Sep 25, 2006

MoM - Moral of the movies

(Pic adopted from

Moral of the stories (is there a plural word for moral?) of some recent movies I saw:

1) Sillunu oru kaadhal: Dont keep your 'classified' matter in such an obvious place like your home paran.

2) Thimiru: Aan dadas-ai vida penn dada-kooda modhuradhu rommmba danger..

3) Emttan mahan: Try to become Emttan Jr., dont become Mr. Bayanthankolli.

4) Lage raho Munnabhai: Dont lose sleep (literally) over love, studies or anything in between.. (hehe.. reason for the Vidya Balan pic)

5) Aahaa: Samartha irundha mattum pathaadhu.. smart-avum irukkanum..

6) Something something unakkum enakkum: NRI singles, beware of Indian beauties in weddings!!

7) Vettaiyadu vilayadu: Stay away from Raghavan! :)

8) KANK: Kalyanamana Aandavan Nammalai Kaivitturuvan.. ada.. idhu koooda KANK.. ! ;)

Sep 19, 2006

I am back, back, back !!!

Back to frequent blogging (hopefully), back to US and back to work. Now u know why 3 backs..

Few travel musings on this India trip..

Most asked question: Ennada Raju, ippadi ilaichu poyitte?? (What Raju, u have become soooo thin!) Well, parents ask so even if I put on weight and visit them, so one would assume this qn. to be a routine one. Not for me, not this time. I had indeed lost, in a happy and planned fashion, over 17 pounds (~ 8 kg) in the 3 months prior to the trip. So, u know, I had a chance to do some own-trumpet-blowing about my gym workout, diet, etc.. That was fun except when my anni's came to fight with me about my preference on a certain kind of diet.. mm.. kaicha marathukkudhaney kalladi vizhum.. ;)

Second most asked qn.: Eppo thirumba varre? (When r u returning?) Answer varied from 'soon' to 'after a few months' to 'around summer' to 'by april'. Reminded me of the qn. during my Ph.D. days -"Eppo mudikka pore?" (When r u gonna complete?). From the way my answers were 'consistent' (2-3 months) for a long period of time, they should know what to make of my answers to this kinda qns.

NRI Syndrome: Tried my best to consciously avoid the 'by-now-infamous' comparisons, showing-off's and complaints but the evil part of me would raise its ugly head at times.. Somehow escaped without much damage, both to my ego and to the body.. ;)

Greener grass: Good to see all the cousins, relatives, nephews and nieces. And, yeah, great to visit IISc and spend those 'Gnabagam varudhey' moments.. Bar the heightened security, not much change there.. Watching 'KANK' and 'VV' in Sathyam was an overwhelming experience.. Cinema-nna adhu..

Nervous moments: First, at the US embassy when I was told that my passport and details have to be sent to D.C. for clarification, and on the week prior to my flight when there was no info from them yet. I laid my hands on the passport just a few hours before the flight.. whew.. Next were those minutes in the auto/taxis on the roads of Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai and Bangalore. Worst on the Delhi street when, the car driver was casually crossing red lights and giving 'gaali' to the honking vehicles coming in the perpendicular direction, saying "No need to follow these lights before sunrise, saab.." ?!?!?


1) Vettaiyadu vilayadu: Good to see Kamal after long time. If the first romance was cute (the proposal scene at the wedding was cooool), the second one was mature and lovely (the dialogues b/w Jo and Kamal at the airport and on the road were too good, aka It was interesting to see several 'Kaakha kaakha' characters in different roles/personalities. One ex. is the guy playing Jo's NRI hubby. Songs were top-notch, typical Gautham stamped.. I think it was a neatly executed movie.

2) KANK: Kabhie Alvidaa Naa Kehna, that is.. Saw it twice within a week. Despite VV and KANK had the NewYork link in common, there was a big difference in the 'colors' in KANK.. talk of production values.. And, on moral values, KANK might leave a lot to debate, but I felt that Karan had handled the subject quite maturely. I had misty eyes and lumped throat for much of the second half.. Songs are unforgettable, my favorites now. One of the best Hindi movies I saw in the recent years.

3) Sillendru oru kaadhal: I enjoyed all but the last 10-15 mins of the movie with a smile on the face and occasional bursts of laughter. Looks like the director, Krishna, had thought a lot on how our now-real-pair Jo-Surya would have and would be romancing and brought up with those cute moments.. The saturday night party, dialog on the width of the bed, and, the candid minutes in the train and on the station were sooooo refreshing.. Since I hadnt heard the songs b4, 'New York nagaram' was an 'Inba adhirchi'.. :) And, not to forget the cellfone conversations b/w Surya and Bhumika.. Oh Boy.. too good to watch just once.. ;)
More movies later.. already this post is too long.