Sep 25, 2006

MoM - Moral of the movies

(Pic adopted from

Moral of the stories (is there a plural word for moral?) of some recent movies I saw:

1) Sillunu oru kaadhal: Dont keep your 'classified' matter in such an obvious place like your home paran.

2) Thimiru: Aan dadas-ai vida penn dada-kooda modhuradhu rommmba danger..

3) Emttan mahan: Try to become Emttan Jr., dont become Mr. Bayanthankolli.

4) Lage raho Munnabhai: Dont lose sleep (literally) over love, studies or anything in between.. (hehe.. reason for the Vidya Balan pic)

5) Aahaa: Samartha irundha mattum pathaadhu.. smart-avum irukkanum..

6) Something something unakkum enakkum: NRI singles, beware of Indian beauties in weddings!!

7) Vettaiyadu vilayadu: Stay away from Raghavan! :)

8) KANK: Kalyanamana Aandavan Nammalai Kaivitturuvan.. ada.. idhu koooda KANK.. ! ;)


Aravind said...


tt_giant said...

nice one liners!

btw, what does emtan mean? was thinking that it was a malayalam version of "my". doesn't seem to be the case.

Nitin said...

no,tt_giant, i had that same question, i asked my dad, and he said there was a british officer named Emttan, who killed innocent indians, and from then on, whenver someone does something wrong, they are referred to as emttan's magan. then they changed the movie to EM MAGAN, because emttan is an english word, and tamilnadu gives tax free when used a tamil title for movies. btw, hwo is that movie Raju, directed by metti oli director. ah, vidya balan is so nice, i really like her smile. waitin for lage raho munnabhai dvd. good moral for the movie thimiru, i hated that movie, it was a big waste of time.

Raju said...

Aravind, welcome here.. :)
Deepak, thanks. Nitin has answered it partly. In Madurai area, "avan sariyana emtan" is a commonly heard one. Oru madhiri tough nut-nu vachukkunga.. I havent dont much research on that.

And, ur reference to Malayalam reminded me of this 'Mugudu baashai' which I came across during my childhood.. I donno who invented it... but "mta" was added to normal tamil words to make them sound different.. e.g. "Naan veettukku porenn" becomes "namtaan vimteettumku pomtoren".. There were a few days when I made everyone mad by talking that way.. :)
Nitin, yeah, ur dad was right. But I am not sure if the 'Emttan' tortured innocent Indians or killed them. I somehow think it was the former.

Movie is good.. i enjoyed watching it primarily bcos I spent my childhood around Madurai and some of the typical traditions were shown. I think Thirumurugan has started his film career on the right foot..

Vidya Balan was gorgeous in Munnabhai.. sometimes over the board but OK.. tolerable. Very homely.

Me too said...

Indha 'Aahaa' enge indha list-le vandhadhu? Ippo dhaan paartheengala?

KANK-le 'nammalai'- yaaru??

Anurama said...

good ones.. KANK thaan ultimate ;)
btw, adhu enna "Aahaa".. appadi edavadhu padam vandirukaa enna?

Raju said...

Aparna, yeah.. I saw 'Aahaa' just last week.. nice movie..

'Nammalai' meant the married couple, in general..
Anurama, thanks..

'Aahaa' was a 1997 movie directed by Suresh Krishna and it featured Bhanupriya, Raghuvaran and others. The lead pair was a new one and I havent seen them in any other movie.. may be that was the reason you dont know about it..

Anurama said...

Oh.. I have seen that movie. As you had listed all new movies, I was surprised to see "Aahaa" in the list.. Thought that it is a new movie that I had missed.. :)

ram said...

I am back to blogging...

After making a post my first visit is to ur blog...

"a review in valluvan style"

sks said...

dude, looked at your cluster map and found that people in alaska, africa and new foundland also read your blog .. ofcourse the majority is from USA and India. Sorry about diverting from the theme.

Raju said...

Anurama, mm.. parthacha? OK.. I just managed to see 'Aahaa', though it was long due..
Ram, oh, welcome.. But, where is ur new blog? Ennappa.. ennai poi Aiyan-kooda compare panre.. How r things with u? Let me know your new blog address..
Sanjay, LOL.. mm.. what is the New foundland that u r talking about?

U know, not a single soul from Madagascar, Panama, Bahamas, Burma, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Namibia seems to have visited my blog this year.. and i am very sincerly worried about how to pull janta from those places.. :(

ram said...

mine is

Raju said...

Ram, okie.. visited and left my comment there.. do continue blogging..

ram said...

How to add blogs I visit in my blogspot

narayanan said...

ippo dhaan Aaha paakareengala ? :o

Raju said...

Ram, hope my suggestion worked..
Narayanan, i know i know I should have watched it long ago.. what to do.. mmm.. anyway, better late than never, ille? Unga performance suuuper adhuley.. ;)

BTW, i am unable to visit your blog.. some weird problem, it takes me to blogsome's homepage.. any clue why?

PPattian said...

Just wanted to tell you the true fact behind Emden.

Emden was a German warship that went all the way to South East Asia via Madras (Chennai) Harbour. It was one of the toughest warship known until then.

Since it was in the Madras harbour amid some explosions, people started using the term (to anyone tough...)

I have never heard of any Emttan..

Refer this

Anonymous said...

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