Dec 8, 2005

It's Story time (#3)

(Pic adopted from Egge)

Keladi Kanmani

This is also a blogger-based story. Konjam poruthukkonga.. :-)

His marriage life was in soup.. He thought it would be better if he marries a girl in the same profession; so he chose a software person. With both working in Chennai, it was hard for him to accept that he has to change quite a lot after marriage and doing things like helping her in household jobs like cooking, cleaning, etc. He would get irritated and the irritation passed on to her too. They would quarrel for all petty matters; in short, it was a compromise living together.

Then, he learnt about blogging. He took it as a hobby and soon earned some friends. As it happened, he was attracted to some bloggers of the opposite sex who had good writing skills, and they had all he would like his wife to be. He was more attracted towards one such friend and her's was the first blog he would check in the morning. Soon, he started getting the 'first comment' for his posts from her. Blogging gave him some relief from the stiff environment at home; and he started enjoying his life in his office completely; it was as if the home was the place to eat, sleep and argue.

He would sing 'Keladi kanmani' while taking bath, imagining his friend to be his 'Sithara'. He didnt know where that relationship would lead to.. but he was happy nevertheless; thats what mattered to him most. After a while, he decided to meet her. After some cajoling, she agreed and said the next day she would meet him in a 'Coffee day'. For identification, they exchanged which dress they would be wearing.

He was so excited, he got up very early in the morning and wore the dark blue shirt and black pant and left to office. He was anxiously waiting in the evening and left earlier than usual and was waiting in Coffee day 10 minutes before the decided time. Each minute passed as it is a day.. Then, he saw her in the parrot green dress opening the door. She saw him too and stood by the door side shocked. She was his good old 'incompatible' wife.

Then? u guys shoot..


tt_giant said...

enna sir raju.. straight aa "Mitr my friend" lerundhu lift a?.

Paurna said...

isnt mitr the movie directed by revathi

i will give two would be something like this.nothing unconventional.typical tamil cinema.

both meet and talk it out.realise each others mistake at house.decided to co-operate and listen to each other feelings and live happily ever after.

ending two.balachander,selvaraghavan style.

meet.realise aren't made to live with each other.decide to separate but will stay together online and talk and discuss all issue through the blog.

sorry if this souds boring and illogical but i have never ever tried ending a story for that matter never even started please no brickbats

Smyta said...

yup..reminded me of mitr..a brilliant movie!!!!

But it was nice reading it nevertheless:D :-)

Short stories are always a treat..

Smiles etc.,


Raju said...

Deepak, Mitr my friend-le same story-ya? I saw the movie only for a few mins.. Wasnt Shobhana the neglected housewife? I remember she gets friendly with some online friend.. is he her hubby? That's interesting..
Paurna, yep, Mitr was directed by Revathy.

I would prefer your first ending.. LOL on putting Selvaraghavan in the same boat as KB..
'meet.realise aren't made to live with each other.decide to separate but will stay together online and talk and discuss all issue through the blog.' ROTFL.. if they decide to separate, what 'issues' will they discuss?

Actually, that end sounds very funny.. made me laugh for long time... :-)
Smyta, mm.. I need to watch Mitr. Felt it boring after watching sometime..

Glad you liked this 'short' story.. ;-)

Me too said...

Konjam 'Mitr'
konjam "You've got mail"
ondraai serthaal....

I also go so 'mind-bloggled' sometimes!

tt_giant said...

mitr is an ok movie.. but i am not too sure if it captures a day-to-ay desi family living in the US. neenga paaruga.. appo therium..

adhu seri.. day to day story na, stereotypical nu solluven.. different aa irundha, i cannot relate nu solliduven.. hmm.. yenna thripthi paduthaavey mudiyaadh!!..

TamilPonnu said...

I agree with Me too.. Totally U GOT MAIL thaan.

so isnt this still considered as cheating..??

Raju said...

Aparna, 'You've got mail'.. aamam ille? That story must have been at the back of my mind when I this story started taking shape in my mind yesterday..

mm.. I remember your mind-b(lo)ggling post.. :-)
Deepak, I downloaded Mitr from some website.. it was there in my laptopfor almost 5 months.. just last week, I cleaned up those huge files.. and emptied the recycle bin.. :-( Gotta watch it sometime..

