Aug 4, 2005

10,000 Run Club

Another one-day defeat.. *SIGH*.. All the hoopla surrounding this Indian team is turning out to be nothing.. The only thing of note today was Saurav Ganguly's fifty (though off over 100 balls), which propelled him into the 10,000 run club.

Our Sunny Gavaskar was the first to get there in 1987. The following list gives the members (in both formats of cricket):

1) Sunil Gavaskar (Ind) - 1987 (Tests)
2) Allan Border (Aus) - 1993 (Tests)
3) Sachin Tendulkar (Ind) - 2001 (ODI)
4) Steve Waugh (Aus) - 2003 (Tests)
5) Brian Lara (WI) - 2004 (Tests)
6) Inzamam-ul-Haq (Pak) - 2004 (ODI)
7) Sachin Tendulkar (Ind) - 2004 (Tests)
7) Saurav Ganguly (Ind) - 2005 (ODI)

Sanath Jayasuriya is only 33 runs short of the milestone, which he would surely cross this year (atleast 9 more ODI's are scheduled for Srilanka in 2005). So, he would be the ninth.. The others who are in the fringe are:

a) Brian Lara - 646 runs short (ODI). With the tussle between WI cricket board and players unlikely to be resolved soon, he would probably reach 10 K runs in 2006.

b) Ricky Ponting - 1710 runs (ODI). (Quite a distance..) Likely to reach 10K in 2007.

c) Rahul Dravid - 1760 runs (ODI). Likely to reach 10K in 2007.
d) Rahul Dravid - 2304 runs (Tests). In the current form, he would be just there when 2007 ends.

e) Jack Kallis - 2325 runs (ODI). With injuries permitting, he might be there in 2007.

f) Inzamam-ul-Haq: 2380 runs (tests). Without injuries and in current form, might make it in 2007.

So, there are 7 guys waiting to join the club in the next two years.. 5 of them in 2007. With more and more cricket, and with rules inclined more towards batsmen, this is the result. A century of cricket saw only one (Sunny) make it.. Twenty years since then, there would be 14 more..


Nitin said...

I am happy that Ganguly is back with a 50 after a long time. after all his bad batting performance, i totally forgot that he was close to getting 10000 runs in odi. but sad that Dravid got a 0 in the last match, he was in excellent form the first two matches against srilanka, and westindies

Nitin said...

Didn't sachin get more than 10000 runs in test. last time i checked stats, i think he was around 13000 runs.

GP said...

Yeah Nitin.. Oops.. I forgot to add sachin's test 10K record.. Just corrected.. Thanks for mentioning about it..

Ganguly's fifty came after almost a year.. one of my friends, who is a staunch Ganguly fan, was hoping that Ganguly would score 10K runs in 2004 itself, since a 3-match series against Bangladesh plus a single match against Pak were left for him to complete about 160 runs or so.. but he struggled so much.. he couldnt do it even in the Pak series.. Atlast, now..
Ganguly held the record for the fastest 9000 runs.. my friend thought he would for 10K too.. but Sachin still holds it, thanks to Ganguly's poor form.. :-)

tt_giant said...

yet another worthless ODI tournament!.

gimme test match!!!

ada-paavi!!!! said...

slower scring rate than laxman
i think he has a doubt whether its a test or oDI!!

Nitin said...

yeah, even dravid can score faster in odi than ganguly's 51 of 110 balls, but its still his comeback game after a longtime.

GP said...

Deepak.. yeah, meaningless, when you look at the strength of the third team.. they could have as well had a best-of-three finals straight away.. Test matches are on way for this season: vs Srilanka, Zimbabwe, South Africa, West Indies and Pakistan. Watch out!!

Vatsan, he made 51.. too many dot balls.. now he openly says he wants to return and 'renew' his opening partnership with sachin.. Not bad as of now.. Sehwag is clearly struggling.. so no point in going 1 down for nothing on board..

Nitin, yeah.. Dravid of late has a more-than-decent strike rate, thanks to his ability in rotating the strike.. Look at Sachin's comeback game in 2001 (after an injury): First game, away in South Africa, against Ntini, Pollock and the likes, a good 100.. Now, with our team's pathetic performance of late, we have been giving a few games, before the start of the season and after a player returns, away..

Nitin said...

GP, do you know when Sachin is returning back from his injury treatment.Hopefully, his elbow injury gets better, and he comes back in his old form. I hear a lot of people saying that there is no way that Sachin can play like he used to, but I think he can. Lets hope.

Raju said...

Nitin, I havent heard anything about him for over a month now.. I dont have any doubt that he can play like his usual self..

There is a 2-test series starting sept. 13.. He might just make it.. then there is the big super test against Aus starting oct. 14.. I am sure he would play that one..

Narayanan Venkitu said...

The guy who is on top there. Sunil Gavaskar..we all know how he batted 30 overs I think and came back with 1 run per over I think average.! He forgot he was playing a 1 day game.!

Same a few days back. I didnt like the pace in which he scored runs. Run a ball should be the default. Shame on Ganguly.!

Ram.C said...

I feel that these milestones don't add feathers to our team's form. I would like to see a concentrated effort from everyone with an intention to get victory for the nation, rather than adding records to their pockets.

Nitin said...

yeah, the thing that pisses me off is Virender Sehwag has not been in good form throughout this tournament, but he never gets dropped, or even asked to play better. but what about that Venugopal Rao, he did pretty good in one of the matches. They dont give him a chance. Oruthane Munare Vidu Mattangale.

Raju said...

Narayanan, yes.. That innings in World cup '75 will forever be a stain in Sunny's career.. Nowadays, a strike rate of less than 75 is unacceptable for all those consuming more than 50 balls.. Ganguly blundered for sure on that day..

Ram, sure, they dont add any feathers. Thats why I did nothing to congratulate Ganguly.. They have to be more of a cohesive unit and pull out victories from the jaws of defeat, rather than the other way around..

Nitin, the thing with Viru is that, WHEN he shines with the bat, India runs away with a good score.. the most recent occurrence was in the first match vs Pak. His failures put enormous pressure on the middle order.. I am sure, when Sachin returns, you will see a Sachin-Saurav opening pair, with the big hitters Sehwag and Dhoni sandwiched between consolidators.. Unless Sehwag does wonderfully with bat in the remaining matches, I dont see a reason why Greg Chappell would stick to him as the opener..

keerthi said...

milestones in cricket have now become meaningless.

sachin building up his records against teams like zimbabwe and bangladesh.. is no good. ( i dont play cricket and may not be qualified to say this.. but then, its just a free world).

[btw - check your Point c, something wrong there]

Raju said...

Thanks for pointing it out,Keerthi..

Well.. records surely should not be the primary focus.. I am sure it is not for Sachin.. It is not that he deliberately builds them up against weak teams.. It happens.. His performance against major forces like Aus, Pak, Eng and SL is enviable and consistent.