Dec 24, 2005

About a 'new' movie

You are in a mood to watch a movie.. you visit an Indian grocery store/DVD rental shop to browse for any new movie. You find a movie starring Madhavan and Jothika.. Seems to have an interesting supporting cast including ex Miss-India Dia Mirza, Shobhana and Nasser. Music? Wow.. Harris Jayaraj? You wonder how come you never heard of this movie. You decide to rent it... before that, STOP..

The movie I am talking about, titled 'Lovers' is one of the weirdest movies I have ever seen. The first and second halves of the movie are 'totally different', in the sense you dont see any character of the first half (except Madhavan) in the second. It looks to me as if the producer had only just sufficient money to make a half of the movie. For the other half? They have conveniently lifted scenes from 'Rehna hai terre Dil mein', which is nothing but the Hindi version of 'Minnale'. Sick-totally..

So, you get a 'normal' tamil movie in the first half, with all tamil actors and matching lip-movement.. In the second, since being dubbed and full of Hindi actors, the lip-movement mismatch is irritating. What made me amazed was that, they have even managed to 'twist' the songs of RHTDM (including Zara zara..i.e., 'Vaseekara') to fit to some new tunes.

Moral of the post: Stay away from this movie.. unless you want to get the 'unique' movie-watching experience.

Happy Holidays, everyone !!!


ada-paavi!!!! said...

ippo me interested in watching this movie, seriously, seems very interesting especially the first half

Paurna said...

i actually think you could very well have seen a combo of dum dum dum and RHTDM.may be this is a pirated cd and the two movies have been merged.

Nitin said...

yeah, i heard about this movie, although I have not seen it, but heh,is it even a movie, or sometimes the indain grocery store just takes movies, merges them together and calls it a movie.

Anand Prabhu said...

hehe... heard about this movie.. downloaded from a forum.. first half pathi thaan paathaen.. sama torture... nalla velai.. second half pakala naan...

Poor u :)

Raju said...

Vatsan, adhaan therinje kinathukkulley vizhura maadhiri.. First half is just OK..
Paurna, no.. it is not 'Dum Dum Dum'. The story involves a Civil Engineer from Thyagaraja College, Madurai (Madhavan) who comes to Chennai and works as a sales-rep. He helps Nasser, a millionaire in trouble and gets himself into some unexpected trouble. He decides to take revenge and kidnaps someone. Then, all of a sudden, the movie shifts base to Mumbai and we get to see all the trademark scenes of Minnale, such as 'The most beautiful place in Mumbai', dancing in rain, etc.. It was amusing to me how someone can blatantly do such a thing just to come up with a 2 1/2 hour movie. Nevertheless, it was very funny the way the director or whoever twisted the scenes of that movie to 'somewhat' fit in here.
Nitin, u better dont watch. It is not cooked up by some XYZ.. the songs in second half are new songs, probably meant for the original 'Lovers', composed by Harris Jayaraj and Ranjit Berot. Then, the director/producer has stolen/used song sequences from RHTDM to fit to the new songs. And, tamil dubbing too.. Very funny..
Anand, oh atlast some company for me.. neenga thappicheenga.. naan maattikitten...

I have the habit of looking for 'some light at the end of a movie'... This was an unforgettable experience.. :-)

tt_giant said...

non-linear direction keLvi patirukken. aana idhu innum "advanced" a irukkey!!

Happy hols!

Ramana Siddharth said...

this must get into ripley's believe it or not!seriously crazy!

Raju said...

Deepak, non-linear direction? Appadinna? Naan kelvippattadhu illaiye..
Sid, hahaha.. This is indeed a rare movie which is a blend of original and dubbed movie..

NaiKutti said...

Happy Holidays Raju :-)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Happy Holidays to you too Raju.!

Interesting movie indeed.!! Thank you for letting us know. I'll never go near.

Wonder who made this movie..Looks like a remix to me.

visithra said...

lol wow ipdhi oru movie ah?

tt_giant said...

Raju: Have you seen pulpfiction or kill bill in its original form?. Amores perros is also similar. They are all non-linear.

Raju said...

Karthik, thanks.. u too..
Narayanan, thanks, Narayanan. Good to see u after long time.

mm.. interesting movie in a different sense, this was. The producer/director are new.. whatever happened, the producer must have run out of money to make the movie further..
Vis, ippadiyum oru movie.. :-)
Deepak, mm.. saw them all (QT's movies) in the last 50 days or so. I got u... if they are non-linear, 'Lovers' has two parallel stories.. :-)

Prin said...

I came across this ost adn found the correct details:

1st half

An unfinshed film called 'Acham Thavir' (Fear Not) directed by a debutat called Sivakumar.

Cast included Maddy, Jyothika, Shobana, Nassar, Prakash Raj, Pratap Pothan, Charlie etc.

The second half was the remake of Vaseegara, 'Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein' featuring Diya Mirza.

So basically, the producers to make money randomly remixed the two films and released it. So Jyo and Maddy have no idea about the release. IT IS NOT AN OFFICIAL FILM.

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