Nov 22, 2005

Tagged - 12:50

Got tagged again.. this time by Smyta.. who achieved the height of vetti by tagging herself. After her vethilai-paakku invitation, here I go:

10 favorites:

Favorite Season: Spring
Favorite Sport : Cricket
Favorite Time: Dawn
Favorite Month: April
Favorite Actor: Kamal Haasan
Favorite Actress: Asin (as of now)
Favorite Icecream: Butter Scotch
Favorite Food: Brinjal curry/Bartha
Favorite Drink: Strawberry milkshake
Favorite Place: Bangalore

9 currents:

Current Feeling: Happy
Current O/S: Windows XP 2002
Current Windows open: Microsoft Outlook, Browsering Target weekly Ad and Rediff
Current Drink: Orange juice
Current Time: 5:20 PM
Current Mobile(s) used: Motorola V188
Current show on TV: TV only for watching rented movies.
Current Thought: Which place to choose next?
Current Cloth: Lee Blue jeans and a collared T-shirt

8 Firsts:

First nick: Madikkol (#3)
First kiss: My granny, may be?
First crush: The girl who would study in front of me in library, 'D', when I was 20.
First computer: Gateway AMD Athlon 512 MB RAM, 60 GB HDD, widescreen, 1.22 GHz beauty.
First vehicle I drove: Kinetic Honda - when I was 16.
First job: Post-doc fellow, if you can consider this as a 'job'
First movie I watched on Pulse Global's Print: What is it? (this is not a movie name.. I DONNO what is PGP).
First pet: No pet yet
First shave (men)/Hairstyle (women): When I was 19..

7 lasts:

Last chai (tea): Though I dont drink tea, I got a chance to drink 'Deja Brew' tea with honey, spices, etc.. mm.. not bad
Last movie: Bambara Kannaley
Last time I drove: This afternoon
Last time shaved (men) / Beauty parlor visit (women): Day-before-y'day
Last website visited: google
Last software installed: PP Live (to watch online TV channels free)
Last pill I had: Some cold tablet, may be 6-7 months ago

6 Have you evers:

Have you ever broken the law: If crossing red is, yes.
Have you ever been drunk: No drinks
Have you ever climbed a tree: Yes. One of my fav. things in childhood.. and fallen from ~20 feet too
Have you ever kissed someone you didnt know: NO
Have You Ever Been in the Middle/Close to Gunfire or Bomb Blast: No.
Have you ever broken anyone's heart: Hope not.

5 Things:

Things you can hear right now: Wind flowing across trees, a magnetic pellet stirring.
Things on your computer table: Files, Mineral water, calculators, 1 CD, 1 goggle and 2 notebooks.
Things on your bed: Quilt, pillows.
Things you ate today: Apple, Orange juice, Krishna Lunch (Rice, Dal, Halwa, Beans and Lemonade).
Things in mind: To post this quickly, to go home, to check my polymer's condition.

4 places you have been today:


3 people you can tell anything to:


2 choices

Black or white: White
Hot or cold: Hot

1 thing you want to do before you die:

Already discussed in my 7X7 tag post.

It took me over 50 min. to type out this blog. So, I will better not tag anyone.

hehehehehe... avlo easy-ya ellarum thappichura mudiyuma? So, with great pleasure, I tag Balaji, Ram, Deepak, Vis, Aparna, Kalai (venam, adhu danger), and especially Vatsan.


Smyta said...

Cool..I m glad u tagged vatsan again!

he didnt keep up my vetti tag. I felt more vetti bcz of him and was going to tag myself again so i can tag him again x(

hahaha:-)) :p;-)

Hey I m so happy u kept the honour of my vettiness;-)

Smiles etc.,


Smyta said...

Ennadu idhu :-(

I know how much my tag irritated u:-(

// AMD athlon 512 MB HDD, 60 GB memory!!!

Change it off..I m sure this tag drove u to sleep as well!


Smiles etc.,


Nitin said...

heh, good post Raju. I should start my own blog soon, probably after this sem ends, really stressed with work in Organic Chemistry. btw, how was bambara kannaley?

thennavan said...

Nalla velai naan thappichchen. Hey, you tagged folks, ennai maatti vittudaadheenga (and this is not like Tamilnadu CM saying don't fall at my feet and ministers taking the cue and falling at the feet, ok?) :-)

visithra said...

lol at smyta and thennavan ;)

raju ure lucky this one looks interesting illathi filter kum vijay kum vandha gethi than ;p

ada-paavi!!!! said...

aiyoo kodumai enna raju, eppidi pannittengal?? space for nakkals in this tag, cha,

seri ill change it a little bit and do the tag, idu gnayamae?

ada-paavi!!!! said...

Gp rain looks like to play spoilsport, its kinda sad, kodumai, annal let me hope match is there.

kalai said...

muhahahahahaha....this is my sixth tag....taggers club la join pannikonga raju!! oru naaal ennoda tag ellam serthu varum!!! ;)

ioiio said...

tAG season started again pola

NaiKutti said...

athu enna 12:50 nu title...

