Apr 23, 2007


I lost my 'poonool' recently while I was trying out some dresses in a mall. When I was thinking about it, my mind wandered into what could be its potential advantages. Suppose during my forthcoming India trip I get caught in the middle of an unexpected carnage against Hindus, or, specifically, Brahmins, me not wearing a poonool might save my life!! :)

It reminded me of a scene in 'Hey, Ram!' in which Atul Kulkarni, when confronted by Kamal, cites some mantras to save his life. I was wondering what if he was mute, and he had no other proof to show that he is a Hindu. Similarly was the scene in 'Mr. and Mrs. Iyer' when the Hindu mob attacks the bus. That these things still happen in some parts of the country is a disturbing thought. Anyway, back to the discussion.. I was thinking, 'what if, on the contrary, I am caught by a Hindu gang, when I am without my poonool?'. The mantras that I learnt long ago would probably come to rescue me aka Atul's case.. hmmm.. mind is truly a monkey..


Socrates said...

Without poonal, your life is more secured(mantras to help you);)

So what have u decided ? gonna get one?

J said...

nice pic :-)

tt_giant said...

hmmm.. i just worry that u dont get caught WITH it by a DK gang! probably better off without it then!

i remove mine when i go to gym or when the situation does not demand it!

Liked the thoppai maama cartoon!

Raju said...

Socrates, whether life is secure or not, I become more 'secular'.. ;)

Of course I have to get one ASAP..
J, Thanks.. :) I loved it too..
Deepak, hmmm.. coincidentally I found the news of a DK gang attacking some priests just y'day.. Anything can happen in our Nadu..

raj said...

raju, thats something I have thought too, especially since I have read more than a few novels with the 1946-47 India as setting and partition-releated incidents. My case is novel, for, owing to certain urinary problems in childhood, I had to get done unto myself what a certain other community does routinely to its children. Reading through the partition novels, I used to wonder if that condition of mine could save them if I get caught with a Pakistani mob:-). And ofcourse, the poonal and the gayatri mantra are there for the hindu mobs :-).
Ennamo, ninaichu paarkaradhukku sirppa irukku. But nejamave nadandha, gadhi kalangidumnu ninaikkaren.

raj said...

raju, one more thing. According to all the partition themed novels I have read, Pakistani mobs' test of acceptance is not Lack of Poonal rather it is lack of a certain part of your anatomy(or certain part of certain part of your anatomy)( the one I was alluding to earlier) ;-)
I remember a chilling passage where a Hindu posing as non-hindu , even though he quotes Quran with felicity, is stripped to administer the real test, and on being found that the basic requirement is not there(or in physical terms, there!) is then hacked off brutally.

Raju said...

Raj, hmm.. again remembering a scene from 'Mr. and Mrs. Iyer' where a Jew (character name Cohen?) does a Judas act, getting an old muslim killed, for the very same reason as yours.

Very painful indeed are the stories of partition..

Anu said...

First of all belated Bday,.I know i am really late:)

Its easier for the guys to try and fit into the religious groups.. what are we women supposed to ? Either way as potrayed in1947 Earth, we dont have a chance when these zealots attack

Janani said...

Imagine what would happen if u meet ur parents????

Worst Case scenario???

randramble said...

Nice pic!

Kavi said...

Aah ! The mind ! It really is one !

Sundar Narayanan said...

I came home once from the US with a poonal that had ripped but I had just tied a knot .. my dad was so saddened by it that he gave me 10 spares the day I was going to catch a flight back to the US!

seems like yesterday.. it was 12 years ago!!

interesting thoughts though. we are who we are, with or without the threads, the body parts etc..


Me too said...

I don't know what to say!!

Raju said...

Anu, thanks.. :)

Yeah.. bit difficult for gals.. but dont the jewellery, and other costumes help change one's identity? for ex, i have seen that not wearing a 'pottu' can make even a traditional Hindu woman look like a Muslim or Christian..
Janani,parents are of understanding type.. though they surely sentimental about it, they would understand accidents like this..
Kavi, welcome here..
Sundar, hmmm.. since the absence of poonool is interpreted for some sensitive reasons, I can understand ur situation 12 years ago..

Just random thoughts of a jobless mind.. :)
Aparna, :)

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