Dec 8, 2005

Tag of fives

Vatsan tagged me after I tagged him last time with the '10 to 1' post; IMHO, tagging is cool.. enna, surprise-a irukka? Think about it, you dont have to squeeze ur brain much.. since the qns. are already there and they arent tough either.. it is easier than writing an all-new post by one's own ideas. Enna solreenga? But, I may not like the 'story tag' kinda thing. Any interesting tag, I will do it one tag a month.. Thats my tagging policy.. :-)

5 movies which I like some yet to be released

1)Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu: The fotos look sleek.. the leaking news is exciting..cant wait to watch thalaivar as Police officer after 10 long years.

2) Sivaji : For Shankar. ;-)

3) The Da Vinci code: For Tom Hanks and the interest from the book.

4) Spiderman – 3: For Tobey and Kirsten. ;-)

5) A movie in which I may appear in the (long) future. ;-p

seri now movies that have released

As I said in Balaji’s ‘Best Kanna’ post,

1) Anjali

2) Roja

3) Nayakan

4) Thevar Magan

5) Batsha

5 things I cant live without

1) Fooood

2) Water

3) Oxygen

4) Sunlight

5) Computer ;-)

Five cinema characters I have a crush on

1) Amala in ‘Sathya’

2) Asin in u-know-what.

3) Sridevi in ‘Vaazhve Mayam

4) Aish in ‘Kandukonden Kandukonden’

5) Priya Gill in ‘Tere Mere Sapne’

5 things I want to do in the near future

1) A Europe Tour (esp.Alpine region)

2) Move to Cali

3) Settle in life

4) Run marathon distance

5) See some snowfall.

Last movie I saw in theatre

Star Wars (Harry Potter is waiting..)

BTW, how come this qn. Came in a tag of 5’s?

Last movie I borrowed and haven’t returned

The Butterfly Effect

5 books that I love

I rarely read.. So let me put Ponniyin Selvan and Da Vinci code

Five ppl I wish to tag

Whoever wants to get tagged, send a mail to rajublog-at-gmail-dot-com. I will be more than happy to fulfill ur wish. ;-)

I am glad to tag Paurna and Vishnu, who seems to be a rare species belonging to 'no-mind-to-get-tagged' type. :-)


narayanan said...

5 per mela crush irukkunu sollitu. oruthar pic'ayum poda kaanum ;-) (ippadi solli OC'la darisanam pannalaam'nu dhaan :D).

Amala Sathya'va vida Mounam Sammadham 'Kalyana Thenila' paatula ada ada ada ennama iruppangreenga.

Priya Gill in Tere Mere Sapne? Aish in Kandukonden? 'pavadai dhavaniyil paartha uruvama' range'a irukku. neengalum namma case'a. And you don't read books, see a lot of movies.
See some snowfall? yeinga ungalukku indha vibareedha aasai? North Florida'la kulirum'nu kelvi pattirukken, flurries kooda vizhadha? neenga vena naan irukkura oor vaanga, snow'ku panjame irukkadhu. oru winter podhum appuram enakku snow'e venaam da saami'nu odiduveenga.


Nitin said...

nice list Raju. I agree with you on Amala from "Sathya", adhele thalaivar semma romance pannuvaru valai osai songle, i would have to say thats probably the most romantic song to watch for me. seems like australia had a close victory, symonds pulled a dhoni against new zealand. new zealand lost by 2 runs, thats so sad, for once australia couldn't just giveup, they had to win it. India did very poorly the 2 days they played at chennai. seems like a storm is coming tomorrow again to chennai,more rain. hopefully, it doesn't become devastating.

NaiKutti said...

"Think about it, you dont have to squeeze ur brain much.. since the qns. are already there and they arent tough either" -- hahaha... the questions r there but answers aren't unique u see thate where the problem is!... hehehehe... this tagging is more like ragging ;-)

ellarum amala pathi ezhuthuranga... she is nice in almost all the movies :-)...

"Run marathon distance" -- good luck raju :-)

neengalum book padika matingala???.. cool... naan thaan appdi nu ninaichen...

and cricket la, india did a awesome job... wondering what??!!... india beat england, ille thrashed england in women's cricket... Eng 50 all out, india 51/0 -- 10 wicket win :-)... leads 3-1...

