Sep 25, 2007

Congrats, India !!!

It was a memorable win indeed by the Indian team in the inaugural T20 Cup.. I hope that the tournament is not played every year, to dilute its importance.. Once in 2 years is OK.. I wish I had subscribed to the telecast on DirecTV when low-profile notices were distributed last month. Anyway, the last two weeks gave a glimpse of idea about what to expect when the 'Big Three' of Indian cricket retire in a few years. I see a lot of promise..

Some tidbits to give u glimpse of my suddenly busy schedule:

* I have driven over 6,000 miles in less than 3 months, which would translate to over 100 kilometers per day.. Poor car..

* While desparately house-hunting near my new workplace, I saw an ad posted at 5:45 PM, and when I was there at the property at 6:45 PM, one more person had already arrived.. and the landlord was getting phone calls too.. Luckily for me, she was an old Alumnus of my new university, and having a PhD degree at last helped to impress someone. At last, I have got a house in an area which is like "A Europe in US".
* My landlord has a dog (which looks dirty) called "Poker" !?! and she (I mean, the dog) almost 'kaatti-koduthufied' that I was shoo-shooing her away from my room by barking to her owner and running around my legs..

* One landlord's wife told me that her husband's name is "Tuna, as in Tuna fish".. and he too happily introduced himself to me thus.. :) Enna perumaiyo...

* Since my last post, there were many a times when I really wished this city called "New York" was far far away and not affecting my daily life as a tenant, as a commuter and as an employee. Now, I have learnt to live with it.. it is all about finding the city's pulse and acting accordingly..

* Finally, on movies: Yuvan, after watching Satham Podathey's songs would have felt how a great artist would have, upon seeing his fine paintings hang on the walls of a dirty store-room.


Siva said...

ohh yeah.. it was an absolute thriller...couldn't have asked for a better finals...

was wondering your long silence from blogging but now realise how much time you have been spending in the car miles in 3 months is some travel..

hope to see you post more frequently...

Vikramadithya said...

Yeh ur back :D

Satham Podathey : Krishna...Krishna...Krishna

Me too said...

I knew you cannot resist posting about this!!

Raju said...

Siva, I am gonna watch the highlights package of Aus match ad the final from Youtube tonight.. As you wrote in your blog, Yuvi was something.. those sixes were just breathtaking..

Yeah too much travelling.. luckily my back hasnt given up so far... :)

I hope to blog as frequently as before...
Vikramaditya, :)

LOL on your comment on Satham Podathey.. That song was the most disappointing thing for me.. Didn't expect an item number for that... Oh Jesus, forgive him!! ;)
Aparna, appadiya? But, it was a coincidence that I got a lil free just this week and along came the post..

tt_giant said...

super victory! yea, it should not be overkilled.

ian chappel's talk in cricinfo keyteengala?

Nitin said...

didn't see the matches, but saw the scoreboard, and yuvraj did great,love watching his 6 sixes in an over, excellent shots. All of Yuvan's recent soundtracks have been great, i have been listening to Thamizh M.A. soundtrack daily, a great eerie soundtrack. Its sad to hear Vasanth's movie not that great, he is a good director, just cant get the right subject.

Raju said...

Deepak, the latest news about the frequency of the T20 world cup is that it would be played once every 2 years.. and they are thinking of scrapping one version of 'Champions Trophy' to accomodate this.. so that is good..

I didnt listen to Ian's talk but read the article.. very interesting indeed.. Especially about Dhoni's captaincy.. he seems to have a fine blend of the killer instinct of Saurav and the calmness of Dravid and he truly follows his cricketing instincts.. I would welcome such an approach too..
Nitin, I saw Yuvraj's 6 sixes and his 30-ball 70 vs Aus many times in Youtube and it is sooo awesome each time I see it..

I havent been listening to any new tamil songs recently.. Will listen to Tamil M.A. soon..

About Satham Podathey, the first half was great, mostly.. The second half was a damp squib.. especially his usage of two nice songs as item numbers, back-to-back..

Kaptain said...


Did u check out Kandaswamy stills in Behindwood? Damn cool. Also, check out Gaptain's Arasangam stills...traumatizing!

Nitin said...

Raju, I have dishtv at home, and today they were showing a promo of zee sports, and they were showing the india vs. australia match, was very excited but unfortunately australia played so well and scored 307, and then tendulkar got duck out, and rain ruined the game. so very disappointed that I couldnt' get to watch good match.

Raju said...

Kaptain, yeah Kandasamy stills are cool.. Vikram and Shreya both look hot.. BTW, did you know about Kandasamy being called Anniyan-2?

Gaptain in Arasagam.. OMG.. it should have been "Asingam"..
Nitin, I saw a little 'highlights' version of the match in Zee sports too.. Would be unfortunate if the game is washed off in Kochi too.. It would be a 5-match series then..

Kaptain said...

Anniyan 2? Oh my God...hopefully it wouldn't be another crap..dey badhe!

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