Sep 12, 2005

Manam kollai pOchu..

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Sometimes, certain movies and their music are missed by me and I get to know how good they are much later. One such movie in the recent time is 'Five Star'. I listened to its songs for the first time only in the last year sometime and since I listened to it while working, one song that I immediately liked was 'Thiru thiruda'. That tune was coming to my mind lot of times and I had forgotten where I listened that. One day, while searching for it carefully in raaga, i found it. Downloaded and started lstening it. That made me watch the movie also. Again watched the movie while at work on a weekend. Didn’t like much the other ‘peppy’ tunes but liked the movie very much. It was neat, different and refreshing.

The main attraction in that movie to me was Kanika. She was damn good and had a terrific screen presence. A solid and meaty role and she carried it very well for a newcomer. I became a big fan of her, but poor girl didn’t have many tamil movies.

Autograph-le parthappave manam paripochu.. ‘Ethiree’-leyum super. Sema homely look. Brahmin ponnu role-na Kanika-vai kooppidalamnu solra alavukku appadi oru baandham. Enna, rumba jollu vidurena.. kandukkatheenga.

Indha weekend I again saw Five Star. This time I liked the movie even more. Kanikavaiyum innum pidichi pochu. அதோட இன்னும் ரெண்டு பாட்டு அப்படியே என்னை சொக்கிடுச்சு. (athooda innum reNdu paattu appadiyee ennai sokkiduchchu). I will explain all what I enjoyed. யான் பெற்ற இன்பம் பெறுக இந்த ப்லாக் உலகம்... (yaan peRRa inbam peRuka inththa blog ulakam.)

First the song "Rayile Rayile..".. What a song.. awesome lyrics. Vairamuthu is famous for all sorts of comparisions, now, in this song, he compares a train to himself.. unbelievable.. I will provide u with the most impressive of the lines:

ரயிலே ரயிலே ஒரு நிமிஷம்..
ரதியைப் பார்க்க நிற்பாயா
பார்த்தால் நீ... நீ...
என்போல் தடம் புரள்வாய்..

(rayiley rayiley oru nimisham..rathiyaip paarkka niRpaayaa paarththaal nee nee en pOl thadam puraLvaay.. )

rail derail agura oru negative matter-ai evlo karpanaiyoda solliyirukkaru.. oru penn than manathukkul erpaduththum konthalippai ippadi solraar..

விரைவு ரயிலொன்று எதிரினில் வருகையில்
உன்னோடு விபத்து
ஓ அழகுப் புயலென்று எதிரினில் இருக்கையில்
என்னோடு விபத்து

(viraivu rayilonRu ethirinil varukaiyil unnOdu vibathu
oh azhagu puyalenRu ethirinil irukkaiyil ennOdu vibathu)

Train accident enna satharanamna santhoshapadugira vishayama? Aana, UnniKrishnan indha varigalai padumbodhu enna santhosham.. azhagana vibathu.. Fast express-ai puyalukkum puyalai oru pennukkum uvamaipaduthi enna vilayattu..

ஏ ரயிலே உன் மேலே
நான் தோள் சாயும் தோழன்
எனக்கு நீ எனக்கு
ஒரு பெண் பார்த்து சொல்வாயா

(Ey rayilee un mElE naan thOL saayum thoozhan
enakku nee enakku oru peN paarththu solvaayaa)

jannal mEle thOl saithu ellarum thoonguvaanga.. adhanaale train oru friend-aam.. enna kusumbu parunga.. adhukkaga train ivarukku penn paarkkanumaam.. andha train-ledhaan avarukku pidicha pennai parthadhaale friend help panna madhiri aachu..

நீயும்தான் செல்வாய்
மலைகளின் குகையிலே
நானும்தான் செல்வேன்
இமைகளின் குகையிலே..

(neeyumthaan selvaay malaigaLin gugaiyilE
naanumthaan selvEn imaikaLin gugaiyilee..)

Idhu heights. Imaigal valaindhu irukkiradhu gugai-yoda valaivu madhiri.. imaiyoda gugai kann.. andha kann vazhiya penn manasukku poganumaam.. enna route parunga.. short cut-a long route-a?

சிவப்பு நிறமது வழியினில் தெரிந்ததும்
நிற்பாயே நீயும்
ஓ.. இவளின் இதழ் நிறம் பார்த்ததும்
என் இதயம் நிற்காத பாவம்..

(sivappu niRamathu vazhiyinil therinththadhum
niRpaayE niiyum
Oh.. ivaLin idhazh niRam paarththathum en idhayam
niRkaatha paavam.. )

salaam, vaadhyaare.. ungalai adichukka aal ille.. Train red color parthu ninna nallathu.. idhazh parthu heart ninnuttaa appuram yaaru paaduva?

BTW, this song was picturized beeeeautifully.. Prasanna and Kanika in exotic Europe..
Kanika-voda saree, pavadai-thavani, dance, Prasanna-voda smile, weird pyjama, cute dance ellam.. marakka mudiyatha paattu... innum kannukkulleye irukku..

The other song is 'Engirundhu Vanthaayadaa'.. Nice blend of Tamil classical and Punjabi music. Nice dance again.. the eye-catcher being of course Kanika. Lovely voice by Sathana Bala. The lines that I enjoyed:

வானவில்லாய் ஆணும்
வண்ணம் ஏழாய் பெண்ணும்
இருந்தால் இன்னும்
வானின் அழகு கூடும்

சுட்டு விரலாய் நீயும்
கட்டை விரலாய் நானும்
எழுதும் எதுவும்
கவிதையாக மாறும்

(vaanavillAi ANum vaNNam Ezhaai peNNum irunththaal innum vaanin azhagu koodum
suttu viralaai neeyum kattai viralaai naanum ezhuthum ethuvum kavithaiyaaka maaRum)

vaanavil-le irundhu color-ai pirikka mudiyuma? Color illama vaanavil unda? Appadi irukkanum husband and wife.. Enna arumai..

