Dec 27, 2005

Sea World visit - 2

I loved Sea world so much when I visited, that I decided to visit second time, to make use of the 5-day ticket that I got. Selected fotos from the last-Wednesday tour form this post.

This guy looks exactly like a piece of ginger.. onto which green leaves are stuck.. Amazing.. He is called 'Sea Dragon'. Rightly so.

Now, a featherless Sea-dragon.

Shamu, the killer whale, was the main attraction this time. Shamu's show was awesome..

These shiny fishes, in a blue backdrop looked very good.

A Sleeping polar bear.

A local rainbow.. :-)

In addition, I went for a water-ride, which was the first ride for me in over 16 years. The interesting part of the ride was that, when we go through the steep slope, our fotograph is taken at the point of ascent.. I had a hearty laugh looking at the way I was keeping the face..

Saw sharks, walrus, some exotic fishes and sea lions. An unforgettable experience.


ram said...

Beautiful, marvellous, amazing and lively. Good selection of pictures to post too.

tt_giant said...

Nice fotos Raju.

Outside the Shamu arena (before the show starts), you can take fotos in front of the killer whale tank. Man, I never felt punier in life when Shamu swam in my background!.

Raju said...

Ram, thanks.. more pics added too..
Deepak, we did go there.. but shamu was busy, he didnt come near the glass side. Probably bcos we went after the show. The underwater viewing in all places were excellent.

lakshmi said...

Nice pictures

Nitin said...

Hi raju, great pics man, especially shameu the whale, best show at seaworld. Raju, saw this movie Apharan yesterday, pretty good movie, Nana Patekar is superb.

visithra said...

wow nice pictures

Raju said...

Lakshmi and Vis, thanks.. Added 1 pic.
Nitin, yeah... Shamu's shows were indeed the best.

I have heard of Apaharan.. Prakash Jha's movie.. it was initially infamous for the celebrity rediff blogs of Prakash, Bipasha and Nana, which talked only of Apaharan. I will watch it soon...

TamilPonnu said...

Thanks for the pics.. Nice shots :)

looks like u had fun..

Narayanan Venkitu said...

I thought Shamu was in Cleveland.!!

The rainbow picture and the Sea Dragon pictue are amazing.!! Nature is wonderful isn't it.!!

Raju said...

Priya, idhukku ellam thanks edhukku.. ungalukku thaan thanks sollanum. Yeah, it was fun.
Narayanan, Shamu in Cleveland? After a bit of googling, I found that, after Busch group sold the erstwhile sea world to someone, the killer whale's name is changed or the killer whale has been moved to Orlando. Looks like the name 'Shamu' is owned by Busch group.

I was also amazed at the sea dragons.. when you click on the pics to enlarge them, if you look at the body, it just looks like ginger.. Nature is indeed wonderful..

Anonymous said...

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