Me said...

its snowing in my place today...:)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

'you dont have to squeeze ur brain much.. since the qns. are already there and they arent tough either.. it is easier than writing an all-new post by one's own ideas'

answer elutharathu dhaan problem, enna madri eluthina konjam mandaiya use panni eluthanam,

enna JO in Kakha Kakha missing? amala satya n sridevi in VM i forgot, miss pannitten,

Raju said...

Narayanan, ok ok... ippo 2 fotos pottuttenn.. Truptiya? Yerkanavey Asin niraiya parthadhaaley vittuttenn..:-)

Amala in 'Mounam Sammatham' rommmba olliya aayittanga.. kittathatta Elumbu koodu maadhiri.. Sathya-le nalla 'pushti'ya joraa irundhanga.. Enna, naan solradhu?

'Pavadai dhavani' correct.. :-) Esp. Priya Gill.. When I read in '96/97 that Bharathiraja saw that movie 'Kandaen enn heroine', I was happy, assuming it to be Priya. It turned out to be Simran. IMHO, Priya was more promising in that movie.. she could have made it reasonably big in tamil but probably not many saw that movie.. BTW, incidentally,tomorrow (9th Dec) is her birthday!! Wish you a very happy birthday, Priya Gill!!

I said only 'some' snowfall.. Fulltime snowfall namakku othukkaadhu.. No snow in North-central florida for years.. no, dew mattum vizhum.. avlodhan. Winter-ku North (Carolina) pogalamnu oru chinna plan irukku.. parppom..
Nitin, thanks. Yep, 'Valai Osai' romance.. esp. in the middle part of the song.. Highly romantic..

Cricket: Aus has never lost while defending 300+ scores.. and they are passionate about winning every game.. Symonds' innings is special.. He has the knack for a special match-winnings ever since WC 2003.. That innings seems to be totally brutal.. Last 50 runs of his coming in 16 balls.. Must be a rampage..

Indians thought there were ghosts hidden under the pitch.. rather they had inherited under their hair.. The way they batted, has evened out the 6-1 ODI series victory and now we start on a level-ground.. Hope we do better in Delhi match..

Raju said...

Karthik, LOL.. I know, that bit on tagging was my opinion.. This was a simple blog.. the earlier 7X7 was a bit tough..

Amala is 'Endrum 16' type.. Unless she gets too skinny, she is terrific always..

Thanks for ur wishes on my marathon dream!! :-)

No time for reading book.. since I have to read lotsa research papers regularly..

mm.. I saw that Indian eves' score.. Cool win.. Now, the gents have to emulate them when they meet Poms early next year.. U know, the crowd for the fourth match was 20,000.. I think, if proper coverage is given to women's cricket, it would make it big in TV viewership.. The cricket associations have to make sure of least possible overlap.. then we would have more Indian cricket (a successful one at that).
Me, mm.. it is my wish to watch snow just for a single day.. Lemme see.. :-)
Vatsan, unga tagging post is full of nakkal illey, neenga 'proper tagging post' panna easy-ya irukkum... enn ungalai appadi varuthikkareenga? ;-)

Jo in Kaakha kaakha is the 'vayitherichal' type, looking gorgeous with her plausible life-partner.. ;-) Would have been 6th in the list for sure..

visithra said...

nice one ;)

i like how aish looks in that song ;)

TamilPonnu said...

Cool, bro!

same here.. I cant wait for Sivaji & VV to be released!
btw.. I saw Bewitched- it bites!!almost like slow death..

** See some snowfall - You wanna come to VA tonight.. we are gonna be snowed in.. Yippie!!! ( I hope no work )

Raju said...

Vis, thanks.. Wasnt Aish the best in that song? :-)
Tamilponnu, mm.. i wont watch 'Bewitched' then..

Thanks for the invitation..Do u enjoy snowing? I wont, after the first day.. :-)

tt_giant said...

Ungala nongeduthuruvaanga, tag panni panni!..

LOLed at your comment: "BTW, how come this qn. Came in a tag of 5’s?"

Wonder who the genius was who created this tag!

Raju said...

Deepak, hahaha.. vidthyasamana tags are always welcome here!! No probs..

mmm.. that 'odd qn.' must be some 'idaicherugal'. So far, among the three tags I answered, I know the 'creater' of only one.. (the 10 to 1 creaed by Smyta).. To find the 5's blog, one needs to go back to the blog-tracking.. ;-)

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