May 3, 2008


Sometimes I tend to place too much hope on a director that I neglect all the ominous signs coming out from various quarters. First was Skanda's comment in Balaji's post; the second was the interview of Gautam Menon that Vijay wants his movies to have the masala elements of his legendary flims Sivakasi and Thiruppachi. I think Perarasu is probably the worst thing to have happened to Vijay and going to Tollywood, to Dharani; both these seem to have rubbed on a reliable director like Dharani too, which makes us wonder whether it is indeed he who gave us Dhil, Dhool and Gilli.
I got the feeling of watching a 80's telugu-dubbed movie; remember the stories where a goon or a landlord enslaves an entire village, tortures and kills them? (Maaveeran, anyone?) Kuruvi is shockingly similar to those violent-n-loud movies. The director is badly inspired from Hollywood movies like The Mask of Zorro and Blood Diamond. Worst, the second half happens in Andhra, so we have a Ghaddar-like villain, a loud MLA who shoots at the drop of the hat, his brother who is always shouting and another stereotyped villain can get away with atrocities in cities of the caliber of Kuala Lumpur and Chennai.
Kuruvi is carried almost entirely by Vivek in the first half, and once the action shifts to Andhra, it becomes brainless, totally predictable and sickening. Trisha is to the movie what the Andhra spicy pickle is to curd rice. Vijay has unnecessarily thinned down, having lost some muscle too, but looking younger. Suman is wasted even more than in Sivaji. Vijay starts the movie this time with a car race (engEyO idikkuthey..) Some of the songs are nice to listen to, but not so creatively picturized. The action scenes are as usual contrived, liberally copied from Matrix and superhero movies.
If at all you want to watch, do so only until 'Intermission'. By naming the movie after a cute little bird, the film crew have grossly insulted it.


matrix said...

haha- ur conclusion is funny !

I seriously thot the little boy wud place the guava fruits as landmarks for Vijay to get there.
The background music when he's immersed in the water, is extremely dramatic.

And also, how the heck the title song is on Kuruvi even before he becoming one ? His dance steps this days have become so stereotypical.

Is Trisha trying to be Tamil Nadu's blonde?

"A picture(scene) speaks a thousand words", juz by Vijay entry in the movie one shud know how it's goin to be. I was dissapointed that the movie din end in water, since the entry and the dramatic scenes involved water.

Our directors are running on extremities, perhaps they shud take up an intro course, Buddhism 101 - The Middle Path, anything of too much is not Good.
After Simbudevan, now Dharani shud be shot dead!

Nitin said...

ennadhu, adhukule neenga kuruvi pathacha. movies release quickly in the north i guess.yeah, i had my hopes high due to only dharani, but i should have expected something bad like this. good think prakashraj opted out of this movie. glad to hear atleast vivek shined in this movie. heh, some people had it that kuruvi will be a good competition movie for dasavatharam, lets hope dasa is great,that is the only movie i hope turns out to be good, none other movies in sight.i hope chennai does well in ipl.

mitr_bayarea said...


friends of us who saw the movie said that it was totally sick, not one person had anything decent to say about it. A poor show by the gilli team.

J said...

Oh noo :( nalla velai theatre pogalai. trailer paakarapavae doubt'a irunthathu. thanks for the review, Raju. Billa, Indhiralogathil .. elaam paatha apram, padam theatre'la poi paakanumna romba jaakarathaya decide panna vendiyatha iruku..hhmm. Expecting Dasavatharam eagerly :)

tt_giant said...

no wonder they were embarrassed to leak out any details about the movie!!

staying clear off this one!

Raju said...

Matrix, :)
What, using the guava fruits intelligently? I should say you had too high hopes on the director despite having watched 3/4 of the movie..
Yeah, the BGM was dramatic during that scene and also when some others were beaten up at the quarry.
Interesting point about the title song before the introduction of the concept. May be that was a clue by the director for the things to come.. ;)
LOL on your suggestion about Buddhism 101 and your concluding line.. If your 'advice' is to be followed, then there would probably be no director left behind, and no one would come forward to direct any movie.. but that may not be all that bad a thing.. :)
Nitin, yeah, that is one advantage of living in North East.. being in the thick of any Indian action.. but that is rapidly becoming a disadvantage, with the curiosity killing the love for movies, by watching craps like this and 'Arai Enn' before reading any reviews.
I have high hopes on Dasavatharam, though I must say that my spirit has sagged quite a bit in the last few weeks.
Cricket: yeah, Chennai seems to be badly hit by the leaving-off of the Aus-NZ cricketers. I really wish it manages to qualify for the semifinals.

Raju said...

Mitr, your friends are absolutely right.. There is absolutely nothing to rave about this movie.. Very poor show indeed by this talented bunch..
J, you are one of the lucky ones.. Glad to hear that you missed this movie.
Deepak, yeah.. I was surprised to know that the movie is gonna be released, when I saw the ad early last week.. There is nothing to leak, 'coz of no story.
I was in two minds whether to watch this or 'Iron Man'.. I wish I chose the latter.. :(

Nitin said...

oh yeah, got to watch iron man last weekend, it was awesome. do stay after the end of credits for a small scene, i missed out on it, but was able to catch it on youtube.

Ramya harish said...

kuruvi s talked to be a win-win deal for udhayanidhi n vijay for their tax benefits.. trisha ku onnum periya vidyasam illa..

Raju said...

Nitin, lucky you.. I'm planning to watch it this weekend.. Pariharam !
Ramya, oh tax benefits huh? Ennavo, ippadi oru padam eduthu nammaLai kAya vaikkiradhukku badhilA edhAvadhu charity pannA punniyamA poyirukkum..

I consider Trisha as the actress who rose to the top mainly becos of acting in 'oorukA' roles.. Even in Saamy and Gilli, one cant say her role is anything solid like what Asin had in Ghajini.. I wish she is totally absorbed by Telugu cine industry fully and we dont get to see her anymore.

Ramya harish said...

ya.. udayanidhi ku egapatta soththu.. vijay ku 2 kalyana madapam, vijay park hotel.. ellam bathramaa paathukanum ila..

I hate trisha.. nalla tamil therinjum urupadiya tamil pesa matta.. thanglish kuda illa... she cud have stayed as a model only.. Asin is definitely more talented than trisha. she dubs her voice for her movies..thats so grt..she sings also well..

Right now in radio mirchi, public s talking to dharani n asking questions on kuruvi.. enna kelvi kettalum, topic divert panni personal a edho solli mazhuparaar.. yaarum thirupi madakki kekka matengranga..