Jun 23, 2005

350 miles to Anniyan

(Pic Adopted from Chennaionline)

This weekend, I'm planning to make a trip to Atlanta to watch Anniyan. Must be one of those 'heights' for me.. Never travelled more than 20 miles for watching any movie.. so, this is a real quantum leap .. Well.. planning to use this trip to see the other attractions of Atlanta too..

Last movie I saw: Parineeta
Last Tamil movie I saw in theater: Virumandi.
Last movie I saw in theater: Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya?
Last tamil movie I saw: Amarkkalam
Most recently released tamil movie that I saw: Ullam Ketkumae
Last Vikram movie I saw: Sethu
Most recently released Vikram movie I saw: Pithamagan
Last Vikram movie I saw in theater: Saamy
Last Shankar movie I saw: Boys

Ok OK.. All these would be replaced by one movie, come this saturday. Then, I will be the last person in this world to write the review for Anniyan, probably...


Ram.C said...

I liked the way you wrote all lasts...

BTW... after your review, visit my review as well. Good that you are maintaining your stand of not visiting other reviews, before your review.

GP said...

Thanks Ram.. surely..I will visit your loooong review.. I liked your review for Ullam Ketkumae..

tt_giant said...

hi Padmanaban..
so u drove to atlanta all the way??
to think about it, 350 miles is not so bad.. but i have no way out.. :(

GP said...

Yeah.. I did.. It was fun driving such long distance though.. First time more than 3 hours of drive for me.. Enjoyed it..

Anonymous said...

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