Aug 12, 2006

Sathi Leelavathan

I was talking to a friend .. he said he has promised his wife that he would buy for her - hold ur breath - $2000 worth of dresses if one thing happens..

And I heard from another friend that her hubby has promised to buy her a diamond ring if the same thing happens to her.

Any guess what it is? Clue is in the title. Paavam... some guys are driven to desparation.. :)

PS: Sorry guys.. I couldnt blog for the past few weeks since xtremely busy.. I am leaving to India next week so had so many things to do.

PS2: Why did I choose this title?

It reminds one of 'Sathi Leelavathi', doesn't it? The husband-wife relationship in that movie is affected, as per the husband's remarks, by the wife's putting-on-weight after marriage. No justification for his flirts, but he cites that as the reason. So, a fat wife is not the same as a slim one.

Secondly, I think Kamal chose that title for the movie not bcos 'Sathi' means wife. In fact, most of the audience wouldnt have known that it was the meaning. 'Sathi', as per the modern slang, would remind one of 'conspiracy'. Actually, the wife does some good 'sathi' in the latter part of the movie to get her hubby back. So, it was a good double entendre.

When I thought of this title, I had to change it to Leelavathan, though that word doesnt seem to exist, atleast on the web. But, it didnt sound too awkward to me, so I chose it. And, since this kinda promises/rewards were like cute sathi, I felt it was double OK.

Enna, naan romba yosikkireno??