["Have you ever broken the law: If crossing red is, yes."] -- ethana thadava ticket vangirikinga?

and as u said, we do have quite a few similarities :-)

Ram.C said...

I have not even fullfilled your earlier tag of 7x7. Now, what is this 9 to 1?

4 places you visited.. didn't u visit the 4th place, for name sake?

BTW.. Thennavan, had invited people that he can be tagged.. seems he is eagerly waiting for it. Since, it may take time for me, hope someone is taking that as a lead to tag him.

visithra said...

done ;)

Paurna said...

what is this tagging all about

ada-paavi!!!! said...

raju i am taggin u to do the tag 5, and have a clear policy regargind taggin ppl

ada-paavi!!!! said...

hheres the link

tt_giant said...

naa gaali.. enna idhu raju.. ennoda one-post-in-a-blue-moon principle ellam pochu!

Raju said...

Smyta, Vatsan was doing too much nakkal, so I should say he invited this tag..:-) LOL..

Oops on the HDD and memory confusion.. I was literally sleep-typing. Correct panniyachu.
Nitin, thanks. I am looking forward to seeing your blog. It is fun.. and you dont have to spend much time on it (unless u want to).. :-)

You had earlier asked me about my org. chem. knowledge.. I told you I do organic chem. all day for my rice and dal.. You can ask me for any help in org. chem. If you want to, you can drop by here anytime this holiday weekend.

I will post on Bambara Kannaley separately.
Thennavan, 'thennavanum than vaayal kettar'-nu pazhamozhi kelvippattirukkeengala? Kavalaiye padaaatheenga.. Oru tag ungalukkaga thavam panni wait pannudhu.. LOL on your ref. to Amma..
Vis, mm.. sure it is different from the other tags.. Nothing much to think so cool..

Sambhar-kkum Vijay-kkum appadi enna achu? Sorry I couldnt find anything serious..

Raju said...

Vatsan, first of all, I am really sorry for the match being washed out.. November end-le ippadi puyal mazhai varum-nu yaar kanda? We are screwing up our climate.. :-(

No space for nakkals in this tag? I thought there were plenty already.. Ungaloda admission letter varra varaikkum vettiya ukkarndhirukkama uruppadiya indha tag-ai mudichirunga.. :-)
Kalai, I know I know thalai mudhal kaal varai unga tag-aale adi vaanga porenn.. Adhaan danger-nu post-leye pottuttene.. :-)
Sathya, welcome here.. Tag season eppo mudinjudhu?
Karthik, 12:50-na '10 to 1' dhaane? (Enna, romba kadichuttena? Naikkuttikkey kadiya? Thoppulai suthi 10 oosi pottukkanum) :-)

Crossed red few times.. but once, most wierdly at 3 AM, polica maama pidichuttar... naan samarthu paiyan.. Idhu varai ozhunga driving panni clean history/geography vachirundhadhaale oru warning panni vittuttar... So no ticket till now.. :-) Another often-committed law-breaking is 'over speeding'.

Found some more similarities? Cool.. :-)

Raju said...

Ram, how come a serious blogger like you can escape without being tagged?

4-places.. Smyta madhiri bathroom-nu ellam solla mudiyadhu.. because, bathroom is at home, no?

I agree with you on Thennavan.. :-)
Vis, you are so prompt in responding to tag, when people think of tagging, you will come first in their mind.. :)
Paurna, Wikipedia says "tagging refers to passing control to another member of a team"...; "indicates that the current writer is done and the other (or one of the others) should take their turn" and also "Tag is a game, often played by children" LOL..

In other words, one vetti blogger would write something like this and pass the vettiness to another vetti blogger.. :)

Raju said...

Vatsan, hahaa.. idhudhan 'munpagal seyyin pirpagal vilaiyum' enbadha, or, as Deepak said, 'instant karma'?

Can there ever be a 'clear' policy regarding tagging? Kuttaiyai kuzhappathaaney naanga irukkom... :-)

Next is 5-tag? mmm.. parppom..
Deepak, hahha.. edho neenga voorukku poreengannu unga once-in-a week posts-ai poruthittu irundhom... Adhaan poittu vandhutteengalle.. inimey u have to stick with '2 posts in 2 days' routine.. :-)

TamilPonnu said...

Raju- Thanks for ur wishes:)

Black or white: White- Why white??
Hot or cold: Hot - Why Hot??

Raju said...

Tamilponnu, u r welcome.

Why white? mm.. its pure. It has all colors in it; it reflects all the light. I have 7 white tshirts and only one black.

Why hot? I hate cold weather. (Konjam sinusitis). Hot is the best time to be in pools/visit beaches. I like ice creams a lot, which I can happily eat non-stop only when it is hot, right? ;)

Me too said...

School-lellaam holiday homework kudukkara maadhiri, jolly-a holidays-kku wait pannindu irundha enna ippadi maativituteengale!! 2006 kulle mudikka try panren!

Raju said...

Aparna, LOL on your ref. to homework...

2006-kullenna? 2006 mudiyaradhukkulleya illey 2006 varradhukkulleya? :-)

Anyway, enjoyyy ur holidays.. time kidaichu vettiya irukkumbodhu tag-ai answer pannaa podhum..

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