Nov 30, 2005

A bloody encounter

As a Brahmin, I was obviously told from the childhood about why we dont and should not eat non-veg.. but, an incident that happened in my mid-teen forever buried any second opinion about it. It is a gory incident, those who are faint-hearted need not please go to the last paragraph.

On a sunday afternoon, I had to wait for the 'Aavin milk' in a booth, opposite of which there was a non-veg restaurant. The cook came out with a hen (chicken is smaller version of hen, right? So, I call the big hen a hen). He held its neck and then came a 'cluck' sound.. He broke the neck of the hen and twisted it nearly 180 degree. Paavam, andha kozhi 'viluk viluk' nu udambai vettikkitte oru 5 minutes tharaiyile kidandhadhu.. appuram asaivey ilai.. I thought she died.. then, he beheaded the hen with his bare hands and the hen's fits restarted.. blood came gushing out, a few drops spilled on his vest too.. He collected all the blood in a vessel and after a few minutes, the kozhi was really dead.

He took a knife and peeled the skin off.. rathamum sadhaiyuma andha kozhi red-a therinjudhu.. ulley cut panni adhoda ovvoru uruppa eduthu sutham pannann.. kidney-yai cut panni ange irundha excreta- ellam eduthu veliye erinju clean pannan.. A lively, cute hen became a few pounds of meat in a small vessel within minutes.. Adhai parthadhum I really felt giddy. I sat down on a bench to steady myself and vowed to never ever think about eating any sort of meat.

That particular incident made me feel that man is a merciless animal.. I dont know how many of non-veg eaters would have seen their eventual meal being taken life away like the above incident, but I am pretty sure more than half would have. Eppadi oru uyirai kolla manasu varudhu ungalukku? Eppadi oru uyir poradhai parthu adhaiye samaichu saappida mudiyudhu ungalukku? Afterall, taste-kkaagava? Taste-kkaga enna venalum seiveengala? Proteins? Vegetarian dishes-le, milk-le evvalo proteins irukkey.. Ennadhaan vai kiliya humanity, human rights pathi pesunalum unless you stop eating non-veg, I would laugh at someone who talks of such things.


reva said...


It is a pity scene indeed but since these foods have been accepted from birth as non vegetarians I do not see anything wrong,in nature u find the carnivorous animals who cant live without meat, "puli pulla thinguma"?.since it has become a part of some peoples food routine, we dont see the chicken being harressed, no heart feelings ya, take care

tt_giant said...

Meat eaters have this saying: "konna paavam, thinna pochu!". Actually I read somewhere that this proverb has been interpreted wrongly, but nevertheless, they take this seriously.

I guess that incident which you described takes place everywhere in the world. Enna, neenga open a paathuteenga.. indha oorla, conveyor belt la azhashindu poi vettuvaan.. avalothaan...

I agree with you on the protien stuff: I take whey protein twice a day - each scoop gives me 30 gms of protein and when added with milk, it comes to around 40 per glass. So, 80 per day and it is all good.

Me too said...

I know! People go about protesting about animals killed for fur, animals killed for sport, pet animals' ill-treatment etc. and 'vetti-fying'(pun intended!) chicken and beef at meals!! But I shouldn't talk too much too(I haven't been able to give up cow's milk).

Nitin said...

yeah,i just hate the way they kill these animals. how were u able to watch all that from aavin booth, i especially hate the way they hang the goat in goat stores, with all the mosquitos hovering around it. yeah, i am proud to be a vegetarian, although i dont think we get much protein from vegetarian food, lots of carbs, just be eating rice. but lots of proteins from milk for sure.yeah, ippo america vandhu kashta padarom namba, endha pakam thirumbinalum ange chicken this, turkey that, beef.inge oru saravana bhavan, mcdonals mari ellam edathule irundhuthuna nalla irukkum. i guess thats a huge sacrifice we have to make for leaving our mother country.

Nitin said...

Deepak, what brand of whey protein do you take? I have started to take whey protein in my diet for almost a month now, and I have to say I feel a change, i take the EAS whey protein for nutrition substition, and I dont seem to get tired, and dont get hungry easily, but it tastes really bad, i drink it with milk, i think its vanilla flavor, it doesn't taste good.

Me said...

ss.. strangely nowadays i feel bad when i cut corriander leaves and add it to hot rasam....i dont get that feeling with other vegetables....:o...dont know why....

tt_giant said...

