Jun 19, 2009

Tamil Cine Quiz - 8 (With ANSWERS)

A short one this time.. As usual, the comments are moderated until a certain number of correct answers are received.

1. There is a unique similarity between a song each from Kaathirukka Neramillai, Rang De Basanti and Varanam Ayiram. Though it can be argued that the similarity extends to a song in Silambattam, the genre of the latter song is different, thus making it miss the similarity of t he first three songs. What is the 'relationship' between the first three songs?
Clue: Look at the bolded word. The first ever Ilayaraja song can also be added to the songs mentioned above.

Ans: The songs are: Yeh machi machi (Kathirukka neramillai), Hey saala (RDB) and Machi machi (Varanam ayiram). The Silambattam song is 'Machan machan'. Now you know what I meant by the 'relationship'.. ;)

2. What puts legendary singers SPB, Chitra, Swarnalatha, Unni Krishnan, Vasundhara Das and Shankar Mahadevan in one team?
Clue: The similarity is in achievement and in association.
Answer: All the above singers won the national awards for their singing in AR Rahman movies.

3. What are the similarities among a song each from the movies Rendu, Bheema and Marudhamalai?
Clue: If you were watching one particular TV show at 9:05 PM on the July 6th, you can guess the answer.
Answer: The songs are: "Mobilaa.." (Rendu), "Enadhuyirey.." (Bheema) and 'Marudhamalai maamaniye' (Marudhamalai). These were sung by the finalists of Airtel Super Singer-1 (2006), viz., Maya, Nikhil Mathew and Anita, respectively.

4. What is uniquely common among the AR Rahman albums Uzhavan, Duet and Indian?
Clue: Think about association and a legend.
Answer: These are the only three movies for which the legend KJ Yesudoss sang under AR Rahman's music.