Jan 13, 2006

Oru Kaadhal kathai

Prem and she lived in the same street. They used to travel by the same bus to go to their colleges. They fell in love with each other, when they were in their penultimate year of their college. His full name was Prem Anand and she used to make fun of him calling 'POli sAmiyAr' (in reference to Premananda). They were determined enough to see their love through till the end and let their parents know after both get a job. Everything went on fine until few months before their graduation they fought for some silly reason and there was an ego-clash. Final exams time and then there was her father's transfer to another town when Prem was out of station for his project.

Things went so fast, that before they realized, they were in different places. Since he studied BE and she BSc, they didnt have any common friends. He immediately joined his job and went to Bangalore. He felt so heavy and so bad and was wishing that the fight didnt take place. After a year in work, he went to US for doing his MS, completed and got a job there itself. After a while, there was pressure from his family for his marriage. He had to take a decision soon, but he couldnt forget her. He went through all the online matrimonial sites to see if her profile is there, in vain. He gave up his hopes and chose a girl from a US-based matrimony site.

He called up the 1-888- number, entered all the info and finally came the operator: "Hi, this is Nancy, how can I help you today?". That voice stunned him, and he was speechless for a moment.. it rang bells inside his head.. he regained his composure and said "Hi.. umm.. this is pOli sAmiyAr.... I am sorry.. Prem Anand here". There was a total silence from that side too.. after a few 'hello's, that voice said 'Yennadaa.. ennai love pannittu ippo verey ponnai kalyanam pannikkalAmnu idea-va?".

En Iniya Pongal Nalvaazhthukkal!!!

Happy Pongal/Sankaranti/Lori !!!


ram said...

Waugh, A marvellous ending. Neenga iduku munnadi yean MINNAL (IISc TAMIL MAGAZINE)-il ezhudalai. Ippa kooda neenga ongaladu padaipai anupalam.
Yennoda mail-id ikku anuppungal inda murai naan publish pannarean.

Balaji said...

very nice ending! pleasantly surprised me :)

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

good one.pongal nalvaazhthukkal

Paurna said...

brillaintly done raju.extremely good.u are getting pretty good at these stories.how about a part time occupation as a writer.u cud become the next sujatha

mitr_bayarea said...

Raju- Wonderfully written, it was really nice to read this and the ending was super.

Ithu unmai kathaiya?

Anyways, wish you and your wife a Happy Pongal and nice long weekend!

TamilPonnu said...

thats cool.. is this a true story...?

happy pongal!

PD said...

I got one word for you. WOW!!!!! Although I read your blog everyday, I dont usually comment. But this was too good to skip.
I second Paurna. You are getting good at these short stories.

Nitin said...

good shortstory Raju, neenga yen cinema ku try pannakudathu. indha mari oru story cinemale unum vandadhile. like everyone said, the ending was great. Happy Pongal Raju!

NaiKutti said...

super read raju... good imagination(!)...

Nitin said...

Raju, enna idhu India thadavuranga. It seems Afridi killed the indian bowling yesterday. Did u watch the match, which bowler did the worst?

div said...

thanks for visiting my blog..keep visiting:)
nice story..good ending:)
wish u a happy pongal..

tt_giant said...

cool one!. we need more like this from you Raju..

Happy Pongal!

monu said...

great story
loved the ending!

வேதா said...

hi raju,
nice story. naan tamil cinema pola climax oru railway station illena airportla irrukumnu nenachen.

Yours Truly said...

Iniya pongal nalvaazhthukkaL :)

Anurama said...

cool one raju.. loved the ending :)

visithra said...

awww so sweet - amam ungehl kadhal kadhai ehnavoh?? ;p

Nallavan said...

dat was very gud.
if u plan 2 not marry the girl u loved never call a 1-800 number coz all the calls come to India. ;)

Prabu Karthik said...

engeyavadhu link agumnu edhirparthen. but indha dialogue edhir parkalai:D

Raju said...

Ram, thanks.. I never thought I can get some stories to write.. thanks to blogging, I convert some ideas into stories. I cant say how long it would take for me to get the nucleus for my next story.. so I better stick my writing to this blog... And, BTW, I have never read the 'Minnal' magazine.. I had a few friends in it but somehow never got a chance to lay hand on it..
Balaji, thanks.. I shrunk the ending to make it look crisp..
Vijay, thanks and wish you too the same!!!
Paurna, thanks a lot. I am a part time blogger.. thats all..Even for managing that, it takes quite a lot of efforts... 'Next Sujatha'.. plz. dont kid.. Even in the blogworld, there are some superb writers..

Raju said...

Mitr, thanks to u too..

Enakku therindhavarai, ithu unmai kathai illai..

Thanks for ur wishes.. hope you had a good pongal weekend..
Priya, no.. this aint a true story.

When I realize that I am talking to an Indian after dialing the 1-8xx- numbers, I wondered what if the person is already known to me? Being a tamil cinema lover, bringing kaadhal and putting the pieces together resulted in this story.. :-)
pd, thanks for ur kind words.. It is nice to know that I have such 'silent' readers.. Glad that this story made u write a comment.. would appreciate any comment from every one of you.. :-) 'PD' reminds me of Prabhu Deva..
Nitin, thanks.. LOL.. ennoda kirukkal ellam thookkindu kodambakkam ponaa avlodhaan.. Padikkum directors ennai ketkamal sudalaam.. naan kandukka maattenn.. ;-)

Raju said...

Karthik, thanks.. adhu enna aaachariya kuri imagination-ku pakkathuley? :-)
Nitin, though I am terribly late, the fate of the match would have told u a thing or two about the nature of the pitch.. Such a disgrace to cricket.. I think this is and will be the only match in which, inspite of over 1000 being scored, Sachin hasnt faced a single ball..

Sehwag was awesome, though.. he murdered the attack totally..
Divya, sure I will.. thanks to u too.
Deepak, hahaha.. I will try.. How was ur Pongal?

Raju said...

Monu, thanks to u too..
Veda, thanks.... LOL.. sick of such climaxes..
Yours truly, mikka nandri..
Anu, I was a bit nervous about the ending.. Glad all of u liked it.. :-)

Raju said...

Vis, :-) enn kaadhal kadhai romba boring.. solra alavukku interesting-a onnum illey..
Sarathy, LOL on ur 'Moral of the story'.. eppadiyo message kidaicha sari.. :-)
Prabu, eppadiyo indha link trupti-ya irundhadha? Phone link.. ;)

raz said...

a very nice ending.. intha matiri ending ellar lifelaiyum iruntha nalla irukum illa :)

Raju said...

Raz, thanks.. nallathan irukkum.. but, idhu oru kadhai.. enna panna.. *SIGH*.. Reminds me of Kitty's dialogue in Mudhalvan.. "VCR maadhiri... evvalavu nalla irukkum"

raz said...

:) true illa... yeppadioo.. unga bloga maripadiyum pudichen.. i read ur story wrote comment and lost the link to ur blog.. after a search of 26+hours.... jus got the link now :) good

Raju said...

Raz, may be I will visit ur blog and leave a comment there, so it s'd be easy for u to reach here.. :-)

Ramya harish said...

hi raju, nice story and a sweet ending.. aana avan per prem anand he seems to be a hindu and she s nancy,christian..avunglukulla samadhanam aaitalum veetla bayangra prechnai laam varume.. odi poi kalyanam panni paangalo..

Raju said...

Ramya, thanks.. :)

Nancy is not the real name.. You know how the people who work in call centers give themselves an American nicknames while attending overseas calls..

Ramya harish said...


Rajesh said...

annean.. yengayo.. poiteenga.. very nice.. short.. but sexy.

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