Nitin: I go for the Amplify Protein (Whey). I like chocolate flavor and it tastes very good. I have tried cookies and cream flavor also (not bad too). Vanilla is not a preferred flavor..

Nallavan said...

u r absolutely rite. But v can't really stop people from eating non-veg. it has been practised for years now and i don't think v can really stop it

NaiKutti said...

i agree raju... even in US these days organic food is being preferred and that is really nice to hear...

oru qustin... "humanity, human rights" ye animal killing yoda link pannirukinga??... people talking about animal rights, yes they wouldn't eat non-veg (and most don't)... why shld people talking abt. human rights not eat non-veg??... well, its another life thats being killed nu argue pannalam, but human rights and humanity solravanga are more concerned towards humans rather than animals... while most of them do thing abt. eating non-veg, it is not a major hypocrisy (like people talking abt. animal rights eating non-veg...)

narayanan said...

appo oru plant'oda uyira kolluradhu paavam illaya ;-).

Jokes apart, there are some things that we get used from that. we are used hearing 'uyira kolradhu paavam so meat sapida koodadhu' appadi solli valarpanga. it would be the other way around in a house where they eat NV at home. but i had classmates where parents used to eat and the kid does'nt.

Even I would'nt have the mental strength to see such a 'bloody' situation like this.


Arjuna_Speaks said...

dont scare me raju :) - kekave oru mathri iruku :)

Paurna said...

i think its upto the individual to decide whether he wants to eat it or not

Raju said...

Reva, welcome here.

OK, they have been 'accepted from birth' but isnt it something that cant be changed? I know of a lot of North Indians, who would have eaten NV all through their life; and then they take 'naamdhaan' from some gurus and they stop taking NV totally.. they ban it in their home too, thus making the children too veggies. And, I see that it continues from then on..

Carnivorous animals and humans are different.. their digestive system, teeth, enzymes, body structure etc. are very different from herbivores. And humans are similar to herbivores in the above aspects (read it in ISKCON agenda). About puli not-eating pul, IMHO, the nature's food-chain makes it like that.. but man is distinctly different..

hahaha.. to see how 'what you eat' is made ready for you, I recommend you once to visit the broilers/road-side NV stalls to see what I saw and then decide.. Of course, no hard feelings.. just a serious discussion.. :-)
Deepak, LOL when I think deep at 'Konnaa paavam thinna pochu'.. Makes on sense.. 'Konna paavam, thinna double paavam' acc. to me.. :-) I cant think of this proverb meaning anything positive.. Gotta dig deep..

I know that this happens everywhere.. otherwise, maadu, aadu, kozhikkellam mayakka oosi pottu, electric shock kodutha kolluvanga? conveyor belt - mm.. sorghathuku koottittu pogum belt..

I too take protein whenever I work out.. Websites on nutrition facts tells us that lots of our Indian lentils, soy, and beans are good sources of proteins.. In my experience, I would say that with little homework, one can eat a 'completely nutritious veg food' day in and day out.

Raju said...

Aparna, I dont think drinking cow's milk, or eating leaves is any where equal to eating some species which was alive and jumping like one of us.. I know that milk is an 'animal product' but I can anyday take the argument that it is veg. Nowadays I hear that in India, cow's milk is taken very artificially (by injecting the cows with lactating medicines). That is terribly bad.. I hope it is very minimal and nothing of that sort happens here.
Nitin, that incident happened about 3-4 yards from me.. and I was in a line waiting for the milk.. so no choice.. though I felt bad then, it must have been the last nail in the coffin for my any future temptation of eating NV.. Yeah, as u said, mosquitoes and flies hovering over and around the place is terribly unclean..

Making rice is easy for sure.. but chappathi is not tough either.. We make it at home everyday.. It takes only about 6-7 mins to make the atta, and then each chappathi is about a minute or slightly longer.. Surely worth the time.. Yeah, the luxury of food in India is always a thing we will always miss anywhere outside of our country..

I too prefer the 'chocolate flavor' of whey protein.. with milk, it is just fine.. Even if it tastes bad, if you start taking it as a 'medicine', slowly you will get over the initial hiccup..
Me, enna, kindalaa? :-)

Raju said...

Sarathy, yeah, it has to come from one's own within.. The way we have shunned several things that have been 'practised for years', we need to do this one too..
Karthik, yeah, good to see organic food in stores here.. Esp. during thanksgiving, 'tofurkey' is getting slowly famous.. Paavam.. ethanai vaankozhis would be killed on a single day!!!

