Sep 13, 2005

Ondra Renda….. Ezhu ! (Seven)

I have been tagged, by Deepak and Mitr.. Thanks to them. One of the tough posts to write, since it required quite a lot of thinking.. sometimes this kind of thought process helps putting a mirror in front and analyze one self. The thing is, I have been continuously changing over the last 10 years or so and the evolution is likely to continue longer. These seven different seven things are closest to me right now.

7 things I am planning to do before death:

That sounds too ‘negative’. I would much rather say ‘wish to do sometime in the next 30 years’.

1) To get a clear-cut answer on whether or not there is god. (I am more towards pro-God, but hovering around)
2) To appear on screen in a good diro’s movie.
3) Bungee jumping
4) Make an autograph book “Nobel Laureates” and fill it up
5) To get rid of all the extra fat and maintain that way till …
6) To do ‘nerukku nerr’ with Miss. JJ
7) Work at different levels – as a high school teacher, college lecturer, a prof., manager – all for short time to get a feel of the job.

7 things that I can do:

1) Make friends easily
2) Work 2 days non-stop
3) Sit idle 2-days non-stop
4) Samaiyal
5) Converse on almost all topics.
6) Be cool at most adverse situations
7) Be a total freak at times

7 things that I can’t do:

1) Muskafy people
2) Be satisfied with a mediocre life
3) Understand quantum mechanics
4) Swear
5) Kill somebody
6) Laugh aloud for jokes or situations unless they are too good
7) Wear fluorescent dresses

7 things that attract me in opposite sex:

1) Smile and laughter
2) Dressing sense
3) Hair
4) Eyes
5) Voice
6) Height
7) A good sense of humor

7 things that I say most:

1) Hey
2) Whassup
3) Cool
4) Awesome
5) Have a good one
6) It happens
7) I wish….

7 celebrities I want to meet:

1) Sachin Tendulkar
2) Kamal Haasan
3) AR Rahman
4) Ilayaraja
5) Dr. Manmohan Singh
6) Hariharan
7) Shankar

7 people I would like to take this quiz to:

1) Aparna
2) Balaji
3) Ram C.
4) Narayanan Venkittu
5) Ramkumar
6) Venky
7) Some other G. Padmanaban, if there is any.


ada-paavi!!!! said...

nice answers,

neenga neerakku ner wit JJ pannacha can i suggest question?

GP said...

wow Vatsan, that was quick.. I was still editing and i got ur comment.. Thanks btw..

U can surely suggest... waiting for ur interesting qns.. :-)

mitr_bayarea said...

gp: good ones.let me know if you get a chnace to act in a good director's movie, i can say "hey, i used to know him thro blog".....

wearing "flurosecent dresses" was funny.....

Voiced like a true Aries....

Raju said...

Mitr, thanks..

Amazing guess on my sign. Gosh.. i never believed in signs until now. How did you guess that? 'Voiced like a true aries'..???

tt_giant said...

Nice seven GP:

7) Some other G. Padmanaban, if there is any.


Wow, so u cook well eh?. appo veetla sandaiye irukaadhu..

Hey, sun signs are available on your profile. we males have no problems in giving our DOB, so blogspot calculates the age and gives the sun sign. girls dhaan over bandha panni age ellam maraichiduvaanga!.

Raju said...

Thanks Deepak.. Ada, aama.. Idhu enakku marandhu poche..

Neenga solradhu rommba correct.. naan quick scan panna girls profiles-le konjam perdhaan DOB koduthirukkanga..

BTW, neengalum Arien? Cool.. DOB enna? Last week 'Ennavele' parthenn.. Madhavan thannoda DOB-ai kashtapattu pakkurar.. Enna surprise adhule?? Exactly mine, including year!!!! Usual-a movies-le DOB mention panni parthadhe illai.. idhu oru unique scene... Enakku rommba romba unique.. (so Ennavale DVD niraiya demand achunna ennai thittadheenga.. ;-) )

tt_giant said...

i am very poor in remembering b days. ennoda b day a vey charlie chaplin bday (date and month) vechu thaan remind pannipen!..

Raju said...

Really? Really?? Really??? Deepak, NAANUMDHAN!!!

Nalla velai.. Charlie Chaplin-ai marandhurama irukkeengaley (April'le oru friend kekkurar Deepak kitte: Hey neenga Arian ille, ennaikku bday? Deepak: mm... yaaro oru famous personality-yum naanum share panrom.. adhai vachu remind pannippenn.. Friend: yaar avar? Deepak: Marandhuruche.. )

Ram.C said...

Another tag, again.. I remember that this is more or less similar to the '3 things' which was going around last time, Isn't it?

I hope your cooking helps you this month very particularly...

வெங்கி / Venki said...

Ahah, mattivittuteengalea GP. Ok. Try pannurean. Thanks for tagging. I will write about it soon.

//7 Things I can't do,
Understand quantum mechanics//

Ha Ha Ha


Raju said...

Ram, adhellam enakku theriyathu.. Naan ippodhaan first time tag seyyappattenn.. so samarththa ungalaiyum tag pannittenn.

It was sooo boring to cook for myself.. Had a plan to cook some exotic dishes but couldnt.. May be tonight I will try vendakka mor kuzhambu... Romba naal achu.

tt_giant said...

aaha. enna coincidence!..

yea.. maybe i will forget chaplin's name. so better find out another celebrity!.

but it aint stopping there.. i am trying my hand at vendakka poriyal jus now!.

Raju said...

Venky, Deepak ennai mudhal-le maattivida, naan ungalai ippo maattivida vendiyadhachu.. vere vazhi?

Deepak, yeah.. This is the first time I have interacted with someone sharing the same birthday.. Ippodhaan veetle poi paruppai oora vachittu vandhenn mor kuzhambukkaga.. innaikku night oru vettudhaan..

ram said...

The questions looks simple, but finding answers is difficult. It is worth answering these type of questions. Let me try.

Raju said...

Yes, Ram.. you are right.. sometimes you have to really squeeze ur brain to get all 7 mostly correct.

Nag said...

interesting to know your 7 wonder(ing)s

Raju said...

Nag, get tagged from Ram and put up ur 7's.

lakshmi said...

found a similar post in some blog.

Raju said...

Lakshmi, welcome. This is the 'tagging' business going on. You can find similar post in almost all the blogs in the last fortnight or so. Wait, someone will tag you too.. :-)

Me too said...

Good ones!

"sometimes this kind of thought process helps putting a mirror in front and analyze one self." - True!

Things to do-ve easiya mudichiteenga polirukku! "work, sit idle non-stop", "cool, freak"!!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

G P - Thanks for tagging me. I've posted mine today.

As I read your 7's, I thought you and I had a lot of resemblences.! Then I checked that you were 'Aries'...I am a Virgo.!

Raju said...

Aps, thanks.. yeah, I have seen that I can do both. I have managed to work 30-32 hours non-stop but then managed to sit in front of pc also that long and sleep, without having done any work. And, I took the 'can do' not as 'to do'. I took it as 'ennaal mudiyum'. If I had taken it as 'to do' then things would have been different.

Narayanan, despite being a famous blogger, I saw that you hadnt put up your 7x7, so tagged you. :-). I will check out urs now.

Me too said...

Sorry, that was a mistake. I meant 'can do' list.

Raju said...

Aps, its OK.. yeah, 'Can do' can mean bothways, right?