Mar 6, 2007

Kramer Batsha

(Pics adopted from Indiadirect and Wikipedia)

I was just watching the first episode of Seinfeld-Season 6. Kramer tells Miss Rhode Island: "If I say something once, it is like telling a thousand times". Ada.. engeyo ketta madhiri irukkey.. Idhuvum suttadha?

PS: I have just added a new feature "My Current Favorite Video" to the sidebar. I am glad that the first song I am posting is one of the most romantic songs I have ever seen. Had this movie been released a month ago, this song would have certainly been added to the "Various Stages of Love" Valentine's day collection. Goutham magic!! Simple, yet so beautiful.. I will be updating this section in accordance with the title, but it looks like this song is here to stay for quite a long time.


Princess of Arabia said...

Batsha and Seinfield came about the same time, who could have copied whom ?
BTW, did the dude say it stylishly?

vatsan said...

rajini sutufied even his style, punch dialogue viduvara?

Nag said...

ha ha, so rajini is famous even here.

Raju said...

Princess, that was a good question.. This episode was telecast in september 1994, 4 months before Batsha was released. So, obviously one out of two possibilities is surely discarded.. ;)

And, oh yeah, Kramer says it in his own style.. :)
Vatsan, no punch dialogue for Kramer.. :)
Nag, look at my answer to Princess and see who is famous.. :)

Anu said...

Wow.. that was some observation..!! who thought the dialogues for a neurotic character would be echoed through every corridor in tamil nadu :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting observations.

Regarding that line, Rajni had said that his wife was scolding his elder daughter one day saying, "learn the first time something is told, I can't say it for you a hundred times"...or something to that effect. And that is how the line came to be.

But it is interesting to note.

Now, is Baba hand sign from Superman?:-)


Me too said...

Good find!!

Nice song video too! That actress looks lovely and refreshing!!

Raju said...

Anu, :) very true..
Kajan, may be what you are saying is correct. Even I have heard something along similar line (not about Rajini, but the 1-100 thing) from others.. but the similarity with Kramer was looking like more than coincidence to me..

Baba sign from Superman? No, i wont go into that.. :)
Aparna, :)

Yeah, I second what you said about Andrea. Apparently, she was without any make-up at all, and that has made a big difference to her simple but still lovely looks..

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hahaha! Epdi ipdi ellam :P Nice post! :) u have GREAT SOH

Raju said...

Ponnarasi, thanks..

This would probably be among the least humorous humor post I wrote.. but for tagging purpose, humor was the closest it came.. unga 'Great SOH' paarattai konjam pinch of salt-oda serthu eduthukkuren..

துர்கா|thurgah said...

this is not orginal also :(?
haiz...many tamil movies got some cut and paste from english movies.Good post.
Your favourite song is one of my fav song in that movie.The lyrics,music and the voice all simply great...great chemistry right?

Raju said...

Durga, welcome to my blog.. :)

This '1-100'- doesn't seem original to me.

I totally agree with u about 'Un sirippinil' song.. All aspects, except may be for a mature Sarath face, are good. Great chemistry indeed..