Suttu viralo kattai viralo illame kavithai ezhutha mudiyuma? rendum serndhal dhaane kavithai.

ஒருவர் வாழும் உலகில்
மௌனம்தானே பேச்சு
மொழிகள் எதுக்கு
இருவர் இணையும்போது..

(oruvar vaazhum ulagil maunamthaanE pEchchu
mozhikaL ethukku iruvar iNaiyumpOthu.. )

Idhaivida arumaiyaa language no-bar pathi solla mudiyumaa...



Ram.C said...

It was a nice movie and soothing music.. I liked it for the screenplay and krishna's acting. (the husband who flees the scene)

Wonder, why Susi Ganesan is not coming out with his next one, soon?

Nitin said...

yeah GP, i liked that song thiruda thiruda a lot, the music was composed by parusaram sriram i think, i dont remember, but haven't seen that movie, didn't see the dvd anywhere. but i liked her role in autograph, and ethiree. I have also started to like Prasanna, he has done some good movies so far. After watching all these commercial movies acted by Vijay,Vikram,Ajit,and Surya,watching prasanna is different.He was a good pick in Azhagiya Theeye. Cannot wait to see his new movie called Kanda Naal Mudhal, great songs by the way, if you haven't checked it out, music by Yuvan. Other movies I am waiting to see is Ghajini, although i saw the english version of the movie a couple weeks ago, but the english version i mean, where the main jist of the story of ghajini was taken from. the name of the movie is Memento, great movie directed by Christopher Nolan, he is an amazing director.

Raju said...

Ram, agree with you completely. Krishna was superb.. so down-to-earth and realistic performance. Yeah, it has been awhile since his first two movies. I heard that he was directing a movie with Madhavan and some newcomer. Dont know what happened to that.
Some interesting facts on 5star: Choreography by Robert, the negative character in Kutti.. He is a real young dude.. He acted in KB's Azhagan as one of Mammootty's foster sons and he was impressive as a dancer in that movie itself.

Nitin, the music was by Prasuram-Radha (Anuradha Sriram). Pity there was no more movies by them. Agree with your point on Prasanna. He is cute and the typical boy-next-door.
About Kandanaalmudhal, YES!! I just love the songs.. not all, but two of them.. Kanda naaal muthalai and Panithuli.. esp. the former.. A truly amazing song.. resembles and is inspired from "Alaipayuthey.." but still nice voice, some intereseting interludes and good beat. That is among my favorite songs of the last month or so.

Balaji said...

wow super detailed post gp. was very nice reading it. i too liked 'five star' and thot kanishka was very cute :-)

Raju said...

Thanks, Balaji. But, again, verum 'cute'nu sonna podhuma? mm.. Having read almost all your reviews, I have to make a new 'Balaji dictionary'.. When you praise an actress as 'cute', it usually means 'gorgeous'. ;-)

Kavitha said...

gr8 narration..
those songs r my fav too :)

Go.Ganesh said...

Good one gp

This was one of my favourite movies of 2002.

Songs were really good.

I couldn't remember the lines but the back ground song when Vijayan dies was enthralling. (something like eruthe eruthe eruthe)..

Nice post

ada-paavi!!!! said...

nice movie, but maybe a bit too early?? if it had been released now it wud have done much much better!

Neha said...

refreshing movie, soothing music, but ivalo azhagaana lyrics apdinu ippo dhaan realise panraen :)

tt_giant said...

hmm.. i have this bad habit of ignoring music from movies I never heard off. guess I have missed so much!.

will listen to it GP.

Me too said...

A very good movie, indeed! I too saw this movie only recently. Wonderful acting, nice story & execution! But I did not like the songs at all. Did it do well when it was released?

GP said...

Kavitha, thanks and welcome to the blog.

Ganesh, thanks. One of the best movies I saw recently. The song that you mentioned is really an amazing one.. it goes like "Theyuthe theyuthe theyuthe theyuthe.. Thedi thedi nenjam theyuthe...". It is a nice qawwali type song and a heart-wrenching one.. How his dog also jumps into the well and dies along with him..

Raju said...

Vatsan, yeah may u are right. It was a misfit among the movies released in that period. It was a pretty dull period so might be it didnt get noticed.

Neha, yes, refreshing indeed. That was among the best campus- and friendship-based movies I have ever seen. One gundu junior proposing to his senior girl, she telling and laughing at that when they meet later, introducing him to her husband they were also soo cute. I have already watched it twice and planning to watch more. BTW, welcome to my blog.

GP said...

Deepak, I also do that. I am yet to hear the music of ealy YSR movies like 'Mounam Pesiyathe', 'Dheena', 'Poovellam kettuppar', etc.

Aparna, completely agree with you. Believe me, if you listen to the songs when you are sitting relaxed in a quite place, you will also surely like it. Not all the songs in the movie are of the same quality. Some fast dance numbers are so so.. I would recommend only these three songs (Thiru thiruda, Rayile and Engirundhu).

Priya said...

awesome observation!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Random walk, "NRI for Indians and Aliens for the US"... Good point!!! I liked ur review of the "rayile" song!!! Nice to knw u had the time & priority to "rasichify" to the "little beauties in life"!!!

Raju said...

Priya, thanks.. :)
Anon, thanks.. Glad u liked my description about myself.. I like to rasichify the little beauties, bcos I read that life is full of those little beauties, which many of us fail to notice in the quest of the 'large beauties' behind which they are running after.. So, I make it a point to try to enjoy the chinna chinna sandhoshangal as much as I can.. :)