Closest I have seen in 'day-to-day' desi life is 'Flavors'.
Priya, enn meley ungalukku nambikkai illaiya? Ennoda readers-ai cheat panni naan enna seyyaporenn? :-)

Some stories get cooked in the brain; subconsciously I have got influenced by 'You've got mail'.. Enakkey neenga ellam sollithaan theriyum, paarungalenn.. :-)

Barani said...


It made an interesting read !!

I liked ur way of ending (Balachandar/ Selvaraghavan style)the story.

ada-paavi!!!! said...

raju, nadula namba tamil cinema ishtyle la oru rendu scene irukkuma? apadiya anda paiyan kaadhal la sollumbodhu, the girl kolam drawings with kaalu ellam?
BGM ku YSR ll provide hip hop :D

NaiKutti said...

lemme try giving it a twist :-)

she has come to that place to meet her blogger friend who had all she would like his husband to be... and she was shocked too...

Now, whether the husband-wife pair unite panrangala illaya forms the climax... now u shoot ur thoughts and tell how u want this to end :-)

Vijay Ramamurthi said...

I cud surely guess the ending from the point u said he started blogging...

visithra said...

Awww i love the twist - but wasnt this like that revati directed english movie about nris?

Vanathi said...

And they realised their own faults. Afterall they loved each other's other face. They talked and realized the love for each other and lived happily!!!!!!!!!

:: The Protector :: said...


Vatsan told you love tag so here it goes you have been tagged! from my blog @



vee-jay said...

Good one!!! Could guess it towards the end tho'.

TamilPonnu said...

Sorry Raju, what I meant was what the husband and wife were doing- they took a small step towards cheating on eachother (w/ eachother- twisted!).. can you please consider Part2 on what happens their marriage, to their blog friendship.. etc

Dont leave me hanging here...

Raju said...

Barani, mm.. Paurna's ending the story was interesting.. glad u liked my story. :-)
Vatsan, naan 'love'nu sollavey illaiye.. Just meeting... 'Pudhupudhu arthangal'-le varra madhiri oru friendship.. (ABCD-le kooda A's relationship with B and D is like that) Getting attracted to someone who is close to the 'dream spouse' was my subject of story. Since I respect hus-wife relationship, I wont say 'love' in this story..

LOL at Yuvan's background music.. Harris Jayaraj venama?
Karthik, 'twist' puriyalaye.. Naan solla vandhadhaiye neenga solreenga.. My ending would be to forget the part of their story in home and look positively at the 'blogger' part, and live happily ever after.. :-)
Vijay, well.. I expected more than half of the readers not to guess that way.. That would have been the little success of my story-telling.. :-)

Raju said...

Vis, mm.. how come everyone except me has seen 'Mitr..'? I gotta watch it too.. Glad u liked the twist.. ;-)
Vanathi, now u are a good angel.. That is the way I would have ended too.. :-)
Vishnu, Welcome here.. hahaha.. Vatsan pazhikku-p-pazhi vaangarara? No probs.. Looks an interesting tag.. But my tagging policy means I can do it atleast after a week or ten days.. I really love to do 'good' tags.. ;-)

Raju said...

Vee-jay, mmm.. I can correlate the fact that you have guessed with your comment in the 'ABCD' post.. :-) Eppadiyo good I made it as a short story rather than a split story running several reels.. :-)
Priya, oh, ok.. Naan thappa purinjikkittenn.. No probs.. My bad.. I was in a 'pessimistic' mood after realizing that my story wasnt was I thought it to be..

Well.. now that you know how I would have ended, u are not left hanging.. And, I wouldnt call it 'cheating'; my comment to Vatsan would clear that point. I believe in platonic friendship involving a married person with someone of opposite sex.. so, though it could have been made out to be that 'small step towards cheating', I would refrain from telling so.

NaiKutti said...

raju, as usual confuse pannitena :-(... iwhat i meant was the wfe was also blogging and she had a similar experience and she has come to meet her blogger friend (not her husband)... !!!

Sundar Narayanan said...


you got to see Mitr my friend.. a great movie. one of my favourites.


Raju said...

Karthik, I guessed like that for once but I was confused whether you meant that way or something like she came to see her friend's chat friend..

Anyway, ur story would be another level of coincidence.. and a divergent one at that..(KB style) ;-)
Sundar, yep.. I gotta see it. Should have seen it before deleting.. :-(