

Nitin said...

heh, well said about godfather title, i was expecting some sort of mafia movie, but i couldn't watch this movie, usually ks.ravikumar gives good masala movies, which are a little interesting to watch, but this one was too much. i didn't see vattaram,but i hear good things, so will check it out, vallavan too wasn't impressive, let me get this right, simbhu has only had one hit right Manmadhan, all his other movies were not a big hit, and he thinks he is the best in the business, impersonating rajini and kamalhassan.Have you seen E yet, i hear it has a little bit of nuclearwarfare in it, so will check that out,i think out of all the youngsters, Jeeva is doing variety of roles, and getting better. I stayed away from vattaram because of Arya, that guy has only one expression, he needs to do something about that, he has that sleepy look all the time,i was actually glad when i heard the rumor that bala was kickin him out, and bringing vikram for naan kadavul, but it was just a rumor.

Raju said...

Ram, yeah true about Simbu but he seemed to have changed a lil with Manmathan and Totti Jaya, but in Vallavan, back to old habits.

Ya.. I would say 'Godfather' would have been a total misuse of the original's.. luckily it is 'Varalaru' for whatever reason.
Aparna, amam, oru kutti 'E' vandhu Vallavangal irukkira Vattarathai indha Deepavali-le.. oru kalakku kalakkunanadhai Varalaru sollum.. atleast quality-wise.. :)
Karthik, romba thanks pa..
Nitin, ya.. when I was thinking of +ves of 'Varalaru', I could hardly find any. I also think that Jeeva is a star-in-the-making for the future.. needs some good directors like Ameer.

Syam said...

V#2, height of atrocity...kutti bear ah summavey paarka mudiyaathu..ithula periya teeth vera vechu..kodumai :-)

Anonymous said...

watch this ..shows where simbu learnt his dance steps

Anonymous said...

i don't get it ..Anniyan hangover ?? how is this climax related to anniyan?

Raju said...

Syam, I dont think he will ever stop his atrocities. LOL...I was telling my friend that he need not have added the 'periya teeth' at all.. just him with/without make-up would have been enough..
Anon, I saw that.. Appa 10 adi paanja kutti 20 adi payuran..

In the climax of 'Anniyan', the doctors believe that Vikram is cured of his MPD and so he is released; but, actually he hasnt. And he is all set to continue his journey. Similarly, in Vallavan too, (WARNING: Spoiler!!) Reema Sen is released from the mental hospital after 3 years but she is pretty much unchanged and poses a challenge to Simbu. Both the climaxes leave the audience wondering how both would go about pursuing their goal.. Thats what I meant by the 'Anniyan hangover'.

Syam said...

//just him with/without make-up would have been enough..//

LOL...romba correct :-)

Lalitha ravichandran said...

Nice Blog... Tamil padathapathi therinjukitta thiruppti...

Raju said...

Syam, :)
Lalitha, Welcome here..

Thanks for ur kind words.. plz do keep visiting...