Like you said about 'human rights', animal rights-ai kuzhi thondi pudhaippavargalukku human rights pathi pesa enna arugadhai irukku? Its 'another life' but it is a proper life, may not have been censussed.. but still, it is also like us, having a family, feelings, emotions.. illaiya? It is not a major hypocrisy according to them, since it is there for centuries.. but still, it is, to me..
Narayanan, plant-oda uyirai 99% edukkuradhu ille, illaiya? :-)

Like your classmates who wouldnt eat NV despite their parents eating, I have seen the otherway around in some Brahmin friends of mine.. :-(
Arjuna, welcome back.. Trip mudinjudha nallapadiya?

Viewers' discretion warm panniyirindheney first para-le..
Paurna, mm.. of course it is upto the individual.. but all I wish is the individual to ask some questions to himself, and proceed after getting a clear, conscious answer..

ram said...

There are two categories of humans classified based on the source of food they consume.
1. Primary Consumers
Includes only plant derived food
2. Secondary Consumers
No discrimination for the source besides some people may have choice

If your natural body system is such that plant based food could keep you alike, why you want to kill something and eat.

Of course one may tell you are also killing plants, but we have survive. It is the lowest level in the food chain and we are forced to do that for our mere existence.
I can claim that cow's milk comes under the primary source of food but still I do have some problem in classifing cow's milk as vegetarian food.

Anyhow, whatever it is, we don't want someone to harm ourselves, we don't want ourselves to be sacrificed before our natural death, then why don't we allow other fellow beings to live their complete life

Anonymous said...

And you wonder why tamil-tamil bond is not so great....

It is not nice to make such harsh value judgements on a practice that is followed by more than half of your fellow tamils.

BTW, do you know how traditional silk cloth are made?

Silk worms are put in boiling water....

Now dont tell me that you have never worn any silk....

Raju said...

Ram, our body system is indeed perfectly suitable for plant based food..

Ur last sentence is perfectly right.. Just because we are at the top of the food chain doesnt mean that we can and will eat everything lower than us..
Anon, it looks like you are a regular reader of this blog.. You could have identified urself..

Believe it or not, we both dont use any leather products, and I dont have any silk dress. My wife has just one silk saree. I know that all this expanation sounds silly.. but I had to tell u since you asked for it.

I also know that silk sarees are not excluded from vegetarians' household.. I wish they are.

Suddenly I remembered that incident yesterday morning and wrote this post. Some words are harsh, sorry for that.. When you eat any NV, if you spend one moment thinking about what 'exactly' you are, and feel anything different, do let me know.

This was nothing to do with Tamil-tamil bond.. This was pointed to all those who walk in this planet.

Manoj said...

"Ennadhaan vai kiliya humanity, human rights pathi pesunalum unless you stop eating non-veg, I would laugh at someone who talks of such things."

Human rightsa pathhi ivangalaam kavalapadamaattaanga. But kozhi sethuchunaa romba feelings aaiduvaanga. Mudhalla ellaa manusangalukkum, paadhugaappaana, decentaana life kedaikkattum. Appuramaa kozhia pathhi kavalapadalaam. OK?

Ellaam manasla dhaan irukku. Ungalukku ippadilaam cruelaa theridhu. So you don't eat. Enakku, elani seevardhukkum, kozhi thalaia seevardhukkum, endha vidhyaasamum theriyala. Adhnaala naan saapdraen.

Plantskkum uyir irukku. You just don't understand it. They also communicate. They also have stimuli and feelings. Wounds, Pain, Healing ellaamae plantskkum irukku. If you have read the proven works of Sir.J.C.Bose, you should stop eating plants also. Until you do that and start living entirely in artificial food, please stop this nonsense about cruelty to animals. Ungala yaarum non-veg saapda sollala, neengalum non-veg saapdravangala irritate pannaadheenga.

Ennavo vegetarianslaam uthhamanga maadhiriyum, non-vegetarianslaam kettavanga maadhiriyum...

Anonymous said...

correction manoj... plants dont feel pain

the neurotransmitter called "SUBSTANCE P" is responsible for pain perception...

its absent in plants.... so if u want to justify it that way you can't...

but there is one thing most of the medicine, refined sugar, & vitamins are from animal products only.. even chocolates have animals or insects accidentally added to it... so no one is a pure vegetarian for that matter....