Mar 24, 2007

Feel-good movies

Just watched 'Mozhi' and absolutely loved it. Though the performances were undoubtedly top-notch, what surprised me was director Radhamohan's intelligence, maturity and innovation in handling different storylines in a short span of time. He has the uncanny ability to choose a complicated story and stick to telling it without adding any violence or blood to it, and ending it such that one feels how it would feel to be surrounded by such goody-goody people - not to forget the power of love.

He is among a handful of directors who dont like the concept of having a villain in their movie. All the conflicts and complications are created by God, circumstances or some minor misunderstandings. Luckily, he doesn't like tragedy. Only a few have managed to even attempt it in some their movies: (I am not including comedy movies here)
Maniratnam: Mouna Ragam, Idhayathai Thirudathey and Alaipayuthey. Though each of these movies had an accident, the general mood was good. In 'IT', it depends on the EQ and the optimism level of the audience to assimilate the climax.
Cheran: Autograph, Thavamai thavamirundhu and Pandavar Bhoomi (?, since I havent seen it). Yes, there was the attack scene in Autograph and the 'Anni' character in TT, but, that apart, didn't he handle the human emotions so well?

Vikraman: Gokulam, Naan pesa ninaippadhellam, Poove unakkaga, Unnidathil ennai koduthen. Hopefully the failure of Chennai kadhal helps us see the good-old Vikraman of soft movies.

K. Viswanath: If not for tending towards someone's death in the end of the movies, he would have been there right at the top of my list.
K. Balachander: Azhagan would top my list. There are some more in his long career.

There are quite a few who have given one such movie, usually their first, only to turn to masala/action/violent flicks subsequently. I hope Radhamohan sticks to his strength and delivers some more unforgettable films.


Indira said...

Hi Raju,

I remembered your comment on the India Pak playing 5 one dayers now that they are 'free', redirecting all the ICC revenue :), i mentioned this to my family and everyone LOL.

One small thing, the print on your blog is kind of difficult to read (font as well as size). do change it for readbility by us :)

Hell's Angel said...

Mozhi was simply mind-numbing.. the screenplay surpasses everything in the movie.. & the dialogues r too good.. every single aspect has been well taken care of.. i would love to watch this any number of times..

tulipspeaks said...

i got similar (good) reviews abt this movie. Must watch it soon.


Janani said...

Oops... Again a good review about Mozhi. Sighhhh. I have been trying for tickets from past 2 weekends. this weekend black ticket than.

Me too said...

I am dying to watch the movie too!! Hats off to the Prakash raj-Radha Mohan team! A few kezhadu kattais can learn a thing or 2(there are more but..) from these guys!

Raju said...

Indira, welcome here..
I am glad u and ur family liked my comment.. :)
About the font and color, this has been in pipeline for quite sometime.. Now with a new version of blogger, which doesnt require a long wait time, I should be able to play around with the background-font color combo.. Lemme work on it when I get time.. Thanks for the suggestion.. :)
Brindha, yeah, well said about the movie. I liked the scenes where the director showed difference - like when Prithviraj tries to imagine her voice, and towards the end, he showing anger on her, without putting a sympathy mask. I think I too would watch it a few times, with some good company. :)

Raju said...

Ammu, yeah.. it is a must-watch indeed..
Janani, naan proper review ezhudhalaye.. oru dhammaathoondu review-nnu sollalam..
Better luck for this weekend.. Internet-le book panni parkka maatteengala?
Aparna, I am sure u will like it too.
Yeah, I would say this is so far the best of Radhamohan's work. I really wish this sets the trend for such good movies with strong a storyline and powerful performances.

Princess of Arabia said...

What are the famous movies by K. Viswanath ?

My current feel good movie would be Kanda Naal Mudhal

Raju said...

Princess, K. Viswanath's most famous movies are Sankarabharanam, Salangai Oli and Sippikkul Muthu. The first movie wasnt dubbed in tamil, though.

Kanda naal mudhal is good, but didnt the fights between Laila and Prasanna go a little overboard, thus getting a touch irritating?

Princess of Arabia said...

Since I watched it bits and pieces, it was ok for me. Will watch the full version and get back to you provided you give me the link ;)

Raju said...

Princess, you can download Kanda naal muthal from here. If you could tolerate the last half an hour of the movie, lemme know.. ;)

Anonymous said...

மொழி பார்த்து மௌனம் எனக்கு ரொம்ப புடிச்ச மொழியாக ஆச்சு :)
did u c Jo's facial expression ?this is her best movie ever.
The comedy was kalakal.i really did enjoyed the movie.Most of the directors u mentioned is my fav.

Raju said...

Thurgah, that was a really good one.. :)

After watching 'Mozhi', I am appreciating the power of language/speech.. When I realize how much the mute people would be longing to express some of the most beautiful feelings that they get (like love and care), those of us who are privileged to do so should do it with utmost care, in line with my previous post (on Good and Bad). That is, if God gives them even 1% chance, how happy they would be, and how selective they would speak!!

Linda said...

My feel good movies are these hilarious comedies:)